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  1. If we take 500 on a Tuesday night then it's not a bad following. I know it's only meant be an hour and 15 travel time but with traffic it would be more like 2 hours to get there as there's always loads of traffic for night games. If it had been on a Saturday we would have taken at least a 1000. We were poor in both games against Mansfield last season but in the away game we were without 10 first team players and in the home game again it was more of a reserve line up due to Clarke picking the players like Pope.
  2. I think you will be able pay on the day anyway but at a higher cost. Initial allocation would have only been 200 to 300 most likely. Shame it's not a Saturday as I would have gone and I'd expect we would have taken over 1000.
  3. I don't know what TV money we get but as were the home side I'd presume we would get more than Bradford. I think this is an international weekend hence why it's been selected for TV but I think most people would prefer a Saturday 3pm kick off than a TV game that's a 12pm kick off. I can't see many buying it on ifollow like you normally can on international weekends as people will watch it at the pub or at home if they have sky than pay 10 quid on ifollow.Another thing to add is that we have lost to both Rochdale and Sutton on international weekends so hopefully this isn't a hatrick of defeats.
  4. This game would have been around 7000 crowd. Bradford would have brought 1300. I'd imagine now with it being on TV and an early kick off only 300 Bradford would travel and your looking more at a 4500 to 5000 crowd. I think they should make this game 10 quid or 5 quid entry so people still attend it instead of staying at home to watch it.
  5. Report the video highlights package to the football League of where there players celebrate Infront of our fans inciting a reaction and see if anything gets done or said about it. Swindon fans reported Rodney for that elbow or whatever it was and he ended up with a 3 game ban.
  6. Scunthorpe are the only side vale have played in the league this season that were in the bottom half of the table when we played them. This means we are playing sides when there in good form and barrow are another one in decent form. We were garbage at home to barrow last season so won't have to do much to perform better than last season's match at vale park. We must be due a penalty as we haven't had one as of yet this season. In fact I can't remember the last time we have been given a penalty. Hopefully we can keep it tight at the back and nick a 1 nil win.
  7. Scunthorpe don't give away following figures out.
  8. For anybody that's going the game make sure you buy a ticket in advance as its a rip off 25 quid on the day.
  9. Everybody will be expecting us to win this but we usually save our worst performances for against scunthorpe. I think we have only beat them twice since something like 1988. 2 1 away last season in the league Cup when they had a few out with covid and a 3 1 home win in 2016 when we ended up getting relegated. I hope they prove me wrong but I think 1 1 draw is the best we will get from the game. Also there's no chance we will take 600 to 700 probably be between 300 to 400.
  10. Good to see young kids attending. The test now will be as it gets into the colder months how many of them will still want to attend.
  11. I said this the other week rodney hasn't scored much under Clarke as manager. In the 25 to 30 matches not sure on the exact amount of games rodney has only scored 3 goals. 2 goals last season against Colchester and Newport and the one this season against stevenage. If he continues at that scoring rate then he is only going get around 6 goals this season and not the 15 to 20 people were expecting. It will be interesting if Proctor who has had a superb start can continue his good scoring form as he hasn't scored more than 8 in a season before so he may end up going on a dry run of carry on scoring a hatful.
  12. If anybody is actually going this game then make sure you get a ticket in advance as for some strange reason Swindon arnt allowing away fans to pay on the day.
  13. Buttler and broad have played abit in this series and have been garbage. Archer I think he is better at 2020 or one day seems to get injured and put in lazy performances once he has played about 3 tests in a row. Stokes has been a big miss as he's a batter Bowler and excellent fielder something India have been far better than us in this series and the one earlier in the year. With the issues stokes is having at the moment we may never see him play for England again.
  14. This is probably the worst England test side since the late 90s. I doubt India would take many of our players and put them in there best xi apart from root. The only surprise for me is that we won a test and played well first 2 days of this test as after the first test I thought we would be losing 5 nil. Anderson is looking tired and in need of a rest so I wouldnt select him for the last game might aswell give another player a go. I have no idea who to select as wicketkeeper if we arnt selecting bairstow as I think foakes is injured, buttler on paternity leave and we tried bracey and he struggled.
  15. If we have a big enough squad to do it then make 11 changes from the team that started Saturdays game. The players that played yesterday deserve a rest and might aswell give game time to fringe players or ones that are coming back from injury. I'm not really bothered even if we lost this game 6 nil league games or fa cup run is more important to me.
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