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  1. Is crooked back fit or able play yet? Legge is on 9 bookings so will get a 2 match ban which you know is bound to happen during the time brisley is out injured.
  2. Scunthorpes away form from there last 8 away is win 4 drew 1 lost 3. Before that they had only drawn 2 and lost 6 away so there results have improved away. I'd put Gibbons in at rb instead of smith. Brisley was limping towards the end of yesterday's game so if he isn't fit then play smith CB. Tough choice to stick with Cullen upfront or go with Pope.
  3. First thing I will say is it's a decent point away from home. Walsall played really well and put us under alot of pressure in the 2nd half we still had a couple of chances ourselves though where we could have won it. Second thing I would say is well done to the 2307 that attended not really any major incidents of any trouble like this game would have had a few years ago perhaps most of our hooligans are banned because of the grimsby game. Cheltenham oldham carlise cambridge and plymouth are our remaining away games. I know some of them are long distance games but Cheltenham and plymouth could be big games so hopefully we will take decent followings there.
  4. I reckon we will take somewhere between 1000 and 1500
  5. I couldn't go last night as I was working 2pm till 10pm that's part of the reason why I dont have a season ticket as I know I'm going miss 5 or 6 home games due to working then theres always a chance you could miss a couple because of being ill or something else coming up.
  6. Askey does want to sign players but he is only going sign them if they improve us and are value for money.
  7. The last time vale beat exeter at home erasure were number 1 in the charts with a song I've never heard of called always. It was april 30th 1994 vale won 3 nil and over 10,000 were there be less than 4000 there tonight I'd imagine be a tough game exeter are good at 1 nil away wins.
  8. I've got a feeling hes going be banned by the fa untill the end of the season.
  9. I think its 23 quid for adults if brought before 2pm on friday not sure on the day price though but usually teams charge more.
  10. We have lost 15 goals for this match Pope 8 goals banned taylor 7 goals injured so both teams will be without there 2 topscorers. I'd take a point away at Swindon as it's a ground we hardly ever do well at and have had quite a few pastings there in the last 10 years or so.
  11. Sounds like a decent signing kind of player we need goalscoring midfielder tell john askey john rudge or somebody at the vale about him before others get interested.
  12. If we play like we did yesterday then I'd be surprised if we win as we were poor and it looked a pretty much certain nil nil till we got the penalty. Perhaps make 1 change atkinson in for conlon or burgess. Pope maybe suspended we dont know that yet if so then bennett will most likely play. We should win this really but you never know with vale go for a 2 nil away win.
  13. Unless he is prepared to sign a pay as you play deal in the summer then I'd release him as hes missing too many games for us.
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