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  1. I don't believe it. We have won six in a bounce. We seemed to have picked up form since I've stopped wearing my lucky Vale socks!
  2. Apologies I thought he was out of contract, that's a relief!!!
  3. Great win today, remember when someone said Worrall doesn't score enough?! 🤣 Keeping Worrall for next year will be one of our big priorities! Im sure lot's of higher up clubs would welcome a player of his quality.
  4. Dont think that is what the poster said.
  5. Do any of our current local lads support Stoke? Doesn't matter if they play well for us. Can always turn them into one of ours-most stoke fans are plastic anyway.
  6. Im not in charge of recruitment. But I will back whoever is brought in by Clarke/Flitcroft!
  7. As predicted the obsession with ex players. Lazy recruitment is what cost Askey his job.
  8. Yeah been with him at previous clubs, getting on a bit now though?
  9. Although I thought Guy did well when he was here, do players tend to play as well when they come back? Look at Theo Robinson... oh wait he didn't do anything the first time around. But every year we always suggest getting ex players back and I can guarantee this thread will see many more posts about wanting ex players back. Lets broaden our recruitment. Askeys downfall was bringing the players he knew....
  10. Good question. Maybe he wont?
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