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  1. We don't get penalties so pointless signing him.
  2. Hopefully Scunthorpe won't do a Salford and score and win with there 1 shot on target. We just need make sure when we create chances we actually put them away.
  3. I'm not going myself as I'm skint at the moment but 841 isn't enough. Tranmere took 1195 there the other week for a night match so we should be given more tickets than that.
  4. I think we might get sub 4k tomorrow. Remember we only count fans that are in the ground and not how many season ticket holders we have. Salford will only bring 50 aswell.
  5. I can remember Chris Neal getting sent off at Leyton Orient away. Then sam Johnson came on and gave away a penalty and was lucky not get sent off aswell.
  6. The reason why we lost is because it's Swindon, just like Walsall it's a team we seem to save our worst performances for, get no luck against and generally lose against the majority of times. Before the season starts you can always put a blank across the games against Walsall and Swindon.
  7. Ban people like stokes archer Curran malan ect from playing in the IPL and make them play county cricket. Also don't arrange many one day games focus on arranging more test games. This series has been a joke I reckon the England's women's team would have Performed better than this men's team has.
  8. 3 nil to Salford with Salford getting 5 penalties and us having Smith and conlon sent off. Goalscorers are garrity own goal hussey own goal and the ref kicks one in for them. Attendance 195 of which 4075 are Salford fans.
  9. Every single batsman in that top 6 or 7 for England should not play test cricket for England again unless they can score a few runs 50s 100s for there county teams as none of them have been good enough.
  10. After bowling poorly the other day wood has come back and been superb today with 6 for 37 I think it was.
  11. I'm not bothered if you disagree or not I'm just saying that I can't be bothered watch poor officials every week so after this season I'm done with watching vale.
  12. I know Swindon were the better side but the officials have decided who won that match not the players. Unless the officials improve massively then I'm not going vale again after this season as I've had enough. Every week we get nothing of them. Not had a penalty in 12 months aswell yet have given away about 10 in that time.
  13. What's up with mark wood today? At time of posting his figures are 1 wicket for 79 from 11.3 overs. He's usually a decent bowler.
  14. I used to use scanners at work and the more you used them it would drain the battery so wouldn't surprise me that if they go down its because the battery has gone or it needs charging up.
  15. I got to the ground at 2.45 thinking it will take about 15 minutes get in. When I got there and saw the queues there was queues everywhere I joined a queue with about 50 people ahead of me and I thought I should still get in by kick off. It got to 3 o clock and the queue had barely moved and there were more people behind us. A steward then had to open the gate up for something which resulted in a few vale fans forcing it open fully and ended up with what must have been 500 people including myself getting in the ground around 3.05 without being scanned in. If the gate hadn't been opened we wouldn't have got in till 3.30 maybe later. I don't know why they didn't delay kick off by 15 minutes or so to give people the chance to get in and take there seats on time. We have played Macclesfield a few times away and they delay kick offs if there's still big queues outside but vale never do it.
  16. It's a low crowd but alot of clubs get lower crowds for cup games than they get for league games unless it's a big draw.
  17. We just about cling on for a draw. At least we can't lose 5 nil now. Buttler can't play 5th test as he is injured and Sam billings has been called up. If billings plays it will be interesting how he gets on as he's normally a oneday and 2020 player.
  18. Well batted from bairstow today and I'd certainly put him as wicketkeeper instead of butler. I'm not a massive bairstow fan but I've got give him credit today first Englishmen score a 100 in this series. Burns is going have to come back into the side in place of hameed. I'm wondering if malan could open the batting and then put Crawley or Lawrence batting at 3. I'm surprised Lawrence hasn't been given a chance in this series given how poor our batting has been.
  19. Wilson is meant be back in training but doubt he is ready to play yet.
  20. I've just looked it up and Edmondson came on as a sub with 2 minutes to go in Fleetwood's 2 1 loss in the first round of the fa cup against Burton. So basically he can't play for us on Saturday.
  21. Some good news is that when I went up vale earlier this morning there was quite a few people buying tickets for Saturday. The bad news is that I think the striker we have signed today Edmondson may have played in the fa cup for Fleetwood this season so maybe ineligible so unless Rodney or amoo are fit to play then we may have no available strikers still.
  22. I presume Harrogate will have to foot the bill for the vale players and management team that were already in the hotel at Harrogate as Clarke said they were doing a stop over. Also lots of fans have lost money through paying for hotels to stay up there and now can't go the match as it's off. I will go up vale next week get my money back on my ticket as I won't be able go when it's rearranged. I also don't think I will bother with any away games now whilst there getting called off all the time. I don't want keep paying for tickets and coach travel just for it to be called off the day before.
  23. This game might actually be on as both games called off tonight from vale and Harrogate were called off by the opposition meaning both vale and Harrogate must have enough players as it currently stands to play.
  24. Plus forest green got rearranged due to getting to 3rd round of the cup against Brentford. They might extend the season or even call it off we just got see what happens.
  25. Every team is going have a backlog of games with the amount that have been called off.
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