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  1. Proctor had spent much of his career higher than league 2.
  2. I’m actually quite pleased we haven’t signed Telford. Up to February last season he scored 24 league goals. In the last three months he scored one more. In the 7 seasons since his debut prior to last season he had scored 13 league goals. So does the process allow us to sign a bloke who has a good six months but is a non scoring striker for the rest of his career?? I very much doubt we were even after Telford with a record like that so to suggest ourselves and every other team in Leagues One and Two can’t afford to compete with Crawley is just daft in my opinion!
  3. And we’ve missed out on that Mane youth from L’pool as well. Bloody disgraceful.
  4. So the behaviour of the PM is just a distraction and people don’t care about it? Tell that to the voters of Tiverton and Wakefield.
  5. I heard that last year he only wanted to sign one year because he had really wanted to go to League 1.
  6. That non-review of the Mitchell LBW will come back to haunt us.
  7. The Newcastle website has 8 pre-season games listed and Vale aren't one of them.
  8. I don’t think anyone has ever doubted Gibbo’s commitment to the club. It’s his availability that has concerned the management. Fair enough.
  9. Bale would miss half the season when he goes to the World Cup, gets injured and is out until July. No thanks!
  10. With regard to building next season’s squad, my Dad had a favourite saying when he was doing a job and I interfered. He’d say “only fools and children see thing half done.”
  11. Perhaps we didn’t think he is worth the risk of matching Rovers offer? Perhaps we offered what we thought was the best deal in view of his injury record?
  12. It isn't. But it isn't Carol's either. It's life.
  13. Of those 34 league games only 27 were actual starts.
  14. I suspect Barton looked at Gibbo's history, saw he'd been sent off on his league debut and thought, "he's my kind of player!"
  15. What would the reaction have been on here if we had signed a player who had only started 27 league games out of the last 92?
  16. Whilst I'm disappointed to see Gibbo go, I can understand why the club won't push the boat out for him. He simply doesn't play enough games.
  17. Is the one of these regulations which Mr Ress Mogg want to remove the EU Working Time Directive which did more for the working man than anything our own government did in recent years?
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