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  1. England are at rock bottom at test level so for me they could have picked about 8 new players and if have been happy instead of trying the same ones who are better one day players, or generally not good enough. Leach trys his best but he's not as good as Parkinson. Parkinson can spin the ball a fair bit but he's wasted by not playing him. Overton has probably been selected due to him being able bat abit but he won't take wickets. We will struggle take the 20 wickets to win a match with that squad and we all know that the batting is really weak too.
  2. If we have sold such few tickets then why were the queues so long on the Thursday and Friday morning last week. Also there was only 7400 at Mansfield the other day with 1200 Northampton fans so neither of them fans sold out the tickets I'm guessing the crap kick off times, the games being on TV and the fact alot of the country are skint are the reasons why people can't go. Kids don't tend to attend night games for starters that could easily take 1000 or so off a crowd.
  3. Can we ban the TV cameras from vale park on Thursday. 3 times we have been on TV this season and no wins. In fact we haven't won on TV since vale won away at mk Dons 1 nil when Alex Jones missed a penalty and put the rebound in so 5 and a half years ago.
  4. We are still in the tie with us getting that goal back but it's going be really tough for us to win it from this position. It's no surprise we lost to Swindon, it's probably the worst team we could have got in the play offs and there probably glad they are playing us as they always beat us. Our record since around 2005 against them is dreadful so for us to overturn this we are going have to do what vale sides from the last 17 years have failed to do beat them and beat them convincely. A few things we need to improve on for next season are stop giving daft sloppy goals away like we have the majority of the season. Improve our pocession play as too many times we look to hoof it long to nobody and expect wilson proctor ect to chase. I also think we need to add pace to the side as apart from amoo who I'd imagine we will release we lack pace in our team. We are still in the tie but for me I can't see us beating Swindon by 2 clear goals to make it to the final. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but more likely we will miss out and go up in the top 3 next season as the play offs are a lottery.
  5. Just seen on the vale official website they did a fixture flashback. Swindon 1 vale 2 Swindon had tom Heaton in goal and Chris corned scored the winner for vale. The attendance was only 4500 odd that day so Swindon can't be that much of a bigger club than vale are. They are basically acting like Bradford fans more bothered about having the biggest crowds than winning matches. All you have to do is look at who won the league this season forest green get 2300 at home take 250 away and were top all season. Then you have Accrington in league one fans never stop singing but get small gates home and away but comfortable midtable league one team.
  6. I went in there a couple of years ago when I went Swindon away and the beer was <ovf censored>. The cricket club by the football ground is much better even got a free dominoes pizza from there when we all went in there earlier this season.
  7. I'm not going Swindon away just can't afford go so are watching the beam back for a fiver. My rent has gone up 50 pounds a month, gas and electricity doubled in price water bill increase slightly so got save money for that. 2000 away following for a league 2 club is really good. If Sutton had made the play offs for example they would only take 300 to 400.
  8. Well done vale. It's typical vale really to win away at Exeter when alot of people like myself thought they had blown it after the Walsall and Newport defeats. Swindon will be a tough game as they have an excellent away record and we don't tend to do well against them. Either way there will be a good crowd at Swindon and at vale for those play off games.
  9. Given how many people have been trying sell there tickets I'd say there's more likely be 1200 vale fans there not 1300
  10. If we sell a 1000 at 25 quid if my maths is right then that's 25 grand meaning we are a quarter of a way towards raising the money for the statue.
  11. Ben stokes is a fantastic cricket. People rave about Flintoff being an amazing all-rounder for England and on this day he was, but his stats were something like 32 average with the ball and 28 with the bat whereas stokes has 36 with bat and not sure on bowling average without looking it up. Hopefully he can continue these figures as it's tough being an all rounder playing in all 3 formats for England and being test captain.
  12. If we can get that Lorne street stand open for the start of next season then we could demolish the bycars and get a new stand built there and when that's done demolish the railway and get that done too. The problem with that is though that our capacity would be lower due to the stand being demolished and season ticket holders probably wouldn't be happy being moved to another stand for a season or 2 whilst the work was being carried out. Also it would cost alot to do that work but presume it would be cheaper than moving grounds, would keep us in burslem and give us more modern facilities.
  13. For me we need a keeper as none of the current 3 are good enough to either be a promotion contender in league 2 or league one player.
  14. I'm expecting us to lose Saturday and both Swindon and Sutton win to drop us to 8th. It's what always happens to vale.
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