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  1. One slice of humble pie, extra custard please @Sam Kelly's Left Boot
  2. He is just not comfortable as a wing back, simple as.
  3. We know what will happen now. They park for the Bus for 45 mins and we’ll huff and puff but not get anywhere, more likely concede another on the break. Too defensive a set-up for me against a side in really bad form.
  4. Game over. Why does this always happen to Vale??
  5. Very tight at the top. I’d get Garrity off before he gets sent off. Kettle has go to be the worst ref in the League by a Country Mile.
  6. I can see this being 10 vs 10 very shortly.
  7. It has, but likewise so did 4-3-3 at the back end of last year when we had a CB in one of the FB positions. I just thought that these are on a poor run so we need to get at them early, but this feels like a repeat of Mansfield.
  8. I’d probably have gone 4-3-3 with a back 4 of Gibbons, Cass, Jones and Smith with Conlon, Pett and Garrity in Midfield with Politic and Amoo supporting Wilson. But what do I know….
  9. Looks a defensive set-up. Benning does not play well at wing back. That’s all I’ll say.
  10. Yes I saw that re Sarcevic, absolutely bonkers. So why would you swap L1 football with a big, well-supported club for non-league?? They must have thrown some serious coin at him.
  11. It’s Half Term week so I missed the game as away with the kids, as I’m sure a few others did. Plus don’t forget that Barrow bought 300+ extra.
  12. Vale wouldn’t be Vale without the obsession for former players.
  13. Looks a comfortable win from here in Cornwall. Seems Vale save the nerve-shredders for when I’m in situ, or was it more competitive that the score suggests? How were Politic and Rodney?
  14. Gutted to be missing today through being in Cornwall for Half Term. It looks like an interchangeable 4-3-3 / 3-4-3 to me which is good as Rodney is far better coming inside from wide positions. Typically (for me) Politic starts, so interested to see what he can do.
  15. Swindle 2-0 up at Sutton in the first half. Dangerous score line is that!!
  16. Ummm. Not sure about this one now. Line up looks like’s trying to pinch it one nil, but we all know it tends to go the other way with Vale.
  17. Cooper's Video Review: Port Vale - News - Barrow Association Football Club WWW.BARROWAFC.COM Not happy with the 2nd half it seems 😂
  18. Blimey, talk about jumping the gun. Let’s get past Accrington first and not worry too much about the theoretical vouchers for a theoretical Third Round away tie at a Premier League club hey??!!!
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