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  1. Tony naylor best striker too play for vale, ability wise and technique he was second to none.
  2. Where is carol couldn't keep her out the media earlier in the season..
  3. I thought they might be celebrating a one nil defeat like they were the other day. Idiots.
  4. Anyone know if Birchall a stoke fan?
  5. Cant see us scoring again this season,never mind winning a game.
  6. Terrible commentary today in radio stoke. Negative especially birchall and the amount of times they got the players mixed up was unreal.
  7. I'd give Pugh a few more games, see how he gets on.
  8. Sinclair will take this chance. Seems like he's running the show anyway.
  9. Tony naylor got a four year deal.
  10. How much is this foodbank <ovf censored> costing us? Are the vale paying for this?
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