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    I’m more excited about today’s game than any match in the last 32 years. The reason being my son is mascot. He’s 5. Following in my footsteps as I was mascot when I was 5 on 18th April 1987. A 3-2 home win against Mansfield. Hope he brings us some luck.
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    Get in Vale! A very welcome 3 points... a pretty dull game with very little on offer from both sides...that does mean however that we kept them quiet and stifled their play. A Cambridge supporting friend of mine has been saying they have been far improved this season and creating lots of opportunities... we not against us they didn’t! While the performance wasn’t great we have played well in other games and been robbed of a win (Northampton, Salford) so this even things up a bit. The Vale are a better side than we were last season. Slow and steady improvement. Well done so far Mr Askey!
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    The game was hardly a classic but we were the better side and deserved the points. Could have been a couple up in the first 10 minutes. I was delighted that Amoo created the goal because they were kicking him all game and had two men on him all the time. Well done lads.
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    How opinions differ,i thought he was decent and didn't do much wrong but that's what football is all about
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    Askey said on the Radio, the minute we went 442 against Grimsby we shipped 2 goals. I will take boring wins all day long... take a look at the oatcake and Stoke fans will tell you they would kill for Pulis and his boring wins right now! I also don’t think our other performances so far have been boring at all. The xG stats have us as the 4th best chance creators (based on quality) in the league so far. As Popey said on the radio you can see against FGR that the 3 up front really is a 3 when the 2 wide men get around the pivot up front. Granted today was dull (except for the first 10 mins) but it’s a long steady progress. Askey is improving this team, we are better than we were last year, he will hopefully continue to improve the team.
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    One actually said he had contacted Pulis and got a text back saying watch this space. If he does come back again, they will soon be coming on P&G saying he plays to defensive and its boring football again.
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    Tried to clean this up a bit. Can we stick to talking about the game please... After having to miss Grimsby (thankfully), I'm looking forward to a reaction today! Monty back hopefully, I'd go with the same team that started against FGR if so, which is only the one switch (more just a change back to our better side).
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    Decision reversed by DRS.
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    Have to say a little disappointed with the players mentioned we are trying to sign. The impression I had from Vale Park all summer was to establish a small squad who will be very competitive in the league which we have done. Next try and get some lads from higher to come in on loan to improve the 1st team. Cant see that happening with 3 mentioned - although hasten to add I'm no scout so I could be completely wrong!! Anyway..... expecting a good reaction from the lads tomorrow. Sooner or later we are going to take our chances and give someone a good hiding ourselves. Think this could be tomorrow. Final point the talk about Smith is ridiculous, he's been magnificent so far this season except 2nd half Grimsby. There again you could say that about 80% of the team in that 2nd half. He will bounce back to his scrappy best.
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    Some people can’t wait for a player to make a mistake so they can bang the drum to get them out of the side. They also can’t wait to make a knee jerk reaction and suggest multiple (ridiculous) changes too. Trouble is people look at the final action before a ball goes in and thinks that’s solely the cause of the goal, of course that’s true sometimes and it’s a factor, but there’s also a bigger picture as to why a team has ended up in that position and there isn’t just one reason for it. Some are too blinkered to see it though.
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    Thought most comments on the game were pretty balanced and sensible personally.
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    Bit harsh on poor old Nath today. Big streaky deflection for the winning goal. I agree with the woman who rang up P&G today and wanted to see him given more time.
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    Yes. He's more mobile than Pope, but not as good at holding the ball up. Started brightly today but then often drifted out of the game. But then in the mixer for the goal. I guess it is the same as we say about many of our players. If they were the finished article they would not be at Vale.
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    It’s the sort of game His Excellency John Rudge used to call “nip ‘n tuck”. When we have a good season it’s made up of a small number of memorable cracking performances and lots of games like that. I’m strangely encouraged by that performance that we might have a better season than I’ve been expecting.
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    Anyone think the ref was atrocious, again? The officials we get at Vale truly are diabolical, week in, week out.
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    Football is a game of opinions... In this case however, the facts of number and quality of chances shows we are playing that formation is a very different style. Aspin used it defensively, Askey is using it to create significantly more opportunities.
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    Hannant imo was their best player. He was disgusted to be taken off and left down the tunnel shaking his head and refusing to acknowledge his manager.
