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  1. Exactly this. I’ve ended up with a seat I didn’t want as it was all that was available at the time. I wasn’t aware of the phased block release when I booked.
  2. This will be the perfect opportunity to have an offer. it’s on sky so we’ll get £75k this will impact the on the day at attendance. make it £5 for home and away fans. Let’s pack the ground. Sky money will cover any loss. Bring it on. 👍
  3. AC really should get special recognition at the end of season awards. Club man of the year?
  4. For anyone who ever watched the darts, the crowd chat for Vincent Van Der Voort: ”Nanananananana, Vincent Van Der Voort, Van Der Voort, Vincent van Der Voort but replace his name with Carol Shanahan. Obviously. the song is Baby Give It Up.
  5. Anyone who appreciates the legend that is Steve Guppy is a friend of ours. The best left foot this country has produced.
  6. Sagi Burton. decent player. Terrible commentator
  7. Nah. Smith, Martin and Hall back three. Gibbons and Hussey wingbacks.
  8. You must have been sat close to me. I thought exactly the same. whilst everyone around me was chatting for McKirdy to be sent off, I was convinced the only one in trouble was Cov.
  9. I doubt our capacity is that high at the moment. 10k fans and we have to produce covid passes and negative tests.
  10. George


    Page 35 of what? Sorry, I missed that. Just want to make sure I’m up to speed.
  11. George


    That’s ICU, not hospital admissions. Not debating the seriousness of that, but it’s not what you said originally.
  12. George


    Most people admitted to hospital with Covid-19 are vaccinated - Full Fact FULLFACT.ORG Is that right Phil?
  13. But so are 99% of people who caught covid prior to a vaccine being available 🤷‍♂️
  14. George


    What is this “Build Back Better” all about? I’ve heard so many global leaders reference it but have no idea what it means? 🤷‍♂️
  15. George


    Which staff in ICUs are you listening to? Given that as of yesterday there were only 15 people in the whole country ‘with’ Omicron (with, not because of) I fail to see how they are ‘filling up’. Also given there are currently c7.5k people in hospital with it, compared to c40k at the peak, I’d say we have plenty of head room yet because anyone could claim, with a straight face, that we’re filling up.
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