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  1. Not gonna lie. Could do with a signing or two to settle the nerves.
  2. Where's the coin? Are we proper skint? Overstretched ourselves? Training ground? New sound system for the robbie concert? Not sure why we did that. Didn't get much out of it. Starting to worry.
  3. Where are the signings boys. What's the crack? At the moment our squad is much weaker. Need to get the players in before pre season starts.
  4. <ovf censored> ambition by the club if we can't keep him. If he goes bristol rovers everyone will go into melt down. Not great vale at all.
  5. I don't think vale had anything to do with organising it.
  6. Some people are just skint and would love to go. No shame in that and makes them no less of a supporter.
  7. Everyone whose going would of brought there ticket by now.
  8. I reckon there's gonna be a few hundred stoke going down mates of mates etc.
  9. What percentage of the gate reciepts do we get from the match?
  10. Think big phils memory is going Kevin Francis didn't play against us in the playoffs first leg against Stockport. Jim Gannon scored their goal from the penalty spot.
  11. No liking his Swindon goals he scored against us. You know his boyhood team.
  12. Pope likeing all mckirdys vale goal posts on Instagram some vale fan. He wants a testimonial lol. Not many are going be there.
  13. Thought garrity had a really poor game.
  14. 6 out 10 for smithy was generous. Bloke cost us the first goal.
  15. Is it me or has there been around 500 tickets avaliable for like 3 days. A mystery. Thought we'd sell these out in hours. Obs we ain't as big as we think and definitely don't need a loyalty scheme. Surprised they even made it too general sale and with an hour to go they still are.
  16. All you fans moaning about a loyalty scheme. We don't need one. Can't even sell out a playoff semi final. Embarassing. Not as big as we think.
  17. How long does it take for tickets to get delivered to your home address?. Two brought for the Hamil. Took 1 minute.
  18. It'll be the police who decide if we can switch stands segregate etc. They won't let it happen in my opinion.
  19. Family stand is knackered. All overgrown outside by the turnstiles.
  20. When is the playoffs? 1st and 2nd games
  21. Won't be going after his outburst at the start of the season.
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