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  1. When was the last time we scored from open play?. Clarkes feeling the heat and blaming the pitch. Swindon and Brentford didn't look to bad on our pub pitch. He's getting his excuses ready for when we finish about 10th. Definitely a striker short.
  2. Swindon didn't look to bad on our pub pitch or Brentford a few weeks back. Clarke just looking for excuses he's feeling the heat.
  3. Needed to bring in a proven striker. It's done now we'll finish around 9th or tenth. Disappointing as this league apart from forest Green is very poor. The sides coming up from the conference will make promotion alot harder next year. Chance missed.
  4. Well that was a disappointing window. League two it is.
  5. So we've now got three goalkeepers and a winger. We only need two keepers and we don't play with wingers. Just what we need.
  6. Eventually if you spend enough money you'll be successful.
  7. Mansfield, Salford tranmere looking good after splashing the cash.
  8. Wait till wrexham and Stockport get promoted we'll have less chance next year. Not sure we should be shelling out for a director of football and a manager at this level. Spending far to much money on staff.
  9. We've got injures so need to react to this and increase the playing staff. Can't just say we're unlucky.
  10. Need to break the bank or we're going no where. Where's the ambition? Small little vale. Perhaps if we spent less money on the backroom staff we'd have more money for signings.
  11. Any plans for some more ex player interviews. Really enjoy them.
  12. Lucas akins signs for Mansfield and we sign a couple of kids up top. Salford sign an experienced striker to. Why aren't we in for these type of players? Need a lee Hughes, bernie slaven kind of signing.
  13. Salford sign matt Smith. Now that Is a signing.
  14. Smith's most overrated defender ever. Can't run too small can't pass. No positional awareness.
  15. Wheels have fell off. Clarke has been found out.
  16. He should be moved on the blokes a liability
  17. Should never play for us again. Guys nuts can't be trusted
  18. Gibbons will be on his way now we've got a replacement. Can't let him leave for nothing in the summer.
  19. Couldn't scan my phone QR code so just let me in. Tried to send me round to the ticket office after I'd already queued for ages. Shambles. Wonder if that was why the official attendance was so low?
  20. Phil Hardy, Craig James, Micky Bell. All great left backs.....
  21. In my opinion with our midfield we should be alright without the forwards. Best midfield in the league.
  22. Reckon it was during the celebration. Makes it even worse
  23. George Lloyd was injured that's why he wasn't in the squad.
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