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  1. Not very inventive but I like ”super, super Dave, super super Dave super David Worrall”
  2. What’s Worralls song? If anyone deserves a song about then sung every game it’s him. he epitomises everything I love about this team at the moment.
  3. How is a ‘legend’ supposed to act mate? Cantona is a Man Utd legend and he kung fu kicked a fan in the face and missed about 9 months! should Tom stop being an idiot on twitter? 100% yes. does that in anyway diminish what he has achieved for our club and his legendary status? Not in the slightest.
  4. Give over. What level you’re at has no relevance to your ‘legendary’ status. It’s all relevant to the level you’re at at the time. he was the top scorer in the whole country when he won us our only promotion in the last 25 years and his goals have saved us from relegation out of the football league on 2 occasions. 2nd highest scorer in our entire history. and he is a die hard vale fan. he’s about as big a club legend as you can get. And I’ve been going for 35 years.
  5. So when’s this 2 match ban being confirmed? 🤔
  6. Leon Legge is today tweeting saying he doesn’t understand the point of the monarchy and we should bin them off. any potential ban looming? afterall, that’s also making derogatory comments about a rich family that have had numerous conspiracy theories said about them. (I’m joking. Of course he doesn’t deserve a ban and neither should Pope IMO)
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