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  1. Disagree. Didn’t see many (if any) complaining about the cass and ojo signings.
  2. Understand your view completely. But I think they have credit in the bank from last season. If Blackman signs this week then I think that’s a sign of things to come. We probably have missed out on quite a few we wanted with it being so much more competitive and we’re not a big side compared to some in this division. We might not sign household names or proven league 1 players but I think that’s a good thing. No point wasting our time saying we’re after Norwood when Barnsley are interested. My view on this, is that we have a very good management / recruitment team but I think they would be lying if they said this window has gone to plan. We will have definitely missed out on a few so far and I’m adamant they would have liked the majority of their squad in place before Fleetwood. Still time to go but I would really like to see 2/3 sign this week.
  3. I think if Blackman signs he will without doubt be the number 1 - be nice to have two very good keepers at the club again
  4. Crazy how he’s not been signed by a top league 1 / low championship club.
  5. Mate. Just drop it. You’ve made your point numerous times now. I stopped posting on here because of <ovf censored> like you who leech onto every mortal thing people say that isn’t process this process that. Colchester away was a horrible game, we played dreadful, we had been poor for weeks - it looked like (if not for a great run) we would struggle to catch up. It’s called emotion - completely wrong yes - although I certainly wasn’t the only one…. Also many times? I think I posted it once in the Crawley game…. hindsight is a wonderful thing and I was 100% wrong and actually called myself a clown on here. I don’t mind people having a go or bringing up in jest, I was wrong I get that. But seriously stop bringing it up every thread. ‘I wasn’t slamming the team’ by the way. And whilst I wasn’t posting on here I was still going to every game I could make (games like Hpool away)…. But I don’t support the vale according to you so thats clearly bs from me. You really think I wanted us to lose? I wouldn’t have been that peed off if so. Wembley and Swindon at home are two of my best days as a vale fan ever…. Wrong again? Explain? I said quite a few things last season that were correct, but because my view is different it’s always wrong. I won’t comment on players like Cooper and Holy next time then, and how key I thought Walker would be ect. I praised signings and the side for the majority of the season, and I said things that were wrong (Harratt Edmonson) but it’s an opinion on a forum - that’s it. Move on. I was wrong. Move on. I know your post was aimed at me. Probably best you add me into your ignore list and you won’t have to read my ‘rubbish’.
  6. Never understand this boo boy stuff. 9 times out of 10 the reason the player is being criticised is because they haven’t been very good…. Of course some take it too far and the player can never do anything right but usually it’s just because the player hasn’t played well
  7. Surely it’s fair to be critical on players like Holy and Cooper 😂 or is even that now blasphemy. Poor and abysmal describe those two perfectly
  8. Name one club where every transfer is successful... Nobody is saying that.
  9. Nixon got the Taylor one correct as well. Hope this one is true.
  10. I’d say Holy, Cooper, Covalon, Johnson and Hussey were / have been poor signings. The rest were either decent or superb
  11. Would have liked any of the following who I think were realistic: Oliver, Dunn, Wildig, hunter, vernan, azaz, O’Connell (gone Charlton so probably not as realistic), marquis, Dunkley. I think a couple of sides doing some very good business, Shrewsbury to me look to making some really good signings, Morcambe as well. Derby on a bigger scale.
  12. Not disputing that. But it’s a fair response when only positive signings are mentioned. They have got more right than wrong with a couple of fantastic bits of business. Hall, Wilson, Garrity, Pett ect. But it’s fair to say not all have gone well, Holy, Cooper, Covalon, Hussey
  13. Well it’s a forum about transfers, be even more boring if nobody bothered posting at all….. I don’t think anybody is saying the management team haven’t proven themselves - Garrity and Hall are certainly the two stand out signings, but surely it’s understandable that we are looking a bit thin on the ground at the moment? Devlis advocate. They’ve also signed players like Holy and Cooper.
  14. I’m sure it was wait for the 1st July and you’ll see an influx of signings…..
  15. We need way more than 2 players. Higher league and higher wages yes but also higher budget. We’re still way short and at bare minimum need a Keeper, two strikers, wing back, centre half and imo another creative midfielder. We are desperate for some pace in the side. Not sure why development players are suddenly likely to be involved either. They weren’t good enough last season for league 2 so they clearly aren’t ready for this level. We need at least 5/6 signings and then possibly 1/2 loans imo. Nothing worse than signing loan players as your key men, they’re either not very good or really good and get recalled or you lose them at the end of the season. Cass being the one anomaly in this. I would certainly hope by Fleetwood we at least have another keeper and forwards in the club
  16. Brilliant from Topley, deserves it after his injuries just hope he can stay fit, a quality left arm bowler is vital. Willey very good as well.
  17. Looks like Norwood is close to signing for Tranmere mega signing for league 2 if it comes off!
  18. I’m quite certain posting on a forum to discuss rumours isn’t stopping management from managing!
  19. Best way of gaining match fitness is to play friendlies though, you don’t gain match fitness from training.
  20. Not so sure personally. Was only last season DC was saying none of the young lads are close to being in and around the squad and that was league 2. I think it’s a case of not having many options up there at the minute. Maybe EFL mins as you say
  21. Excellent bowling I thought from him and Shami (who is the unluckiest bowler I’ve seen). Have to say though, it was a case of who bats first should win. I know we have some injuries in the bowling department but that attack yesterday was a long way short of what we need moving forwards. Overton isn’t good enough IMO and Carse isn’t ready, better county options out there
  22. They won’t go down made some good signings (don’t think quigley is one of them though)
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