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  1. Certainly agree with the analysis of the game. How we weren't winning that at halftime is anyones guess. They regrouped at HT and were vile to play against second half. Think they've done well away from home and you can see why they've picked points up.
  2. I felt it right he got his place back after the first one. I don't feel the same this time. I'd potentially be looking at signing another keeper now.
  3. Yes, very sorry to hear Stu. All the best with the new job.
  4. Fair play to Australia. Everyone should have the choice on whether to be vaccinated or not but, as others have said, there are consequences. The rules are the rules and nobody should find themselves above them. He's shown a great deal of arrogance in knowing the rules and still rocking up in my opinion.
  5. Good luck Ryan, hope you have a decent spell with us. We need you.
  6. Also, nobody has ever said the vaccine stops the spread. The vaccine is designed to prevent serious illness once you contract the virus. Kids don't get seriously ill from the virus to start with. So there's no point vaccinating kids.
  7. I thought we were meant to be on 5000 deaths a day now. And yet people still nod along. Should also be up to a million cases a day now as it doubles every day they said. I suppose it could be, just most people cant even be bothered to report testing positive as it simply is not worth the hassle anymore.
  8. I believe the vaccine to be the way out. 90% of the 11k hospitalizations are apparently unvaccinated people. Of the 868 in ICU I dont know but you could probably reasonably guess that it's all of them. I absolutely believe that the isolation rules need to stop now. The chaos its causing simply does not stack up against the health risk. Omicron is a cold. I cant imagine most people require a week off work to get over a cold.
  9. What are we at now, almost 200k cases per day? And that's just the reported number. 868 people in ICU (on a ventilator) IN THE ENTIRE UNITED KINGDOM this morning. Surely that says everything we need to know about omicron?
  10. I remember Akpo Sodje scoring four at Rotherham. Plenty of Vale fans have still got him higher up than Leon Constantine on their preferred striker list. That's the Constantine who scored 12 in his first half season with us and then hit 20 before christmas the same year that Akpo did his thing. Finishing that season on about 28 I think. Mckirdy must have "something." I don't really know what it is as he never did it here, for whatever reason. All the best to him but we've moved on.
  11. Finally we're starting to look hospitalizations, serious illness and deaths as the key stats. Case numbers are irrelevant if people aren't in hospital. This variant is pretty much a cold. In fact the thought of people even having to isolate over this one genuinely makes me feel angry. I had it just before Christmas (if lateral flows are to be believed) and passed it to two others before I could help it. Highly contagious, yes, but definitely nothing more than a cold. A lockdown over this one would be an embarrassment.
  12. Effectively, we're just showing willing aren't we?
  13. That article also thinks that league one is the fourth, and lowest, level of pro football in England. Would still be a decent scoop for us though.
  14. I do remember something like that under Horton. I think we may have even played on consecutive nights, maybe oxford and/or colchester?
  15. Remember that one very well as I was in the directors box for it. Think it might have stuck with me had I been in my own seat anyway of course!
  16. Would never happen now, flu doesn't exist.
  17. If this ends up being raised in the wrong section, I'm sorry and would be grateful if it could be moved to the correct one. Last night, I had a highly emotional conversation with a guy I know about the current covid climate and, specifically, about a young girl he worked with who had passed away. In that moment, full of anger if I'm honest, I came back on here and insinuated that Tommy Tunstall, WV and Fosse were all "sound' with that sort of occurrence and simply did not care. I've obviously got very different views from them about the current situation and how it should be handled. I know the three guys I mentioned in my post would not advocate the death of any person. For insinuating that, I am truly sorry.
  18. Life is very much for living LV.
  19. Totally agree. Plus you have relatively healthy old people who may have died suddenly in the last 2 years living their last months without much or any contact with their loved ones. Wasting their final few months on earth 'staying safe '. It's absolutely disgusting. Yes, very true My parents are 70, my girlfriends nan is 80 plus. All would put quality over quantity and want to get on with it.
  20. You could've gotten to be 80, with absolutely none of this. However, you can be 30 now and be expected to live like this for 50 years. Who's selfish?
  21. Mate, dont reply to me ever again.
  22. Fair play Fosse. I agree.
  23. Probably the taxpayer. But you're sound with that though, given the deadly risk lurking at every door handle.
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