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  1. Dover lorry queues 'sparked by Brexit checks' so long they can be seen from space WWW.LBC.CO.UK
  2. This is absolutely fantastic. Time to go Boris. You're a disgrace.
  3. I'm no fan of the Lords but thank goodness many of them stayed up last night to stop the government's attempt to water down our right to protest. Good on them for stopping the attack on democracy that Boris and Patel tried to get through. Also what about the MPs voting for voter ID. What hypocrites some of these elite tories are who are one minute against vaccine passports but now in favour of photo id. Both an attack on our democracy! The tories are corrupt to the core.
  4. So Boris has come out of hiding after thinking of an excuse and said nobody at the party told him it was against the rules.... the rules he set.. that you can only meet with one other person outside... did the booze not give it away Boris? Also noticed he was wearing a mask in the interview to hide his smirk. What a disgusting disgrace he and his corrupt chums are.
  5. Truss clever 🤔😂 ... this comment has to be a wind up! 😂
  6. Cant say I really noticed much difference when he was isolating
  7. And Boris? I'm sick and tired of our corrupt government thinking they are above the rules
  8. In my opinion you're pretty well always wrong. On Boris stepping down you are right.
  9. If Starmer has done the same then I condemn it. Why wouldn't I? What do you think about Boris breaking his rules? (Oh yes you do not care) The difference between me and you is I do not defend the indefensible and do not show blind loyalty to someone who has done wrong.
  10. How ironic that the only thing them corrupt lot can organise is a p**s up
  11. Back to the topic. TORY SLEAZE. Can't deflect the corruption from Boris and his cronies with other things. There are no excuses for trying to make idiots out of us and trying to get away with it with smugness. They are a disgrace.
  12. Let's hope they admit their own failings too. They knew about the law breaking as it went on under their noses
  13. What's that got to do with the title thread or what I'm talking about. Nothing. What do you think about Boris lying to everyone constantly and breaking his own rules?
  14. How can you trust it when it's corrupt. Open your eyes
  15. So Boris was there for 25 minutes. So therefore he broke the rules and lied about it as he said he hasn't. Never mind resigning, about time these corrupt disgraces were prosecuted.
  16. Would be interesting to know if Boris was at that party? If so then he has lied once again.
  17. If we get those two deals sorted then would without a doubt be one of the best January windows for many years!
  18. So an email for a party invite in the back garden of number 10 was sent out to 100 plus tories including Boris and co saying to bring your own booze! Whilst the rest of us were in a lockdown, people couldnt see their dying loved ones and funeral numbers were limited etc etc. And today he and the rest of his top ministers were in hiding! Cowards! And i wonder why the metpolice are keeping quiet, oh yes maybe because they are nearly as corrupt as the government, obviously some officers would have known what was happening and who was there. Are the usual Boris lovers going to stick up for this disgrace?
  19. When i said direct replacement for Legge I didnt quite expect that!
  20. Wow. We've signed someone else?! For a fee? Who is actually rated?! What's going on?! Anyone else getting excited? Feel like this is a direct replacement for Legge. Another improvement to our squad and definitely adds to the competition between places!
  21. Looking forward to it! Gibbons on his right side, Hussey has always looked solid when he's played against us and one of the complaints of the formation is Worrall is playing too deep, now we get to see him higher up hopefully which can only mean more attacks!
  22. He seemed to think he was more important than everyone else and the rules don't apply to him. Whether you agree with Australia's rule or not, good on them for implementing it on him and him not being above everyone else
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