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  1. Lee angol striker released by leyton orient might be someone we are interested in. Was at Mansfield a few seasons back so may have been there when flitcroft was. He hasn't got the greatest goalscoring record but at aged 26 he will be coming into his peak years now so could have that mullin at Cambridge season where he bangs in 30 goals.
  2. You could say hartlepool and Swindon fixed a draw or you could say losing 5 2 at home to hartlepool or blowing a 3 nil lead to draw 3 3 at home to Swindon cost us making the play offs. I would say if goodlad had beeb fit that season then we would have performed better as brain and delaney were pretty poor.
  3. I dont watch the youth team but I look at there league table in the match programme and there rock bottom and lose pretty much every match. Eden Bailey has scored quite a few for them but I doubt any of them are first team ready at the moment.
  4. I also think either Paul mullin or conlon should have won the player of the month award aswell and not Henderson.
  5. First game was 4 1 loss to Liverpool in the league Cup. 1st ever league game was vale 3 Wrexham 0 vale scored 3 goals in 3 minutes.
  6. Good hopefully she will do well and it will get rid of some of the garbage like Trevor kettle who has been poor and been referring at this level about 20 years.
  7. I havent watched any of the youth team games and yes they are bottom and lose every week. Eden Bailey has scored quite a few in a poor team so he could have a future at the club.
  8. Would love to see 90 minutes of this game if anybody has the footage as I didn't see this game live.
  9. I know around 1997 vale used to train by pvc which was a factory in Milton around by where red hills road was. Me and a couple of mates used to go watch them train during our lunch break at holden Lane High school.
  10. Why don't you come up with some suggestions of people vale can sign instead of critising peoples posts. Quigley would be a better striker than Cullen, guthrie or robinson who are at the club and garbage. I would have suggested us to sign Joe ironside as a striker who is at Cambridge but as he is ex macclesfield I know a <ovf censored> like you will say no to that too.
  11. Yeah that is a shame hope he will be ok I was going suggest him as a possible signing for us too.
  12. Would anybody take scott quigley as he is clearly alot better player than what he was at vale a few years ago.
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