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  1. Brown Clark Fitzpatrick Joyce Legge Smith Worrall Conlon Pope Burgess Montano
  2. Great game to show 4 2 away win cant complain with that dont think this current vale squad could score 4 in a game. Ian Taylor 20 goals from midfield wont even get 20 goals from our whole lot of midfielders in our squad. Thanks for showing the game rob it was a much better watch than that crap England served up.
  3. We only got 14 points from our first 11 games last season. We struggled with injuries last season just like we are now that's why Taylor and burgess started playing regularly for us and we ended up signing will atkinson. Think in September last year we lost crookes conlon oyeleke Evan's and amoo to injury just like we are suffering now with oyeleke Gibbons mills Cullen amoo all injured smith isolating and a few like Mckirdy not match fit.
  4. Exellcent you picked the one night this week where I arnt in work so can watch it all in full thanks.
  5. Anybody know how many points vale were on after 5 games last season doubt it's far of the 7 we have this season.
  6. He was barred from there anyway
  7. 18th minute if we score it will probably be a own goal.
  8. I know us fans were asking for 442 but you cant play 442 when the midfield 2 is burgess and Whitehead. Also askey should have had carlise watched prior to this and seen there strength is in midfield and picked a side to try keep them quiet. That toure ran rings round us and callum guy was spreading passes about the pitch like pirlo used too. As for our squad run through our side that played today and apart from Pope or Robinson you cant see them scoring. Mckirdy can score a few goals but is no where near fit amoo can score a few but is out injured Cullen can score double figures but gets
  9. I know we are going make something like 8 changes to our line up yesterday I just want us try a different formation go 442. We may have to play hurst and trickett smith so that teams can see what they are getting when we send them out on loan. Visser Gibbons Montano Crookes Brisley Trickett smith Whitehead Amoo Pope Robinson Mckirdy
  10. Another poor performance from a so called premier league ref today. When people say referee decisions even themselves out over a season I think that's bull <ovf censored> when it comes to that as we get no luck ever.
  11. It's a game I'd like to think we would win but our last 2 performances away at morecambe have been awful and they are a side we have struggled against home and away alot in the past. I wouldn't rule out smith playing rb and brisley and legge being our centre backs for this game.
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