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Young fans at VP

Playa Amodores

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Good to see that young fans are now attending hone games. A couple of seasons ago, I was concerned about the the fact that there were very few in the Railway Paddock. This season there are quite a few which is good to see as they are the future of our club. I even witnessed a girl pushing a pram in the paddock yesterday. Our neighbours spent a decade in the EPL, which is marketed to make youngsters follow successful teams. Well done to all concerned at the club in marketing us, to make us more attractive to the younger fan. 

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The club were even giving out free chocolate to kids in the fan zone too yesterday - a lovely touch. 

I also previously shared the same concerns about our fan base but there were loads of kids there again yesterday and some even enjoying it! its great to see , well done Vale

I take my son and his school friend, who we have converted from Stoke to Vale now 😆  he loves matchdays!!

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I'm staggered by the numbers of U9s at home matches. The fanzone definitely helps - a place where as a parent you can still have a drink pre-match without having to take your little'un to a pub.

The strategy isn't just about the kids. Very easy for people in their 20s and 30s who are starting a family, getting married etc to drift away having once been ST holders etc. But, if you throw everything at their kids (free kits, summer camps, matchday fan packs) you give yourselves the best possible chance of retaining that demographic of fans, as well as getting that new generation involved. 

We've been lucky with the weather so far - I wonder if there are any plans in place to make the fanzone 'winter proof'?

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It's fantastic and great see be nice for the regular kids who have stuck with them through thick and thin see the Vale do well .

Personally it's not always about winning its how you perform if your level is always at the required level fans can see that and that's always good enough for me .

Great see all the new faces at the ground though where they come from who cares what's important is that they enjoy the matchday experience and the fan zone helps towards that significantly .

Another plus by the Shanahans who are tremendous ambassadors for the club .

When I was growing up I never had a season ticket for what is it 25 quid with a shirt thrown in and lots of free this and that I'd go the  odd game with me dad and that be it not complaining though think it's fantastic what the club are doing .

cap off to them in acknowledgement 


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