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    People are morons. Awful, awful morons.
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    That's why hand washing is such a big thing. Shame there are people taking unnecessary journeys, not washing their hands and not practicing social distancing. All because they say "well it won't effect me, or if it does I'm healthy enough to recover". If everybody just spent the next two weeks in isolation then in a fortnight's time 98% of cases would go and the virus would be all but over here. Obviously that's not practical, a minority of people need to do essential work and people need to get food and supplies, and the virus will survive through those limited interactions. But we'd still be looking at weeks of social distancing (rather than social isolation) rather than months, and we could enjoy more freedom instead of being fined for walking down an empty street or whatever. It's like being back at school when the teacher would punish the class because two or three refused to behave. They really do spoil it for the rest of us.
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    Johnson’s advisers and the botched idea of herd immunity have cost us valuable time.
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    Jail isn't realistic. Just taser the stupid buggers so they think twice about repeating their stupidity.
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    Rob, can I put in a request for a thread on 'most farcical Norman Smurthwaite episode'? Got a catalogue of shenanigans to go through. Proper cathartic. Storming the supporters coach at Exeter doesn't make the top 10.
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    GPs surgeries are closed, unless you have special permission to go in. The general public are NOT following advice. There are still lots of people in supermarkets, shops and DIY stores, side by side, cheek by jowl. We might raise an eyebrow at what's gone on in Italy and France and Spain but it's coming our way very soon - because a lot of folk are brain dead. It's just a matter of time before we get the police and army enforcing a lock-down. Possibly within 24 hours I'd say judging by the idiots defying the advice and bragging about it on social media.
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    Don't think we will get a flight, it will have to be Mar gate
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    FUA, you could go somewhere exotic like Rome - around your back garden.
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    It's the usual story really. 99% of people are decent, nice and helpful. 1% are selfish knob heads who ruin it for everyone.
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    We found out at the till in Tesco, Boston, Lincs limits you to 2 items of a similar product. We had 2 loafs of bread for us and two packets of cereal for us. As we have different things - nothing wrong with that. Our daughter has a lot of food intolerance's and we have spent many a hour over the years looking at ingredients to finally have to put it back as it contains ingredients she cant have. Nightmare it is. So we have a good idea what she can have. So we had a genius loaf for her and two packets of cereal she can actually eat from the free from isle. All labeled up "Free From" etc. Anything else gives her an upset stomach and that is not what you want - as loo roll is like rocking horse <ovf censored> around here. Think people must have bought all the stocks up to eat Any way - the tesco lady at the till went sorry you cant have the 2 packets of cereal as you already had 2. My good lady explained the conditions and asked if we could have the cereal due to her medical conditions and she went no - choose what you want in that smarmy voice you normally get at the doctors surgery - I got some power now. I said put mine back so our daughter can have a packet and we will have to ration it out to next week and I will go without. This is the good news part - The bloke being served next to us, said in a loud voice to our till lady - "Are you being serious - why can't the lady have the cereal - its for her daughter and there are special needs for her to have it. Give me both packets as I have no cereal and I will buy it". The till lady went you can't do that, so he grabbed the packets and told his till lady - can you please put this through my food order" which she did. Then came the bread and again she said this can't go through. I said put my loaf back I will go without again. Again the bloke had finished and about to go when he heard her. "Said again - give me that loaf, went behind my wife and put it through". We asked to pay him for the three items and he said no - it is my way of helping you after the gate guardian wont let you have the items, even after you have explained. You said you would go without, so no I don't want anything. So there are some good people out there and it made me and the wife emotional that someone would still do that. I can understand having rules and limits at this time due to the stupidity of the hoarders, but there must be some common sense used when items are of the similar nature but you can see that are being bought for a person who has special needs to the rest of the family. The free from food is not always that nice to eat as well. Sorry for the ramble - but just wanted to say in this time of negative press - don't give up as there are some really nice people out there and today we found one of them. Just hope I can do something like that for someone else in need. We are buying food for our neighbour who has to self isolate due to her medical conditions, but not like this bloke, who did not know us at all.
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    A G.P. Would tell you to drink it, a virologist would tell you to inhale it but a chest physician might disagree!
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    Boswell was a bit of an enigma. He was poor on several occasions, but his performance at Oldham circa ‘72 was the finest example of the art of goalkeeping that I have been privileged enough to witness at any level. Cherry will forever be remembered for the Enfield game, but overall I don’t particularly recall him being too bad. But, like all these things, it is very subjective. As will become apparent with my midfield selection when that comes along !
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    Anyway, back to Bennett. I think he was a hard trier, but he was playing at the max of his ability at League 2 level. Control not good enough and needed too many chances per goal. He should do well for Stockport at that level, but if we are to progress we need to use our other technically better forwards.
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    Ive donated to the Lorne Street fund,I am more than happy for my money to be used by Carol to ease the cash flow or in any way she's fit. Why ? Because I trust her and Kevin to do the right thing for my football club........No other reason.
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    I enjoy reading PVO although I rarely, if ever, post. I hope it resurfaces.

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