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    I don’t get the criticism today, we’re not going to have it our own way for every game and we’re not going to be playing free flowing beautiful football all the time. Sometimes you have to dig in and win ugly if you can and in the main that’s what we did today. Askey had already spoken in the week about keeping a clean sheet and you could tell that we were a bit more disciplined with the full backs not being as gung ho as normal, particularly in the first half. Cambridge didn’t have a sniff apart from that one header at the end and that’s credit to the full side for that. First half we were a bit slow to move it in midfield and we’re not as decisive with the ball. But having said that I think monty and Amoo had their full backs if they really wanted it and if they were at it all half, they weren’t and so we only saw them in brief glimpses. Second half we upped the tempo, our right hand side got into the game a lot more and it’s still our most creative outlet in the team and indeed that’s where the goal came from starting with gibbons and out to Amoo. It has the potential to be a good partnership there. I agree with previous posters who said Pope should have come on earlier, as I think Bennett ran out of steam before he came off. I thought Legge and Smith did well today, as did Worrall. Amoo showed us what he can do and it’s a pity we don’t see those game changing moments more often. Same with Monty, he can beat a man easily, but his final delivery was way off today. Crookes even though being targeted all game stood up well to the challenge today. Gibbons did well and I like the passion he was showing second half to get us going too. Conlon and Joyce got a lot of the ball today, but needed to up the tempo a bit. I thought Taylor did well considering it was (I’m guessing) his first league game. Overall I’m happy to win anyway we can and seeing a different side to us is a good thing to have because it’s unrealistic to think we can dominate every game and create a load of chances all the time. We looked comfortable all game IMO. Special mention to the ref who was more bothered about killing the flow, nowhere near strong enough to handle the game, (which was quite tame), imagine if he got a tasty one to officiate. Interesting to compare Hannant to our wingers today, I’d take ours all day long based on today, says it all that he got the hook too. He offered little, he got in a couple of his tame floated crosses and seemed more interested in sitting deeper to me.
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    Good win today. 2 1 would have been a fair result so 1 0 does the job just fine. I would have put Pope on after 60 minutes for Bennett.
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    Danger of that is making things worse, like vs Grimsby. We were sort of doing okay and we won so ultimately he got it right today.
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    dull turgid affair. but amoo was threatening throughout. almost let them in with a free header at the end but i think justifiably won think we edged it for large parts of the game. but one question still needs answering. why 3 forwards on the bench if youre only playing 1 up top at home askey? why are we playing 1 up top all the time at home ITS BORING ZZZZZZZZZZ.
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    That Mansfield game was amazing.....think we were 2-0 down with about 10 minutes left and came back to win 3-2. Glad your son continued the winning tradition!
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    Poor performance today but a win is a win...perhaps a good sign for the season to play poorly and win. Effort in the team is there for all to see but the decision making was very poor today and with little off the ball movement. Need a big improvement next week to get a result.
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    So what's new there - oh that revolting Wonder how many will say Pulis should be brought back and save us.
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    At last, one piece of quality, well done David Amoo.
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    Port Vale, last one to complete my 10 match accumulator. Happy days. Game we should be winning if we want to challenge for the play offs.
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    And we know who will get that. Then the phone will ring and wife parents will say we beat you today. Please score Vale, so I can be the one with that type of phone call
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    Valeparklife - The answer to their keeper is - No. We just don't put our chances away at the moment.
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    This is why we need to start putting our chances away. Every time I hear them (well any team) counter attacking I always think our defence will allow them time to score. Come on Vale.
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    Come on Vale need to convert some of these chances. Very positive start to the game.
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    Precisely what I've thought. I anticipate many of this Summer's signings to be released next May. Seems indicative that the vast majority of the signings are 'squad-fillers' to get by for a season before we hopefully can be more ambitious with signings next Summer, with an increased playing budget.
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    Archer signed. Another 1 year deal. Do any of these 1 year deals have options for further years? Could be recruiting another 15 players again next summer!
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    Club News We are pleased to announce the signing of striker Jordan Archer on a one year-deal at the club. View the full article
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    That may be why it was running so fast
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    Be careful geo,it might contain chlorine?
