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  1. Parallels between the labour party and nazi party? How?
  2. Chicken Boris not going to do an interview with Andrew Neil??
  3. I didn't say EU migration has nothing to do with Brexit. I said the refugees in the picture had nothing to do with Brexit. And therefore it's stimulating racial hate by suggesting that the foreigners in the picture were going to come into the UK without any control. Look at some 1930s propoganda. It's the same type of thing.
  4. This has nothing to do with me explaining how Farage is racist. Not really sure what your point is
  5. The people on the poster were Syrian refugees. They had nothing to do with Brexit. The poster was frightening people into thinking that they had the right to just walk into the UK without any control. But they didn't because the UK is not part of the Common asylum policy.
  6. Jeremy corbyn needs his glasses tightening
  7. They had no right under law. I am serious. The poster made out all these syrian refugees were all coming to the UK. It says we must break free from the EU and take back control. The point is by law we already had the control. Illegal immigration is a complete separate issue. Do immigrants follow the law? Are you seriously suggesting legal immigrants that come to the UK don't? And for those illegal immigrants who risk their lives trying to move...you must really be desperate to leave to do the things they do.
  8. It was 2 years ago. Youre pretending another one will solve the brexit issue. The last one was designed to do the same. It did not. Don't patronise me. I know what democracy means.
  9. How was it an issue for the UK though when these Syrian refugees on the poster had no right under EU law to come to the UK?
  10. Premier League. You're right though it is ruining the game.
  11. What about the young people picking up the bill for leaving the EU and not taking quicker action on climate change?
  12. They were Syrian refugees who under EU law had no right to enter the UK as we are not part of the common asylum policy. So they had nothing to do with Brexit.
  13. Either way Farage is irrelevant in this election because he has cowardly decided to take his MEP salary instead of losing for an 8th time.
  14. The poster was stimulating racial hate by using Syrian people who had no legal right to enter the UK and were nothing to do with Brexit, to scare people about immigration.
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