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  1. I'll take a point away against the garden gobblers
  2. Jimmy... The man contradicts himself every time he speaks. Full of sh*te.
  3. Always gets me how they add an extra 5 years on as the phone call goes on.
  4. People complain when Carol didn't come out with a statement and now complain that she said the wrong thing. Some people must want Norman the clown back. Carol is doing a good job in difficult circumstances and I trust that her and Colin will make a decision when the right time comes for the club.
  5. One of the highlights of praise and grumble is when they start the call with ive been a "insert team" fan for 70 years. I tend to listen for entertainment purposes only.
  6. What do you suggest then? Moving him to a deeper position and maybe losing out on some assists? Or letting him go and bringing in a goal scoring winger?
  7. He looked quite scary and was much more animated than Bruno however I spoke to him outside the ground once and he was actually quite nice.
  8. Not a bad win rate where he goes though. Based on that anyone fancy him coming back? 😉 😂 I wonder if he is still very happy ?
  9. Not if TylerB is recording them. It would count as a minus assist because it wasn't our player who put it in.
  10. Possible. Crookes not on the bench but Campbell Gordon is?
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