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  1. Proportional representation could give you that.
  2. The Brexiteers mates in UKIP would have had far more seats in Parliament had we had proportional representation. Even Farage thinks the current system is totally unfair.
  3. How would proportional representation lead to domination by the South East?
  4. So the election is not democratic if the “winner” does not become President because of the antiquated electoral college system. The electoral college system is very unfair in terms of how many votes are needed per college vote. Compare Wyoming and California for example. Similarly, the Senate is made up of 100 Senators, two from each state. This means that Wyoming, with a population less than 600,000 has the same Senate representation as California with a population of 37 million.
  5. But the SNP take their seats in the UK Parliament. Why should a SNP vote be worth more than a Lib Dem vote? It shouldn’t be a matter of geography. Re share of the vote for each party. 2019 United Kingdom general election in Scotland - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  6. "Port Vale supporters will have to travel a total of 2657 miles to watch their team away from home" That's only true if you're not coming back after each game!
  7. You can book tickets online. Kidsgrove Athletic v Port Vale KIDSGROVEATHLETICFC.TICKETCO.EVENTS
  8. The biggest condemnation of our current system is what happens with the SNP. They got 1.2 million votes and won 48 seats. The Lib Dems got 3.7 million votes and won 11 seats.
  9. In 8 elections since WW2 the winning party has achieved a higher percentage of the vote than the Tories did in 2019.
  10. Yet both Bush junior and Trump were elected with less of the popular vote than the defeated candidate.
  11. They do in Australia. You get fined for not voting there unless you can provide a valid reason.
  12. Taking back control isn’t working.
  13. Have our Johnson acolytes missed this story?
  14. Interesting story in Private Eye today about what Johnson got up to with Carrie Symonds in the Foreign Office before their marriage. If true, he should be “impeached” like Clinton was for similar activities. If not, Johnson should sue. Let’s see what happens.
  15. Surely one of the worst examples of Tory sleaze is giving this woman a cabinet position.
  16. As I said, it’s all matter of taste. That Jack Wotsit with the blue hair jumped about all over the place but I thought he was awful.
  17. Agree about Sam Fender. I thought Gallagher was awful - cacophonous row but that’s just a matter of taste.
  18. Well the audience enjoyed and so did I. Singing along drowned out any problems she had!
  19. At what point does the fetus become a viable human outside of the womb? 22-24 weeks? Prior to that a women should have the right to terminate the pregnancy. After that abortion should only be considered in limited circumstances. For example, if the mother’s life is at risk or if the pregnancy is a result of rape.
  20. But what if the woman hasn’t invited the man but he just barges his way in there against her will?
  21. Confirmation of what we all know - Gibbo left for more money. Don’t blame the lad at all - it’s a short career. He needs to go where he can make the best wage. Similarly, the club has to decide what risks to take and what not to take. Neither side has done anything wrong.
  22. I would have loved for Gibbo to stay but the club has to be realistic. I don’t know what sort of money he was on for his last contract but I wouldn’t mind guessing his actual cost per game to the club was on a par with some of the higher paid players. And don’t forget, when we went on that amazing 8 wins 9 games run after Colchester he didn’t play in any of them. He was a very good player but the team managed well without him during that period. So let’s put this fiction about “binning him off” to bed once and for all. We made him an offer, he didn’t like it and walked. His decision, not the club’s.
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