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  1. Can anyone remember Andy porter playing 2 or 3 games for us about 15 years ago when we were short on numbers. Just wondering if getting Billy paynter out of retirement is an option that we could use upfront.
  2. How can you moan at worrall when he has the most assists in league 2 this season. Not all wingers score goals like myrie Williams and Vincent did. One of the best wingers to play for vale guppy hardly ever scored.
  3. We haven't beat grimsby in our last 7 meetings with a 2 1 away win in December 2009. Grimsby have also won in there last 2 visits to vale Park.
  4. Brown gibbons conlon hurst worrall montano are the only ones worth keeping the rest can go for me. I'd be looking to bring in younger players aged 20 to 24ish instead of having too many over 30 players starting games.
  5. Alexander or parkinson are the ones I'd go for. I'd like us to try get Clarke from Walsall but can't see him leaving them.
  6. Worrall has 14 assists for the calender year only de bruyne 15 has more and bruno Fernandes has 14 too. Worrall has 9 assists for this season so he must be doing something right.
  7. Have we even got enough players available to name a starting 11 as we already had 3 youth teamers on the bench as it was, so if its a first team starter that has covid then that would be another taken out the side.
  8. Without looking at Holloways record I dont think he has done much since winning promotion with Blackpool around 10 years ago. Regarding our team we arnt going go up of down so I dont know why we don't just start playing people like crookes and Campbell Gordon play them regularly see what they can do might turn out to be a success like rodney and hurst appear to be. Instead Campbell Gordon will most likely get released in the summer without really getting a chance.
  9. Askey is very lucky to still be in a job really that freak result at Bolton has kept going for abit longer. I said there wouldn't be many goals in this game I should have remembered how poorly we are defensively. I suggest all week in training they focus on defending situations maybe even ask frank sinclair do a few sessions or see if there's anybody that can come in to help out like heskey did a couple of months ago. If mills is going keep performing this badly then I'd rather us keep clark and legge has been awful for about the last 10 games now. We are too slow at the back and dose off and
  10. I think the last 2 strikers come through our youth system were danny glover and James lawrie neither did much for us but lawrie was meant be a good prospect. Before that we had dave Hibbert who ended up retiring early due to injury but looks to be doing well.
  11. Have you seen walsalls home record from there 9 home games they have scored 8 and conceded 7. So looks like a low scoring game to me probably 1 nil to them or a 1 1 draw as we never keep clean sheets.
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