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  1. Yes but we dont have a true choice in the next election because our voting system is very very very undemocratic. Until we have some form of proportional representation we don't have a proper choice and we do not live in a democracy.
  2. "Fan" is someone who supports the team. You don't boo our Port Vale players before they've kicked a ball whether you agree with the knee or not.
  3. The vote was whether we want to stay in the EU or leave. The vote did not specify what leave actually entailed. However what was promised by big name brexiteers was that we would stay in the single market and have a Norway style deal. That seems not to be the case. As for Corbyn on brexit (arguably his downfall) if i remember right the last time he actually voiced his opinion of brexit was on the last leg when he said he was 7/10 in favour of the EU. Either way not sure what Corbyn has to do with the point. If we vote for a party that makes a new law on stopping river pollution, a more stringent law than the EU have then yes that would be a brexit positive of making our own laws. Would that happen though? At the moment in our undemocratic country and undemocratic voting system it looks unlikely. We have the crony tories who think it's ok to dump raw sewage into our rivers. They have had an opportunity to make a law on it as we are free to do that aren't we?
  4. No but they held us to the laws. Seems like we let water companies get away with it. Good old taking back control eh? What do you think about the government not voting for a law to stop these companies tipping raw sewage into our water systems?
  5. And you are now doing the same. Let's leave political scoring out of these tragic events.
  6. It is to do with brexit because we don't have to follow the high standards of EU laws anymore. Thank goodness for sovereignty we don't have to follow standards and can pump <ovf censored> into the rivers! Is brexit just about deregulation?
  7. MPs set to reject move to make water firms cut sewage discharges | Rivers | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Take back control! Make our own laws! Oh wait ... we're pumping <ovf censored> into our rivers. Is this the brexit you voted for?
  8. If you're going to question Rayners language then why not also question the inflammatory language of Boris? Or are you just political point scoring?
  9. 🤫 dont give the secrets away to Mansfield!
  10. A big problem is we have been spoilt with good solid keepers over recent years (bar the season we had 9). E.g. Alnwick, Neal, Goodlad, Brown and even Anyon did well. Now we have Cov who is a bit different and people are not sure what to make of him.
  11. Also we should be able to see our MPs without extra security and these surgeriee are a democratic right of the public. This attack is an attack on our democracy. Thoughts with Davids family. Also must bring it all back for Jo Coxs family.
  12. Thanks for your reply Rob. My original post was saying how horrible this attack was whatever your politicial opinions. This man was at work serving his constituency and for someone to come in and do what they did is a disgrace. Nobody should fear going to work. Thats 2 MPs killed in five years both whilst doing their jobs.
  13. Can't see my post. I said that this is clearly not the brexit that was promised.
  14. Can any admin see where my post has gone?
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