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  1. Everytime Pope comes off the bench we seem to concede a goal.... I'd stick with Bennett up top. Exeter are a good side and we can't expect to beat everyone particularly with a weaker side. Montano had a good game against Plymouth albeit missed a chance but still very lively and caused problems so I can't see him being dropped. Also can't understand the obsession with the prehistoric 4 4 2. 4 3 3 suits us much better and doesn't allow our midfield to be overun. For Mansfield Id go Brown, Gibbo, Smith, Legge, Crookes. Joyce, Worrall, Conlon if he's fit if not Taylor. Monty, Bennett, Amoo
  2. ginge

    Brexit again...

    If it was so straight forward we would have left by now.
  3. ginge

    Brexit again...

    I didn't see the small print that said we were going to leave without a deal even though all the leave campaigners promised us the best deal in history.
  4. ginge

    Brexit again...

    16 million voted to remain in the EU. Nobody voted to leave without a deal because during the referendum that option wasn't mentioned!
  5. ginge

    Brexit again...

    Boris lost his parliamentary majority...now loses his family majority
  6. ginge

    Brexit again...

    The blame lies with allowing a referendum in the first place. You can't blame all MPs...not all voted to trigger article 50 or for the referendum. And the public have to take some share too. What now then? Another referendum?
  7. ginge

    Brexit again...

    Boris didn't even turn up to his own general election debate. He'll lose his seat in the next GE. And there's one coming soon.
  8. ginge

    Brexit again...

    Boris voted against the withdrawal agreement a couple of times before changing his mind....he's delayed the process himself!! He's now thrown out other MPs who voted for the agreement, they were trying to get Brexit through, but because they are against no deal which has no public or parliamentary majority, he's thrown them out!
  9. So we a league 2 team, have better back ups then a league 1 team?
  10. ginge

    Brexit again...

    If that had been Diane Abbott the Daily Mail and the Sun and all their swivel eyed loon readers would be going mad!
  11. ginge

    Brexit again...

    Article 50 is not no deal.
  12. ginge

    Brexit again...

    You're definitely more far right than any of us lot.
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