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  1. I got a call from Popey yesterday. A nice touch from a club that has it’s class back. Well done to all involved
  2. Heard them quite a bit on 6music and they sound really good
  3. Max has done a sterling job and will be a big loss. He seemed to bring the fans together and closer to the players etc with his behind the scenes films and interviews. As someone mentioned earlier he seemed popular with the playing staff. Big shoes to fill! Good luck Max, and thanks for everything
  4. Another one worth a look (although as far from The Capture as it's possible to be) is State of the Union on BBC2 Sunday nights. It's a married couple's conversations in a pub immediately prior to their marriage counselling sessions. Each episode is just 10-12 minutes so there's no padding out. It's better than I've just made it sound!
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