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  1. Disagree. Those booing that are no fans/supporters of our team in my opinion. Should we boo a minute silence if we disagree with it? It's disrespectful to something our players are supporting. And for the record I don't personally agree with taking the knee.
  2. In my opinion anyone who boos our own players before kick off and booing our own player after a first touch is no real fan/supporter of Port Vale. I can sort of understand booing when there is a clear lack of effort or care. I can't really understand the boos at this stage of the season and don't think it would help things either.
  3. Completely agree. The worst performance in a vale shirt comment is nothing but knee jerk. Not sure why people stop there, they may as well go the whole hog with their exaggerations. We've seen a lot worse dross up the vale than any of Saturday's individual performances. Having said that Benning has been a disappointment for me as I thought he was one of our best signings on paper and Rodney too as I thought he'd be our highest scorer. Both can improve and I am confident they will.
  4. No problem. Just making sure because I agree with you about those people being disrespectful.
  5. This topic reminds me of this video
  6. Hope you are not referring to my post as disrespectful!
  7. Good grief all the doom and gloom moaners are out tonight. Calling for Clarke and Flitcroft to go already? Give your heads a wobble. We are a few games in-how about giving them a proper chance. Or do you want our club to suffer again with another manager and group of players out and in again. Saying Carol has fallen for the waffle? Do you think she is naive and weak? May as well say it. How insulating to a credible business person -someone who saved our club from Smurf the clown and not only that, a fan who really cares about the community and our club.
  8. He is direct and has come to impress. Can't wait to see what he can do against league 2 opposition
  9. Well then we go back to what I prefer which is 4 3 3 which Clarke heavily criticised Askey for playing every game.
  10. Covolan Cass Smith Martin Jones Worrall Pett Walker Amoo Proctor Rodney If fit Conlon starts in the middle. Would like to see Politic come on too. Would like us to go four at the back whoever the personnel.
  11. Where's deluded Jimmy got to- I've not heard him in a while. Have to agree about the comments about Angela Smith and negative Sproson. Always a hard listen. Why is Angela Smith still doing it anyway? Since when did she work for the BBC? Does anyone know why Ray hasn't been on for a while? Also does anyone know how Mick Cullerton is? He was a top summariser before he had to give it up.
  12. I can see where you are coming from but then at the same time we can take some of what he said with a pinch of salt without it undermining anything
  13. Did he say he respected Smurf or that he liked that he was easy to manipulate- particularly when MA was still there?
  14. Have to say Pope does a cracking impression of Flitcroft!
  15. Wow. What a podcast! I listened to it all and did not want it to stop. Some of what he had to say is probably true and is very hard to disagree with, some maybe just his moaning (sour grapes), some a bit contradictory and some almost shows maybe why they did not want to keep him. However I do love listening to Tom and what he has to say and of course he's entitled to his opinion! The one thing I hope he is wrong about is our promotion chances this season.
  16. I would agree I do think it was a bit wholesale but at least with this there are no excuses that he hasn't got his own players if it does not work out
  17. The question would be then, which players with a connection to port vale should we sign who are better? Does every club's best player have a connection to the club?
  18. Give them a break you know it takes them at least 4 days to get the breaking news out. Still quicker than pigeon. Anyway how much is it nowadays? Is it still wafer thin?
  19. Have a look at the last few pages. Plenty of people have given their teams for the next game without him in. Ok they didn't directly say it, but they think he should be dropped.
  20. Pope...oh wait 😂 (sorry couldn't resist)
  21. They have indeed both on and off the pitch.
  22. I have not dumped the responsibility on anyone. I was just making the point that for someone who has not taken a professional penalty maybe should not be 5th to take one with the pressure that the 5th position penalty comes with.
  23. Saka has never taken a penalty in his professional career. Yet he was given the pressure of being 5th taker.
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