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  1. Both far post headers, Garrity’s from open play, Smith’s from a set piece. Get your bets on now!
  2. Our owners have really stepped up. I think the fans need to as well. Let’s get right behind the team now!
  3. Interesting article in this morning’s Times, suggesting teams score more goals without a main striker. Admit they were talking about Chelsea, Bayern, etc. But maybe Darrell’s bringing this thinking to League 2!
  4. Jones had a shocker against Walsall and got dropped. Came on yesterday, and injected some much needed energy. Good attitude. He’ll do for me
  5. Isis it my imagination, or are we playing terrific pass and move football?
  6. David Davis is an interesting one. Can’t decide from his Wiki entry if he is a younger Joyce, or a fitter Oyeleke
  7. Dean Glover debut game? Yes, I think so, but all the fuss was about Jones coming back. Had recently moved to the area, tried S***e first, but the Vale felt right straight away.
  8. 0-0 v Wolves in first game of Andy Jones second spell. Hooked!
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