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  1. Will be watching and I hope you enjoyed your short break away
  2. There was a steady stream buying the shirt when I got mine this morning. Alot of people must have ordered online as people were saying last night that the next available date for click and collect was next Thursday.
  3. We signed an experienced striker who had scored lots of football league goals in Tyrone barnett 3 years ago and he was an absolute donkey for us so I dont mind if we signed another youngster like bradbury could turn into a brooker/mcphee signing.
  4. Hope it's not like that stevenage Burger King thing they had this season just gone but black and white instead of the red and white they have.
  5. Ronnie sinclair dave kevan danny pugh mike ede frank sinclair anymore coaches at vale?
  6. Whitehead is a good signing. It means only 3 out of these 5 will play though Burgess conlon oyeleke joyce and whitehead be hard pick the 3.
  7. The 2 best sides have been promoted. 2 new grounds for us to hopefully get the chance to visit.
  8. Tom Pope being banned for 6 games 2 years ago would have seen us relegated to the national league. Tom Pope suspended for 6 games now isn't as big as a problem as we have Cullen rodney and another striker coming in and we can cope without him now. It does give a bad image to the club though after all the good press we got for the free meals and cancelling the season.
  9. Pope should announce his retirement then they wont be able ban him
  10. If they still go ahead with the league cup fa cup with replays in place and the checkatrade trophy then we will play saturday tuesday pretty much every week.
  11. Pope hasn't been on twitter since January and what was the point in issuing an apology and asking for his explanation of things a few months back if they were always going punish him like this. It would be better if they increased his fine and lowered the amount of games he missed to say 2.
  12. In wondering if Bradford will be looking to loan out or move on kurtis Guthrie.im saying this as they already have Vaughan Donaldson billy Clarke and lee Novak on there books so he may not get much game time there.
  13. I don't mind either way but it might be too much for people to do 2 games a week and extra work for you so I'd say just keep to mondays.
  14. I looked when this game was during the season and it was November and we hadn't won a home game by then. After that we won 9 home games and finished 12th on 60 points so something must have clicked.
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