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  1. Sinclair will take this chance. Seems like he's running the show anyway.
  2. Tony naylor got a four year deal.
  3. How much is this foodbank <ovf censored> costing us? Are the vale paying for this?
  4. Where's carol gone anyway? Couldn't keep her out the press last year when we were doing well. I wish my club would be a football club and not a foodbank.
  5. Can only see another defeat here. Hope Askey can prove me wrong but i doubt it. The pressure will build yet again leaving Carol with no where else to go. The only thing keeping Askey in a job is the fact there are no fans in the ground.
  6. I see Askey has swerved the pre match press conference.
  7. What a suprise comfortable john has still got his job. The safest job in all of world football and he knows it.
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