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  1. Helps if you got fast tricky players.
  2. Wasted so much money on coaches. How many have we got. Probably got more staff than some premier league clubs.
  3. Not sure why DF hasn't stepped in and become the manager. We spend so much money on coaches and DOF. Anyone could see we needed proven players in January DF made a right balls up. Talked himself into the job.
  4. Said we weren't going up weeks ago.
  5. Brought two young lads in upfront. Poor work. Got no pace in the side whatsoever.
  6. Well harsh on the keeper. Went all in on him there. When it's the forward thinking players who should get the criticism.
  7. Went for the cheap options up front in the transfer window and brought in a third keeper. Should of just signed an experienced striker. You get what you pay for in the end. Mid table it is.
  8. Should of signed a proven striker. You talk <ovf censored> on there. Told ya. Bottle jobs. But you won't say anything negative cos ur kiss arses.
  9. <ovf censored> off vale. Same old story. <ovf censored>. Season done.
  10. Are we actually making any money out of the robbie concert? Or is it for charity?
  11. What are the speakers made out of gold? Seems a tad expensive.
  12. We'll finish top half which is still progression. Sorry if you can't have an opinion on here.
  13. Definitely not a free scoring team at the moment.
  14. We've stopped scoring and fell down the table. Hopefully we'll pick up again soon.
  15. Did you think of that all by yourself...Well done.
  16. Should be used to it aswell. Should be more of a hinderince to the away team who play on It once a season. Can't be that much of an issue. If anything we should try use the pitch to our advantage.
  17. When was the last time we scored from open play. Definitely a striker short.
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