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  1. We will probably sign that ironside from macclesfield if hes out of contract.
  2. I will watch it like ive watched all the others. Keeps me entertained on a monday night.
  3. It will be a rarity that I dont know the score from this match.
  4. I think I'd want Swindon go up given our record against them. Not beat them away since 2005 and seem to save alot of our worst performances against them. I know we beat them at home and deserved to do so but I'd say that's a rare home win for us against them.
  5. Are we allowed say ryan lloyd now he has been released?
  6. I've seen on Twitter atkinson linked with rochdale. I dont know how many we are looking to bring in but we definitely need a keeper and a striker.
  7. Thanks for showing the video. I doubt you would be allowed to take 5 to 6k to a game like this these days. I bet you would just get 2k tickets and once sold out that's it.
  8. The only surprise to me is not offering maddison a deal it will be hard bring a keeper in that's happy sit on the bench.
  9. What a game cant wait see this only seen the goals on youtube or peoples stories about it.
  10. What will happen regarding colchester if the play offs go ahead as they released 4 or 5 players the other week so they will be massively weakened.
  11. Doing these points per game <ovf censored> has made me think why should I bother going a game ever again if after 30 games it could get null and void or points per game come into it again you shouldn't win promotion based on what might have happened its ridiculous.
  12. Shalaj,rocastle,stefan moore,tanser,Richard walker and chris martin as goalkeeper.
  13. Was butler honestly worse than gannon? I'm not old enough to remember butler but in the short time Gannon was here he caused mayhem.
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