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  1. I really like David Amoo. Hope he does well at his new club.
  2. Hurst's former headteacher speaks highly of his character.
  3. He was almost Vale’s oldest surviving player but was a few months younger than Colin Askey.
  4. Your link didn't work there, ginge. I think this does. Carrie Johnson and the curious case of the vanishing Times story | Carrie Johnson | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM
  5. My mate Dave has a season ticket for Melbourne Vics. We watch the A League on telly a fair bit and saw Vics v Perth Glory when we were over there a few years ago.
  6. The Aussie A League is about on a Par with the Championship so not a bad move.
  7. During the Referendum campaign, and you would probably find a post from me saying this, I argued that we knew what we were getting if we stayed in the EU. If we wanted to look at the decision again in some years we could do so. If we left we were unsure how things would turn out and if it went <ovf censored> up we would never get back in on the terms we had then. Not enough people listened.
  8. So why did the Brexiteers say they wanted to? I don’t get it?
  9. Ah right. So they went into the whole Brexit malarkey blind without a clue how it would turn out. Clever lads!
  10. So if the Brexiteers like Farage and Hannant wanted to stay in the single market and “be like Norway”, why did they not sort out before the referendum whether it would be possible on acceptable terms? Why rush headlong into something without knowing the outcome? Or was the “no one is talking about leaving the single market” just a ruse? Let’s face, being in the single market would solve the Northern Ireland problem at a stroke.
  11. Re the freedom to set our own trade agreements. How many have we done so far that are not just a roll over of what we already had in the EU?
  12. So why did so many of those advocating Brexit tell us that they were not talking about leaving the single market? And how can you say the Brexit vote was not about immigration when the benefits of the single market are ignored because of it?
  13. Wembley won’t be big enough for the Wiltshire hoards. The EFL will have to build a new venue.
  14. And these Brexiteers are in denial about how far Brexit is contributing to our problems. Not all our current issues are down to Brexit but to deny it is playing any part is complete lunacy.
  15. So you’d be happy for us to rejoin the single market and trade freely with Europeans like Norway?
  16. Well you’ve been doing a very good impression!
  17. Why are you going to Palma - I thought you didn’t like Europeans??
  18. I see Denmark has agreed to 100,000 Ukranian refugees but doesn’t want Syrian ones ?
  19. This is a long read but is funny in so many places.
  20. Madley isn't a top flight ref and was absolutely appalling in the League 2 play off final last year where he completely shafted Newport.
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