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  1. ginge


    I agree that a breach of the rules is a breach of the rules.
  2. I agree with keeping them anonymous until guilty but the complaints weren't taken seriously by Mogg or Spencer at the time.
  3. ginge


    There's been some classic cases on this thread of blame the foreigners from the usual posters. Always blame foreigners and young people before looking at their own demographic. VE day celebrations were overlooked as were people going to the beach, but BLM protests and celebrations of faith are the first to be condemned. Hypocrisy.
  4. A senior Conservative MP in his 50s formerly a minister has been arrested on suspicion of rape. The chief whip refused to suspend this MP. This comes days after the Charlie Elphicke verdict. Disgraceful behaviour.
  5. ginge


    What a load of rubbish. It's not just younger people who are not following the rules. You need to direct some of the blame to the incompetent government who have handled the situation terribly from start to finish.
  6. ginge


    Thought this racist should be quarantining. One rule for the elite and another for everyone else.
  7. Whats ironic is that if it was Corbyn who was still the leader and she hadn't been sacked you would be demanding that she was sacked and saying that Corbyn is anti semitic for not sacking her.
  8. ginge


    I fear that if the social distance rule is reduced to 1 metre you may as well scrap it completely. There are many whom treat 2m as a small gap. Reduce it to 1m and those people will act as normal. Not to mention if the pubs open. Try telling people to social distance after a few drinks. Some can't do it now!
  9. ginge


    If you think some of your lockdown haircuts are bad check out Rob Greens
  10. ginge


    Don't you mean Daniel?
  11. ginge


    One rule for the health secretary another for everyone else
  12. ginge


    Yes it is. My point is good luck enforcing it.
  13. ginge


    Good luck with enforcing the face covering rule. I'd say about only 25% of people ive seen on trains/tube this week have been wearing them.
  14. Probably not. I'm sure he'll find another platform to continue being a racist. Good riddance in the short term.
  15. For me this a far better educational tool than having a statue of an ex slave trader.
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