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  1. Did Clarke get a mention from anyone on this site who is ‘in the know’?
  2. Maybe the Shanahans are sick of the moaning, and they’re selling up
  3. Both of these come in for a lot of stick on OVF, but watching week after week I see them running about putting out other people’s fires. Sometimes that drags them out of position, but most of the time they are covering up for incompetence. in Smith’s case, he has to contend with a goalkeeper who won’t come off his line, as well as the the chaos caused by the rest of the back 4. For Quite a few of our squad, getting the ball at their feet is a crisis. Joyce and Smith both try to be constructive, rather than just booting away possession. I don’t think they are part of the problem.
  4. Commentary said he won the ball. Fair, and indeed square
  5. Bringing Olagunju on might be a risk, but a bigger risk would be leaving the back 4 as it is.
  6. We’ve played all the football, but can’t defend.
  7. Loving the commentary. Straight off the Fast Show. Wonder if they will calm down?
  8. Last few weeks, we haven’t had enough players who are comfortable with the ball. Gibbons and Montano both are, and this in turn gives Joyce, Smith, Taylor etc more time, and makes them look better players. Having said that, Southend are not very good, which is helping
  9. Arguably our best Eleven starting today. So a good test of where we are
  10. I thought for years it was Solihull Motors!
  11. I get that Vale are not an easy watch at the moment, but some of the comments on here beggar belief. The squad is in transition, with Brown, Legge, Joyce and Pope all struggling to match the standards of last season. Some of the signings have looked short term at best. However, there are some good points emerging, if people wish to look for them. Hurst and Rodney (apart from his goal) had poor days today, but they are both developing fast. Guthrie and Taylor both made good contributions today, and should prove to be good signings. Smith and Brisley were solid tod
  12. Rather unfairly, we used to describe that as a John Motson moment🤣
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