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    Err my question was what compromise would leavers want if the tables were turned? I know you like to answer a question by turning it but, you know, just have a go at answering one for a change. What amazes me in this, especially with certain posters who keep spouting the same rhetoric, the Leave campaign promised us all time an again that there would be a deal, that striking a deal was childs play etc... they continually told us that the EU would be begging us to do a deal. No Deal was never on the table, it was always dismissed as " not going to happen" by leave campaign HQ... here we are, facing a no deal and some of you on here are talking about it like that's what was promised up top and that it's what people voted for. Its absolutely hilarious.
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    Where did I say it was. Just like Geo, too eager to find an argument that you fail to understand the post at all. So thinks I have learnt from this thread in just a couple of days... Regal Beagle is a wind up merchant, Geo and Howjy04 are simply trying to create argument for the sake of it. Sensible debate has no place here it seems which is a shame because some posters on both sides have great arguments to make, just not you 3. Its noticeable that some of the better leave voters no longer contribute, I wonder if that's because they feel there position is undermined by the sheer dullard nature of a few others bludgeoning there view across like a Brit abroad shouting at the bar? Let's all just pretend that suspending parliment for this length of time for the first time since 1945 is just a normal thing to do and has no agenda whatsoever because admitting anything else means you have to be completely hypocritical about defending democracy.
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    Why is that evidence of compromise?
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    That doesn't show remainers would have compromised if they had won...... it just shows leavers would have done the same as remainers if they had lost.... the ass of the rat is still valid.
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    Very true Barry. I’ve looked at that. It’s a shocker. They’re better off now starting all over.
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    If Remain had have won they wouldn’t have given a rat’s arse in compromise.I voted to remain but accepted the result.God forbid there is another referendum,I would vote to Leave.Remainers are in denial of the result.We have been shat on from a great height by the Hotel California EU.There was one winner in a 2 horse race,there has been a steward’s enquiry for 3 years.Pathetic.
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    Perhaps a compromise cannot be reached with the EU but if the EU toned down their demands for a backstop a consensus could be achieved, ie, the best solution the UK and the EU could find at this moment in time, the money the UK pays into the UK is a powerful driver.
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    Sensible and brexit in the same room is just to much of a stretch for me Jean
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    JRC thankyou and bless you.....in football terms and speak....versatile players are a god send....in the modern game post "Total Football" any footballer should be able to do and understand the job that the worker next to them endeavor to achieve but also understand a simple system and change tack as the game changes....Askey has tended to sign players with technical ability but also players who are mobile and hungry. At the end of the day in terms of the press and transition players need to show energy and be organised but also technical ability on the ball....there is a clear plan and the players to do it .....this is a good manager and many players that fans seemingly attack are good technically and mobile....the point being that it is a very well thought out squad for the money and in terms of building for the future for the first time in ages clever signings not just in terms of experience but young hungry players of good pedegree and more importantly hunger and the new epoch feeling around the club all bodes well......as they said about Askey it is not about money give him time.....the turn around from mayhem to method is remarkable. Which is very good for a drunk post in the small hours but love football love community love people always absolutely and without any doubt ever about the truth of the people and their right to justice and democracy....peace out. Signed out Burslem Academicals spelling check impaired fcukd.thankyou. .
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    Bury have asked the EFL the above question. I think WE all know the answer.
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    Oyeleke didn't play in our 2 best performances. 10 and 20 games are the right time to judge a team I'd agree - not straight after a first league defeat.
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    Another great tweet from D3D4 football showing a graph of Chances created vs Chances conceded. We are in the quadrant labelled “Solid, Very creative” Particularly interesting seen as a lack of creativity has been a mantra of some. Anyone who says they cannot see the difference in our play this year vs last must be facing away from the pitch!!!
