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  1. They have indeed both on and off the pitch.
  2. I have not dumped the responsibility on anyone. I was just making the point that for someone who has not taken a professional penalty maybe should not be 5th to take one with the pressure that the 5th position penalty comes with.
  3. Saka has never taken a penalty in his professional career. Yet he was given the pressure of being 5th taker.
  4. Think this thread belongs in port vale past
  5. Remember Proctor playing for Fleetwood. Seemed to get stuck in. Happy with the signing
  6. Rumours are that the England game will be called off this evening after the Ukrainian right back, Tikli Chestikov has tested positive for Covid
  7. Exactly. This is purely a fitness drill. Nothing more. And a good chance for those who went to watch some live football!
  8. Anyone else getting excited? What a strange feeling ... think we are a couple off a really good side on paper. Let's hope they gel!
  9. The amount of strikers has nothing to do with anything.
  10. Great play tonight. We need to avoid playing France or Portugal
  11. We do not want to win the group. Good result
  12. Thank goodness he is stable. I really hope he pulls through. They were horrible scenes to watch and a total lack of disrespect and privacy to be shown on tv like that.
  13. You do not have to read the thread
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