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  1. When your actually turning fans away because we can't get the ground in order then you do have a problem. Can't afford turn fans away.
  2. Got literally no pace in the team. Must be easy to defend against when you go a goal up. No one can run in behind and everything is played infront of you. Trust the process. Can't believe we actually paid money for Hussey.
  3. Get u sen down stoke. Don't need Fans like you.
  4. Go down stoke if you ain't happy. Can't be doing with fans like you.
  5. Awful set of results last night. That's how you do it winning when you have to, when the pressure is on.
  6. Anyone know what he's up to since he left us? Is he still in football?
  7. Why would we need a miracle for second placed Exeter to draw with Northampton. Behave.
  8. If sky want a game they have it. Get your facts right before you come on here mouthing off.
  9. Could still win the title. That should keep them interested
  10. I think it's the scanners. They take ages. Sometimes they don't work at all so they just let you in anyway. That's why our attendances are so low and inaccurate. Scanned my ticket Saturday said it had already been used!
  11. Why did we have no ball boys behind the goal today? So much time wasting by their keeper.
  12. Didn't play well at all but got the points. Kept giving the ball away especially garrity. Thought stone was lucky not to be sent off. Hanging on at the end but we dug in. Vale will be the death of me.
  13. Vale can't refuse. Sky can have any game they want.
  14. Police will be busy. Remember when we played em first game of the season 2007. They were in burslem before 11.
  15. Just been down to get my ticket. Should be a great attendance and atmosphere on sat.
  16. That small model looks nowt like rudgey. Blimey.
  17. Bristol rovers have sold 763 tickets for this game already apparently [emoji51]
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