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  1. Add Devon malcolm to the rabbits list aswell. Cork, de freitas or gough if they played sometimes hit some lower order runs. Archer is meant be useful with the bat but he looks lazy and useless. Even his bowling at times he doesn't bowl at his fastest in some spells.
  2. I think we could have picked 11 batsman and no bowlers and still struggle to make runs on this pitch. Even if you try occupy the crease for abit like foakes you end up getting an unplayable delivery. When your chasing a low total you have the freedom to play some big shots and if they come off like they did then you win easily. The team selection for this was wrong playing an extra seamer and having archer at 8 when he is a number 10 or 11. I wouldnt fancy us to make 200 against Indias spinners even if the next pitch was a flat pitch which it won't be.
  3. The best team has won this match no doubt about that but games shouldn't be ending in less than 2 days. Even in England when the ball is swinging all over the place games still last 3 or 4 days. They should be preparing pitches to last longer than this theres probably lots of fans that have brought tickets for the other days play that will now have to be refunded.
  4. We have been terrible batting since the 1st innings of the 1st test. This pitch is poor though as no test should finish within 2 days. It should get reported for preparing a wicket like this but it won't. I personally don't even think this result should stand I think it should be declared null and void due to poor surface.
  5. Are any of these players good at facing the quality of spin bowling that india are producing here. England have bowled allright here but haven't looked anywhere near as threatening as India did as they looked like getting a wicket of every ball and never bowl bad deliveries like leach and archer have in them. Broad is a fantastic bowler but his record in India is terrible something like 58 runs per wicket.
  6. I'd prefer Crawley at 3 aswell and he did bat well today aswell. Im not sure who we could select unless we pick someone like vince or Malan who have experience but not the best of test records when given a chance. Since making that 500 odd in the first test we have made less than 200 in every innings and our performances are getting worse. India will probably get to 112 without losing a wicket or being 1 or 2 down. This is going end up being a heavy defeat again.
  7. Yeah your right we are garbage. None of them can bat against spin. Only root averages above 40 aswell so we are never going score lots of runs. We couldn't keep relying on root to score runs all the time. I think its pretty obvious we will lose this series 3 1.
  8. I think Barton will do well at Bristol rovers he did quite well at Fleetwood who are a much smaller club.
  9. I'm not saying we will beat Cambridge but we do have a good record at vale Park against them.
  10. Stevenage have won 3 of there last 4 away games. We have failed to beat stevenage at home in a league game our only home victory against them was in the fa cup. They have signed a few good players recently norris a decent striker from Colchester and lines who we all know can be a good player. We could do with a win but a draw wouldn't be a bad result. If worral has an ankle injury then I cant see him playing.
  11. Cant complain with a 1 1 draw away at leyton orient its not a ground we tend to do well at. Defence looked solid at times but also had a few errors in there so there's still work needed to do with the back 4. Guthrie works hard but doesn't look like scoring at the moment could do with one that hits him and goes in or getting a tap in kind of goal.
  12. I can see us getting to the semi final maybe but I'd put Belgium and France ahead of us. Portugal could be a dangerous side with Ronaldo and bruno Fernandes playing for them.
  13. I'm thinking we could even play all 3 spinners bess Ali and leach next match like India did here as broads record in India is terrible something like 58 runs per wicket. Stone deserves to keep his place as he bowled quite well. Perhaps a line up similar to this Bsirstow,sibley, root, stokes, pope, foakes,Ali, bess, stone, leach,Anderson
  14. I actually think sibley is a decent opener and has a reasonable start to his test career. He is learning as he plays and has it in him to occupy the crease for along time. Burns is the opener that seems to struggle to me and with him being 30 he may get replaced by Crawley when he is back fit. Lawrence may get dropped from the side aswell as apart from his 73 on debut he has struggled. Root isn't going to continue scoring 200 runs a match so we do need to field a side thats capable of scoring runs that's why I find it strange that we arnt playing butler and bairstow as batsman and
  15. I wish we could shut up this india crowd sound like a bunch of teenage girls screaming as if westlife or take that are on stage. We are definitely going to lose just hope we show some fight and get about 300 in the 2nd innings instead of 150.
  16. There's something in the laws of the game about the pitches not meant be behaving and moved about like they are from day 1. Alot of the time in England the pitches behave depending on what the weather is like if its hot and sunny it will be flat and offer nothing untill it cracks up in the last 2 days or if its cold and cloudy then the ball will swing all over the place. There's no question about India having better spinners ive already commented a couple of days ago saying ali shouldn't be playing. We should never have rested Anderson, bess,butler and only made changes if there's
  17. England have been totally outplayed in this match but the standard of umpiring has been abysmal and the state of the pitch is a joke. It shouldn't have been turning like it was from day 1 and have puffs of dust coming up that's the kind of thing you see on a 4th or 5th day pitch.
  18. Ali took a good wicket getting kohli for 0 but has leaked alot of runs so far.
  19. Ali has been well out of form and has done nothing to deserve a place in this team. Bess is a developing player so I would have continued playing him and give him more experience than give Ali games when he is over 30 bang out of form and not played much cricket lately. At least we have a ready made excuse if we lose that we rested a few players and had a few out injured so we fielded a pretty much reserve team
  20. I dont think we have beat Newport since they have come back into the league. Amond and Maynard is a good experienced strike force that can score goals which is a worry when our defence is dross. Please be fit gibbons, I dont want mills play for the club ever again.
  21. The only vale player that you could maybe put in is worrall due to him being top of the assist list for league 2 and only de bruyne did more assists than him in 2020.
  22. The 2 best centre mids a hoolahan and spearing. The 2 best forwards are Vaughan and doyle. After that I dont know i certainly wouldn't choose any of our defenders.
  23. I will make sure I'm up at 4am everyday to watch this. Im expecting England to lose the series just hope they don't get thrashed. Pope has been called into the squad but I wouldnt play him just yet. Crawley missing 2 tests isn't a massive problem with burns back in the squad just hope buns makes more runs than Crawley did in Sri Lanka as he struggled there.
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