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  1. Brexit has made it easier for them to come. When we were in the EU under EU law we were allowed to send them back to the first European safe countries they passed through. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2021/nov/12/brexit-easier-small-boat-crossings-to-reach-uk-refugees-say
  2. Good grief. How on earth is he an elected official is beyond me. The tories used have MPs like Ken Clarke, Dominic Grieve. Now they have Lee Anderson and this loud mouth bafoon.
  3. I'll order some chlorinated chicken and radioactive vegetables with a side of dangerous please. On the Vote Leave leaflets it said brexit is a safer choice for our family. I remember many big name brexiteers promising cheaper food prices. Is that the case? My food bills are rising. Oh well at least we aren't dumping raw sewage into our rivers .... oh wait
  4. Brexit has increased risk of dangerous foods reaching UK, watchdog warns More fantastic news about our food
  5. Some of them like this clown think it's all a big joke
  6. None of this is a remain win. It's all a painful shambles to watch. As for the EU insisting on the protocol, it was an agreement between two parties. If we didn't want it we should have negotiated something else. Not sure how you can blame the EU for something we agreed to and negotiated.
  7. Lots of people break the law sometimes unintentionally...
  8. How's it all going with the protocol? Seems like get brexit done was another lie from the tories back in 2019. This is what got them in government in the first place. Is brexit done? Who else would sign a contract they negotiated and think the other side would not enforce it? Boris has made us an international laughing stock.
  9. Well put. Yes in this day and age it should not be news however in football there are many who are not able to express who they truly are. They have to hide their real self away. Therefore in my opinion it is big news to be celebrated and many do give a damn.
  10. Well done to John. Likeable guy and I hope he'll take them up.
  11. McKirdy will be loving this thread with all the attention he's getting. The guy is a total wum. Irritating to play against but if he's on your side you love him. Let's try and ignore him, play our own game and if we win then we can give him some back. He got lucky with his first goal the other day the ball should never have been put out for the corner.
  12. Glad you now feel comfortable to come back as you and every fan should feel comfortable in their club
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