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  1. And they soon wished they hadn’t
  2. I’m sure Hanley town won’t mind (just joking)
  3. I’m a massive fan of DC like his interviews and think results and performances have been excellent but can’t understand on the last game of the season he didn’t play his strongest side ,it was hard listening to clough going on how well his side had played and they should have won by at least 5
  4. Agree but can’t understand why he didn’t go with his strongest side he knows who he is going to get rid
  5. This is typical of one or two folks on here if you don’t agree with me then stay of this thread you are wrong and I’m right . For feck sake it’s about different opinions
  6. Just going away from the game for a min why are Salford kicking off at 4
  7. The wan’ers probably won’t even reply
  8. Any of the top 9 bar Sutton and Bromley
  9. Interesting to see what punishment Man U get if any
  10. He’s got more faces than a church clock
  11. Remember some years ago Maynard diving right in front of us behind the goal at crewe when our keeper was a good foot away from him as the ball went out the ref gave a goal kick and gradi came on the radio and said my players don’t cheat it was a definite penalty
  12. After the events there a couple of seasons ago it would be nice to send them down
  13. I think DC agrees with the Scunthorpe manager he don’t rate him
  14. The original members of the VLF
  15. Bit fecking harsh just saying what it says on google and if that makes you ashamed of me being a vale fan then you you need fecking help
  16. Google it, he joined the Nazi party in 1930 and his sisters were married to Nazis. Maybe you should do your research before calling me braindead you ar*sehole
  17. I also missed out his nazi allegiance during the 1930s
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