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  1. For anybody that's going the game make sure you buy a ticket in advance as its a rip off 25 quid on the day.
  2. Everybody will be expecting us to win this but we usually save our worst performances for against scunthorpe. I think we have only beat them twice since something like 1988. 2 1 away last season in the league Cup when they had a few out with covid and a 3 1 home win in 2016 when we ended up getting relegated. I hope they prove me wrong but I think 1 1 draw is the best we will get from the game. Also there's no chance we will take 600 to 700 probably be between 300 to 400.
  3. Good to see young kids attending. The test now will be as it gets into the colder months how many of them will still want to attend.
  4. I said this the other week rodney hasn't scored much under Clarke as manager. In the 25 to 30 matches not sure on the exact amount of games rodney has only scored 3 goals. 2 goals last season against Colchester and Newport and the one this season against stevenage. If he continues at that scoring rate then he is only going get around 6 goals this season and not the 15 to 20 people were expecting. It will be interesting if Proctor who has had a superb start can continue his good scoring form as he hasn't scored more than 8 in a season before so he may end up going on a dry run of carry on scoring a hatful.
  5. If anybody is actually going this game then make sure you get a ticket in advance as for some strange reason Swindon arnt allowing away fans to pay on the day.
  6. Buttler and broad have played abit in this series and have been garbage. Archer I think he is better at 2020 or one day seems to get injured and put in lazy performances once he has played about 3 tests in a row. Stokes has been a big miss as he's a batter Bowler and excellent fielder something India have been far better than us in this series and the one earlier in the year. With the issues stokes is having at the moment we may never see him play for England again.
  7. This is probably the worst England test side since the late 90s. I doubt India would take many of our players and put them in there best xi apart from root. The only surprise for me is that we won a test and played well first 2 days of this test as after the first test I thought we would be losing 5 nil. Anderson is looking tired and in need of a rest so I wouldnt select him for the last game might aswell give another player a go. I have no idea who to select as wicketkeeper if we arnt selecting bairstow as I think foakes is injured, buttler on paternity leave and we tried bracey and he struggled.
  8. If we have a big enough squad to do it then make 11 changes from the team that started Saturdays game. The players that played yesterday deserve a rest and might aswell give game time to fringe players or ones that are coming back from injury. I'm not really bothered even if we lost this game 6 nil league games or fa cup run is more important to me.
  9. I think birchall scored one of the goals in a 3 2 home win against Coventry.
  10. Anderson and Robinson are quality. Anderson has had a great career Robinson has had a brilliant start to his career. I dont think curran and Overton are good enough for test cricket really but they have bowled well here. Curran and Overton are probably only playing due to stokes, woakes, archer, wood and Broad being injured. Curran seems to concede too many runs and his pace isn't as quick as I'd like. He's only young so hopefully he will improve bur at the moment if we had everybody fit then I wouldn't be picking him.
  11. I doubt any of conlon legge gibbons or Taylor will be available for section for this game.
  12. Good that we have sold the allocation that were sent to us but it was probably only around 300 tickets.
  13. It's hard say what the away following was as they were all spread out across the stand. Last time we played them away and fans were allowed to attend we took 313 and there looked more there than that if I had to guess I'd say between 400 and 500.
  14. For anybody that thinks rodney is going get 20 goals this season here us a stat for you. Since Clarke took over as manager away at leyton orient he has scored just 2 goals at home to Newport and away at Colchester. That must be something like 2 goals in 20 games so continuing at that scoring rate will see him get 5 a season. Proctor is aged 30 and only scores 5 or 6 a season. He drops deep and does some good link up play but most of the time has his back to goal so isn't going be scoring many. Wilson has all the attributes to score plenty of goals but has so far fluffed a couple of easy chances and put in half arsed performances. He has only ever scored about 10 at best in a season. We have basically signed strikers there in the hope that they have a good season and do better than what they have done in the past. When you sign players that don't score many you can't really moan when they don't score as your asking them to do something they haven't done often in there careers.
  15. Extra turnstiles are apparently open tomorrow so hopefully it won't be too bad. I personally think we won't have 5k there tomorrow be more like 4k. Apart from the odd night game we generally only get 3000 to 4000 for night games.
  16. It was about 7.30 when I got in the queue. Before you say get there earlier I finish work at 6 in Newcastle and don't drive so have to get the bus and dont get home till 6.45. Then I need have something quickly for tea and get changed out of work clothes so can't get to the ground any earlier than that.
  17. Cook Strauss Trescothick Atherton I'd take any of them. You can probably name a few more from before then that even at there age now would be better at opening than burns and sibley are.
  18. There was 3200 against Sunderland and people still had to queue for 10 or 15 mins get in on the railway side.
  19. I'd give hameed a couple more games see if he can make a score above 50. Be harsh to drop him after 1 games. Burns and sibley should be nowhere near this team.
  20. England batting is a joke really but some of the bowling has been top notch. Out of that current 11 in the England team I'd only retain root hameed Ali Wood Robinson and Anderson.
  21. He may well be a decent player but he has just come back from 12 months out with a bad injury. We need use him carefully at first giving him 10 or 20 minute appearances. Perhaps if Clarke does arrange a friendly for some of the reserves then play him in that. It's likely to take him a month to get up to the match fitness the manager will probably want. Hopefully he does well and scores a few for us but it may take him a few games get his match sharpness up.
  22. If vale create the chances they did against Sunderland and tranmere then surely we will start to convert a few of them.
  23. I'd have hameed opening the batting instead of sibley as it's his natural position.
  24. England have done really well today to get back in the game. It looked like India would score 450+. We are still behind in the game but at least we are fighting in this game. Anderson bowled superbly. Robinson even though his figures weren't the best 2 for 73 got the important wickets of the guy who hit the 100 and kohli.
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