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  1. I'm wondering if vale will make it that you have to sit in your season ticket seat or where your ticket Says as alot of people don't normally do that.
  2. We usually only take between 300 to 500 to Northampton. We did take 994 in the 2012/2013 season so you would think we would take 1000 with it being first game of the season.
  3. Just the initial run. Can always request more if we sell them. Don't Vale have to pay something for the tickets so it's best not to over order. Hopefully they give us more. I know the guy who has took over running the buses from Charlie Holland ( rip) sold out his 2 buses in the space of a couple of hours last night so looks like alot of people want to go Northampton
  4. That's shocking Northampton fan told me they can give about 1500 out to away fans. 900 behind the goal and 600 on the side.
  5. It's a friendly not a league match so between 100 to 150.
  6. Yeah I'm with you when I look through our squad I dont think there's enough goals in there. If we want make the top 7 by the looks of it we will have to do it winning games by the odd goal 1 nil or 2 1.
  7. Good that rudge is getting a statue built for him. I'm just wondering where there going put it as if it's by the lorne Street then it could look abit crowded next to sprosan statue. We can't really put it by the away end or railway side as it would most likely get damaged by people.
  8. Foyle could still keep this record providing no eniglishmen score twice in the match as foyle scored twice against genoa.
  9. I get paid on the 30th July so hopefully it will get delayed by a week otherwise they will have probably sold out of most sizes by then and I'm skint till next pay day.
  10. Englands one day and 2020 team is superb but the test team is garbage. Crawley has come into the one day team today and batted really well but can't buy a run in test cricket bairstow is the same too when he plays.
  11. There was one year when vale lost 1 nil to Biddulph vics on my birthday so yes I'd say we are doomed.
  12. Hope it gives alot of new players a chance. I dont really want us to go back to players before who have failed like denly and vince. I wouldnt mind hales being called up though as he should really be in the team anyway. Sorry to the players that have covid hopefully they make a full recovery from it.
  13. The final is on my birthday. We got knocked out of the world Cup in the semi final on my birthday in 2018. I've bet on Italy win the tournament before it started so hopefully it will be an England vs Italy final. I've had my bet each way so if Italy lost in the final I'd still win something. Both semi finals could go either way though as all 4 teams have performed well in this tournament.
  14. I dont know why they arnt all in support bubbles together for the whole tournament. That is what the cricket teams do when they have been touring 6 weeks in a country at a time.
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