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  1. Sorry to hear that, Rob. Sorry for your loss
  2. Barry, sorry to hear about your condition, I hope it continues to be manageable without deteriorating further. Thanks for everything- the competitions, the poems, the stories and your insights. Hope you’re able to keep following Vale from Down Under for a long time
  3. Here’s a few not mentioned so far, at least I don’t think they’ve been mentioned... Aimee Mann Lucinda Williams Tracyanne Campbell (sings with Camera Obscura)
  4. Heard them quite a bit on 6music and they sound really good
  5. Another one worth a look (although as far from The Capture as it's possible to be) is State of the Union on BBC2 Sunday nights. It's a married couple's conversations in a pub immediately prior to their marriage counselling sessions. Each episode is just 10-12 minutes so there's no padding out. It's better than I've just made it sound!
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