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  1. Slightly off topic. Was working in Cambridge for the first game, which was televised. Went in a pub, which incredibly had Sky on the wrong channel. Persuaded them to switch over, the pub started filling up, a few moans and groans, but by the end there were a good few converts to the Vale cause.
  2. David Davis is an interesting one. Can’t decide from his Wiki entry if he is a younger Joyce, or a fitter Oyeleke
  3. Reckon Taylor and Hurst will be expected to benefit from a proper preseason, and be first choices come August.
  4. McKirdy seems to have problems staying upright
  5. Not sure what DC will learn from this, good players playing out of position, a couple of guys who look straight out f lads and dads. i suppose it shows we can never afford to give less than 100%
  6. Dean Glover debut game? Yes, I think so, but all the fuss was about Jones coming back. Had recently moved to the area, tried S***e first, but the Vale felt right straight away.
  7. 0-0 v Wolves in first game of Andy Jones second spell. Hooked!
  8. I suppose we are now hoping for Barrow etc to take points off the teams above us now. Funny old season
  9. Good luck to Manny. Pity it didnt work out at the Vale. When we got him on the pitch, he did well for us.
  10. They are a good side. Organised and very hard working
  11. Obviously not woke enough to spot nonexistent misogyny
  12. You sound like Carol bargaining his wage demands down
  13. There’s also a guy running his contract down at Barcelona, but he wouldn’t help with the ageing squad problem.
  14. Any club that can find a 25 goal CF would be a good bet for promotion!
  15. So sad. A real 100 percenter
  16. Spot on. What I like about the new manager is that he asks players to do jobs they are comfortable with. Crookes, Mills, Legge, Rodney, Robinson and Conlon have been major beneficiaries of this approach. The results didn’t come straight away, but there were clear signs before we started winning. If he thinks he can add McKirdy to this list, good luck to him. I hope he is right, cos the player’s stats at Carlisle suggest he isn’t a mug.
  17. Any injuries from Tuesday? Not seen any reports, although Dave W took a couple of whacks late on
  18. Thought Brown was bossing his 6 yard box better last night, which gave the defence more confidence, and allowed the midfield to be more attack minded.
  19. He’s had a good first season. Just think his confidence is down. Last few games, he seems unwilling to have a shot at goal. Just my opinion
  20. Robinson literally isn’t interested is he?
  21. Worked out what Joyce is doing wrong. He keeps passing it to Guthrie
  22. Feel very sorry for Joyce, Conlon, Smith and Legge, who are trying to play. Hurst and Taylor look like academy players. Rodney looks shot. Dont want to talk about the others
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