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  1. Chips and Gravy - now there is a mark up. Easy to churn out and 95% of folk love 'em! I cant recall proper chips in stadia (must be to do with hot oil/safety concerns) but even oven chips and chippy gravy/curry would be a winner
  2. A frustration for me is just how inefficient the staff are at the kiosks in the Railway. There may be 8 people in front of you but it takes 10 minutes to serve them! The same person takes the order, goes to fetch it, then takes the payments - its painful to witness. There should be 50 bottles lines up ready to go, one person handing them out and another couple taking payments as Im sure you could be serving more in less time. This has now stopped me from purchasing at HT as you just cannot be served and be back in time. The Fan Zone has been great, and the serving there seems better and quicker. I understand the restrictions but something could change - its only going to get worse when more fans are coming in.
  3. Bloody Hell! Don't we look professional 😍 Fantastic article..... it makes you so proud (win,lose or draw) Onwards and upwards Up The Vale
  4. I have said on a few occasions now that when watching my lad play football (under 11s) there are so many people wearing Vale kits/merchandise now. We used to joke he was the only one in 30 who had Vale on against so many Stoke/Barca/Man C/Chelsea/Man U now we are down to 1 in 5 😆 Its all good though locking these kids in during a successful season - makes them Vale for life
  5. I was told earlier by the ticket office only if you are out of the area
  6. Great to see all the Sky TV lorries and crew setting up at Vale Park....just helps to build the excitement as if it were needed 😛 UTV
  7. We don’t need to make them so difficult. Where’s the problem with…. ”There’s only one Tom Conlon, one Tom Conlon….” ”Super, Super James, Super Super James. Super super James, Super James Wilson” ”There’s only one Jamie Proctor, one Jamie Proctor, walking along singing this song walking in a Proctor wonderland” ”ooh arr Garrity say ooh arr Garrity” ”Covalan for England” 😊
  8. uurggh Im a divvy. I didn't realise you had to collect a ticket for this - I thought you just used your season ticket card 🙄 Just posting in case anybody else didn't know...
  9. Great atmosphere from the travelling fans yesterday. As Clarkey says we need to be as one, the fans, the players the owners etc. For the first time in a long time I can feel something building with the club. So many smiles at FT yesterday and professionalism from the players.; It felt like a real 'job done' attitude from them. For a long time Ive watched the Vale team without any characters to really like and engage with - many just seemed to be 'journeymen' who were plodding along. This team just seems different, with a lot of likable characters who have an identity. You can tell this as many players now have their own songs - something (apart from Pope) we haven't done since the 90's. Singing amongst the Vale fans pre KO and at half time around the kiosks just show we are actually enjoying going to games again - it feels strange 😆 I also loved the way Wilson acted as cheerleader to the fans, I think he's starting to feel right at home amongst us! Anyway I'm not getting carried away 😊 up the Vale
  10. Pleasing to see he had a great standing ovation when he went off.
  11. The club were even giving out free chocolate to kids in the fan zone too yesterday - a lovely touch. I also previously shared the same concerns about our fan base but there were loads of kids there again yesterday and some even enjoying it! its great to see , well done Vale I take my son and his school friend, who we have converted from Stoke to Vale now 😆 he loves matchdays!!
  12. Wilson is a young Ron Futcher 🤩 He is a top footballer and the sort of quality we have craved for years. I hope Vale fans show him the love The attitude shown in all the interviews from all the players is refreshing. The type of players we have/are recruiting is clear to see. They all seem to show an personal ambition to want to succeed. Good times are ahead UTV - enjoy the weekend
  13. I would think an online system for away tickets is more tricky than first imagined... Allocation can be variable and can come at short notice, complementaries, disabled access, concessions, "we want to sit together", "we dont want anything in front 3 rows" , failed card payments, capacity of website etc etc. You must of experienced standing behind 'those people' in a queue before! Its obviously 'doable' but presents more of a challenge And anyway it would take away the fun of finally getting one 🙂
  14. It was explained to me that last weekend it was 4 serving over the counter and 1 picking up the phone. The one answering the phone had to take the order, process payment and then put tickets in envelope etc. Obviously when doing this they are then not answering other calls. You can see where the problem lies, its not through lack of staff but they just need a simple queuing system for telephone calls as Doha says....then at least even if you were 100th in the queue it was up to you whether to hold on rather than repeatedly trying to redial
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