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  1. Do kingstonian groundshare with afc Wimbledon still? If were drawn away I'd like blackpool as we would take a big following there but we will probably end up with the winner from the stevenage and Peterborough tie.
  2. I think it would be good to do a cheap ticket price for one of our home league games yes. I wouldn't want it to be the Swindon game though as that tends to be one of our home games each season where we put in our worst performance of the season and lose.
  3. I think stevenage and salford are the only teams in the football league that we have never won a league game against.
  4. Basically the rules for the referees for our games are give the opposition soft penalties and deny us even the stonewall ones.
  5. No chance this team will get picked but this is what I'd play Gk brown Rb Gibbons Lb montano CB Smith CB legge CB brisley Rcm worrall Dm joyce Lcm taylor Cf pope Cf archer
  6. Jimmy used to run buses to away games from the bulls head alot of posters on here used to travel on then. We used to all have a couple of pints in the bulls head have a bacon or sausage bap before we went then a pub stop for an hour and a half somewhere. Was a cracking day out miss doing that really.
  7. We generally only take 1 official coach to most away games 2 at a push. Charlie who runs the buses from the crown sometimes gets 2 or 3 buses going to games but alot prefer driving or going on train. Charlie's buses always have a pub stop and leave an hour or so before official travel is due to go and is generally cheaper to travel on aswell.
  8. Yes it most likely will be. I'm not a season ticket holder so I'm having to miss games like Salford macclesfield and crewe and go the places nobody wants to go to like colchester and Bradford.
  9. Are you taking the piss montano was one of the best players on saturday.
  10. Amoo Gibbons archer Evan's oyeleke and conlon all missed last nights game we could do with a couple of them being fit for saturday otherwise I'd say we will struggle.
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