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    We are going round in circles. May's deal was exactly that - May's deal. She did not instigate cross party support or seek any way at all of getting a cross party deal together for almost three years. There are lots of ways of leaving as the leavers told us in the referendum debate - Norway, Canada, bespoke deal, etc. Just because MPs voted down May's deal doesn't mean that they would not vote for another deal. In any case it was your friends in the ERG who voted against May's deal. It's their fault we are not yet out. So put the blame where it belongs. MPs have a responsibility to make judgments on matters of national importance, doing what they think is in the best interests of the country. They know more about it than any of us (though sometimes you wonder) and that's the essence of what parliamentary sovereignty is all about. We elect our MPs to do what they think is best. They represent all their voters, remainers too, and do what they believe is right. That's how it works. That's what Fosse has been telling you all evening long. Things change after 3-4 years. Circumstances alter. That's why I've said that adults should be able to change their minds like the Cabinet do on a daily basis! You don't like it, but that's what mature adults are entitled to do - give a second opinion or strep back from something if it isn't turning out as expected. You won't like that if you are an extreme no dealer. But it's a reasonable and logical position to adopt. Dave, I'm much closer to popping my clogs than you might think and I'm certainly not a left wing member of momentum. I prefer to inhabit the middle ground if I can and I carry no cards for the extreme left or the extreme right (epitomised by Johnson and his plans to shut parliament). I was making the simple point that in the under 49 age bracket there was no majority to leave. Most leavers were over 50. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone's vote is equal. But as the years go by social scientists tell us that by around 2021 there will probably be a majority to rejoin the EU because 5-6 million older voters will have passed on and be replaced by younger people who could not vote in 2016 but can and will in the near future. I do understand why people voted out. The world is changing and we don't necessarily like what we see in and around our neighbourhood. Me neither. But I put the blame on austerity and successive governments for neglecting voters. You put it on the EU. I think it's been wonderful for us all to live, work, study or retire anywhere we like within the EU, freely and cheaply. I would want my family members to be able to do that. It encourages better understanding between us all and mixing and travelling together has contributed greatly towards peace in Europe. I think I said before, my father was delighted when we joined the EU as he always thought it was a sensible idea to break down barriers and co-operate and work together. He was in the army, at Dunkirk and Salerno and N Africa. He would be mortified if he thought we were putting up barriers and talking about our closest friends and allies in the EU as if they were dirt. It isn't perfect, but nothing is.
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    Not really, what can they do? The EFL are getting a load of flack but they have followed the rules sanctioned by the clubs themselves. Burys problem was that for a town of its size, the support base is absolutely piss poor. Maybe Day thought he could propel them into the Championship, attract big crowds and flog it on? Here at Vale, the unrest wasnt due to lack of investment, it was due to the behaviour of Norman himself. I agree it would be difficult to garner support for change whilst winning football matches but in fact several people prominent in the protest movement were doing just that during Vales promotion season. One prominent person warned us about Norman after having dealings with him within the first few weeks. Vale fans are lucky that we have a group of supporters who monitor the clubs dealings, a group of people that have not gone away and have remarkable collective abilities. If Carol suddenly started to splash cash without being able to show how its funded rest assured there would be some unrest. All of the financial mismanagement at Bury was a matter of public record that anybody could look up for free. When you post a £2m loss in one year despite doing ok on the pitch questions should be asked. I am always amazed at the number of fans who simply have no interest in how the club is run. I would argue that those fans blindly support a team but the club itself is irrelevant to them until it's gone of course. To say it's not the same as Vale is ridiculous and shows a complete lack of understanding at what went on at this club and just how close we were to not existing. Had Bury fans shown some fight a bit sooner, perhaps somebody would have been tempted to save them. Carol and Kevin were swayed by the passion of the protest movement, it showed them that people cared massively and make no mistake that was the reason they paid Norman what he wanted in the end to liberate us. I have just watched a bit on the news where they are asking fans about it at Bury, and even now, apart from the odd half hearted "the EFL have destroyed us" crap they still come across as apathetic. Its harsh to blame fans I know, but I just dont feel they have done enough and have hidden behind playing well on the pitch. I have read it said that fans dont protest when the football is good. Tell that to Blackpool fans during there 2016-17 promotion season.
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    I forgot that Lloyd played left wing at Grimsby, so who would you prefer? Lloyd or Hannant Crazy to see Smith being blamed for the last 3 seasons demise. I think we all know where the blame lies for that. He may not be great on the ball but to say he gives it away every time he gets it is a bit of an exaggeration. Also bonkers to see wholesale changes being advocated for the Cambridge game. Straight out of the Aspin book of management that, panic and change things straight away. Crookes at centre half with an inexperienced left back alongside him? That side of the defence would be torn to pieces. Burgess in at centre mid? He isn’t even a centre midfielder is he? Amoo up front? he’s a winger isn’t he?
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