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  1. Yes, bad results happen, but two things bothered me watching the game on Saturday. 1. We looked very one dimensional and predictable going forward. Out to the wing and get a cross in seemed to be the only plan. The one time a player ran at the defence, they looked terrified. But we didn’t try it again. Can’t our midfield work something from the edge of the box rather than spread it wide. 2. The reaction to going behind was non existent. Our midfield was still laying balls back to Smith and Legge, even after the board went up.
  2. Surely the EFL trophy has proved to the PL that B Teams or U21 teams are a bad idea for all. Ferran and his buddies at Citeh have the loan system at their disposal, if they want to expose some of their stockpiled (sorry meant squad) players to the rigours of competitive football. They don’t need to spoil a perfectly good competition to achieve this. Or maybe there’s another agenda...
  3. December 31 2018. Macc 0 Port Vale 0. Saved by a great stop by Scott Brown, but overall, we were a shambles. Things have moved on a lot sine then for both clubs, but this really could have been us.
  4. Great news. I love the way the club has handled this too. They’ve obviously been working hard on it, but only announced it once the deal was done. Proper professional!
  5. Its too late for this initiative. Unlike under previous regimes, it is now possible to enjoy watching the Vale sober.
  6. Has there ever been a bigger gap between money spent and performance outcome?
  7. I think there are probably three sides just about bad enough to keep Stoke up. On the other hand, if Nathan Jones can get Luton on a run....
  8. While it is perfectly understandable that a lot of potential season ticket holders cannot commit to £300 at this stage, I think the majority of us could. we should also ask ourselves two questions. 1. Following the takeover, was last season value for money? 2. Do we think our owners should be supported at this time? It’s all very well protesting against lousy owners, but the other side of that coin is to do what we can support good ones.
  9. We really are spoilt for choice. Horton was the first one that I can remember making Vale hard to watch, despite having some decent players. Brown and Glover: noticeably both have failed to get back on the merry go round after falling off it at VP. Gannon and Ribeiro both just seem like a bad dream Aspin. Don’t know what went wrong: after a decent start, the players seemed to lose faith in him. Adams second spell just didn’t work, and team was awful to watch. Among proper managers, I’d vote for Horton. Otherwise Glover.
  10. In league games, I remember both Dele Alli of MK Dons and Grealish of Notts County making me sit up and take notice.
  11. Just seen an article in the Sentinel quoting a fan who wants a ST refund if games are played behind closed doors. In view of the bigger picture, ie the health and economic crisis hitting individuals and businesses, coupled with the fantastic value that ST holders have had already this season, I’d be amazed if this is a widely held view.
  12. It’s amazing how many of these I have managed to forget all about, but I still can’t forget Ashley Dodd
  13. The other thing Carol has is a football management team who are there for the long run, and not interested in short term gambles/fixes. Watch the rebuild when the close season comes around
  14. Going to put in a word to defend Ross Davidson. I suspect he and Richman were chairman’s picks, at a time when Vale wasn’t quite as well run as now. Put your best 2 kids in, and hope one works out, so we can sell him. both of them went onto have solid careers (at a lower level), and maybe could have done a job for us with better management. Also, I never saw either of them give less than 100%. Btw, anyone remember Ashley Dodd?
  15. Just read that Shaun, who was one of the key contributors to Seth Bottomly, has passed away. There were some great fanzines about at the time, but MOSB was among the best. Real ale with the Vale by the 3 Mustgetbeers: Genius. Thanks Shaun
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