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  1. The match isn’t on iFollow is it? assume commentary is just on DAB?
  2. Remind me again, as I’ve forgotten, how did we get on during the last three seasons of ‘Nasty Normand’ reign of terror? Did the players earn their money?
  3. http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/290977/underhand-nasty-disgusting well it’s pissed off the Lardies, so job done for me. Well played Vale, well played.
  4. I’m more excited about today’s game than any match in the last 32 years. The reason being my son is mascot. He’s 5. Following in my footsteps as I was mascot when I was 5 on 18th April 1987. A 3-2 home win against Mansfield. Hope he brings us some luck.
  5. Just got it again. To be fair Rob, i get the exact same on a number of other sites (i've just been checking) so i guess there is something on my phone. I'll try to clear the cache again etc.
  6. i just checked 2 mins ago and i'm still getting it.
  7. I've been getting it for a while. Means the forum it almost totally unusable to me. I get it on my iPhone. It routes to mklpserver.com and says "congratulations, you have a chance to get a special reward". I can't clear it and have to close down Safari. I also get exactly the same on another football forum i occasionally go on. I do have Pop Up blocker configured on my phone but doesn't seem to do the trick. Glad its not just me! I thought my phone was compromised.
  8. Couldn’t agree more. Aspo was, is and forever will be a Vale legend. He has earned our respect. Also, was Foyle that bad? Was it 3 seasons as a steady mid table league one team? We’d kill for that now.
  9. Well that was bloody excellent. If the score had finished 4-0 they couldn’t have complained. Almost total domination with some excellent football played to boot. Hard to pick a MOTM as there were so many great performances. What is most pleasing is the partnerships that seem to be building, specifically Worrel and Clarke. It really does help the overall team performance, a lot more so than individual brilliance. I hope Worrell doesn’t have to take a drugs test as he must be on something. He has been incredible of late. So pleased for him. Smith has returned to the form that we thought he could reach when he was first promoted to the team. Slightly concerning that out of the back 4 only 1 is actually our player. Fantastic finish by Pope. Can’t believe anyone ever doubted his importance to our side. A real life living legend and we’re so lucky to have him. Special praise to Askey. I think I was one of the few that wasn’t down on his appointment, commenting this we should look more at what he did with Macc than with shrews for a guide on how he’ll do for us. That said, never in my wildest dreams did I think he’d have the Impact he has. I really hope we can secure him to a long contract. He could build a dynasty. What a fantastic day. Well worth only having 4 hours kip in between 12 hour night shifts!
  10. Congratulations Tom. A fantastic achievement. If he wasn’t Tom Pope he would still be considered a club legend, given the amount of goals he’s scored and the importance of them (winning promotion, avoiding relegation etc). However, given the fact he is born in Sneyd Green and is a die hard vale fan who would be in the stand if not on the pitch all means that, for me, he is classed as one of the true great icons of our club. Right up there with Rudge, Earle, Jones etc. Bloody love that bloke.
  11. This is the 6th season in professional football that Tom Pope has reached double figures. One season wonder? Ricky Miller could only dream of figures like that.
  12. Now you really have lost me. I’ve just reread your original post and you never use the phrase “in the end” anywhere. However using that logic, John Rudge wasn’t a success for us as he got sacked ‘in the end’.
  13. Phizz...not trying to make you out as a bit of a pillock, but you are aware he got us promoted in his second spell with us, aren’t you? Our only promotion in the last 25 seasons? If that’s not considered as being successful then I don’t know what is.
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