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  1. If we had won that game, Brighton away the year after would never of happened. Its a funny old game That is very true. A funny old game indeed.
  2. Southampton were in the 06/07 championship playoffs They pipped the unwashed, which made me happy. Sadly, said unwashed gained automatic promotion the season after 😞
  3. I think the year after we lost to West Brom in the final, Reading won the league on the same number of points that saw us in the playoffs. Obviously we went up anyway so all good.
  4. You should be very proud Aguar61 People like them have helped me no end and I'll be forever grateful for that. I'm good now, but I can't see a time when I don't want to attend counselling. I pay decent money for it but I see it as essential. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.
  5. Hear hear. I've had problems too. My mental health took a genuine bashing over ten years or so. Mainly due to relationship choices. The last one amounting to four years of domestic abuse. Admitting that, as a man, I found hard. In fact it only really came out during proper counselling. I started that just over two years ago and I've come a long way. Still go once a month, in fact I'm going tomorrow morning. If anything, now, I worry I'm too open. But it's a much better feeling than bottling it up. There can never be too much stuff like this. Awareness is everything. I still hear comments at work made such as "mental health is a load of made up rubbish. It's an excuse."
  6. Yep, heard that from Lorne Street. A complete and utter pratt.
  7. Yes, I agree, that was far too lenient.
  8. Basically, he's a vile little wrong 'un who had a great footballing talent. People get taken in by his utter drivel and, hence, he gets management jobs. Only in football. The fella can't help his upbringing, which was likely exceptionally tough, but he doesn't exactly help himself.
  9. He's been very impressive. I expected him to be second choice but there's just no way we'd be dropping him now.
  10. That's got trying to nick a point written all over it. I'd take a point for sure but no way we'll get one defending for 90 mins.
  11. Echo that, good luck Mitch. Permanent deal is it?
  12. Really looking forward to both of these lads.
  13. Definitely missing something up top at the moment. We need to find it pretty quickly or we're going to be playing catch up this season. Fingers crossed the lad coming in before the window closes has got something. Have to say I'm enjoying the games though and found it pretty disgraceful that there was booing at the end. Absolute morons. If people think tonight was boo worthy, where the hell have you been for last 5 years?!
  14. Excited by that one, comes with great promise. Wonder if the Andrade rumour could still come to fruition if Theo moves on?
  15. Spot on DM and Jacko The vast majority accept refs can miss things but making them up is criminal. On Tueday, anyone able to see that incident knew Stone had got the ball. You simply could not see it with your own eyes and give it any other way. It was a joke.
  16. I'd suggest one mistake and you've lost your place doesn't really give out the right message either. Stone made more mistakes last night than Covolan made on Saturday. I'd argue that anyway. Unfortunately, Covolans one error got him sent off. It wasn't exactly a Schumacher moment that saw him attempt GBH on someone, nor was it a retaliation/dissent sending off. He lost the ball, fouled the guy in attempting to retrieve it and was the last man.
  17. I just think it's way too early to be having a goalkeeping competition. Stone did ok last night, I'm not saying he didn't. But Clarke thinks Covolan is the better keeper, otherwise Stone would've been in goal Saturday. One mistake from Covolan and then a steady stand in performance from Stone and Covolan's out? I could see it if were 8 games in and Covolan hadnt looked good. He made one mistake saturday and, in attempting to recover it, got sent off. The mistake was dwelling on the ball. He had no choice thereafter or it would have almost certainly been 2.0.
  18. I'd agree if we were a good few games into the season and Covolan had been dropping <ovf censored> left right and centre. Should Wilson have played last night then, given his miss from on the goal line on saturday?
  19. I don't think its complacency with De Gea. I think his body language suggested that te errors he started making were confidence. If you've got two goalkeepers and either could start each week I think you're in for trouble. If nothing else, the defence needs to absolutely sure about what they can expect as each keeper will be different. It's the one position where consistency should be the absolute priority. I think Stone looked a decent enough stand in by the way.
  20. I do agree with you on the message it sends out but, I think the Goalkeeping spot is unique. I'm not into the two keepers battling it out setup. You need a firm number one so that the defence knows exactly what they need to do and what they can expect the keeper to sort. All the time. If we've decided its Covolan I'd put him back in personally. Keepers being pushed all the time make mistakes. It is a different mentality entirely. If you go into a game in goal feeling like you've got to be exceptional then you're more likely to make a mistake I think. You need to know the manager backs you and believes in you. Confidence is everything in goal. Look at De Gea at United. Worlds best keeper a few years back, now he looks a shadow of himself. He hasn't lost it I don't think, it's more the public opinion on Henderson I feel.
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