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    Total respect to Speedy and his crew, looking at that pitch today you'd never have thought we'd had the weather we'd had over the last 30 plus hrs, tak a bow
  2. 5 points
    I thought he was man of the match , correct decision imo from the sponsors.
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    Good manager. Best since Adams. Needs more time.
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    Better than Aspin, Brown and Ribiaro.
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    I think some are in danger of underestimating the size of the task required to turn us around on the pitch. My thoughts are he was as good an appointment as we could have made at the time, given the state we were in. I honestly thought the turnaround to get us safe last year was pretty miraculous. I was absolutely convinced we were down at the time. The performances are a world away from what they were last season. The fact that i go to games thinking it's even a possibility we'll win is a sign of progress. I have been disappointed with the last two home performances and the macc game thats for sure. There's a bit of quality lacking and for me we take too long on the ball at the moment to play the style we're trying to implement. I think it will come though. Hopefully we'll inprove each window with a couple of good additions. I'd sum it up by saying whilst not blown away by it all i'm happy with the progress and I'm not concerned about John Askey at all. I think we're turning it round but time is needed. Fancy us to finish about 12th. Last season i was checking where places like braintree were.
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    Doing a steady job. If we’re patient and give him time I think he will get us challenging in this league similar to what Artell has done at Crewe.
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    Bright side courtesy of the scum down the Stadío de Incínerator.
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    Bit harsh all players make mistakes and he clearly didn’t mean to miss. Our fans are a joke at times, world beaters since Tuesday, draw today and it’s all a disaster again
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    Frustrating game as they were there for the taking but we failed to impose ourselves enough. Amoo and Browne both showed early doors that they had the beating of their marker but then rarely looked interested in doing that and instead passed backwards far too often. Taylor and Burgess are fairly neat and tidy players in their own right but I think it's a big ask to have two inexperienced lads in such a crucial position as centre midfield. The game often passes them by and a lot of the slow passing across the back-line comes from their lack of showing for the ball when either our defence or Joyce have the ball - which often sees the player on the ball booed when it is the lack of movement in front of them that is the issue. That said, I think we underestimate the loss of Manny and Conlon and what impact that has had - and I'm not even a great fan of Conlon. It was 66% of Askeys first choice midfield and naturally that causes massive disruption to how we set up and play. I hope we can start to click again soon as we look like we have lost our fluidity in the last 3-4 home matches as I think that we are capable of putting a strong run together and can hold our own at the right end of the table. There is not a single good side in this league and it's there for the taking.
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    Please keep Corporal Jones as Manager he is doing his best to get them relegated to Div 1.
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    Didn’t see you commenting after the Bradford game, how coincidental.
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    Not a great result but we had chances to win it and on another day could have been 2-0 up at half time. they also had chances so all in all we can’t complain. Still unbeaten, still higher than expected in the league, still 5 off the playoffs and 10 from the relegation zone. But, it’s not the result we wanted so I assume we will hear from some of our friends who went missing after the Bradford win tonight
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    At the end of the day we were the better team, but didn't do enough to deserve the win. And they could have nicked it. Their bloke second half missed a bigger sitter than Taylor. We were just too slow and over complicating things. Back and sideways is okay at times, but too much of that today. Have to mix it up a bit more. City score goals from a hoof from the keeper now and again. Bennett was never in the game. Disappointing but 4 points from the last two games, take it. And stuff Crow next weekend with Wozza back. Actually nobody played that bad. It was more we were all 6.5 today and 8.0 Tues. Happens. It's a tight league, when we're on it we can match anyone (bar Exeter so far). If not, we are much of a muchness. Like today. Monty deserved MOTM for me.
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    I remember Crewe fans slating Artell last season for being negative, with some saying they should of sacked him and gone for Askey. However despite all that the club stuck with Artell and now look where they are on a smaller budget than us. How many fans wanted Rudge sacked before that Finney goal v Macc and the rest is history. For gods sake, the club needs stability not another 15 ruddy managers and clear outs every Season. Give the bloke time for gods sake.
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    Whatever the reason I'm not even quite sure what Gerrard/Liverpool has got anything to do with Taylor missing possibly the easiest chance he will ever get to score a goal in his career, however long he plays for.
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    Fans booing because a player has decided to keep the ball and go backwards is disgraceful IMO. Some of our fans are terrible. Its not just today either.
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    i know there's a few on here who prefer Bennett to Pope but Bennett offered nothing today, could not hold up the ball, got pushed off it far too easily and did nowt except run around like a schoolboy chasing the ball. I should not single him out because 3-4 of our forward players were equally as bad. But Pope is far more physical and far better at holding on to the ball. It says it all when in the last home game Brown was MOTM and today it was our left back, although Monty, along with Joyce and Smith, did quite well I thought. But you are not going to win the game if your front three are powder puff and lack drive, directness and physicality. No real determination to power forwards and get behind their defence. Too much back and square and back for me. The game was crying out for Pope and AnOther at half time but yet again we waited far too long to make the subs. Powder puff and no efforts on goal after half time for the second home game in a row. Not good enough, but at least we got a point.
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    Better than Jones and a much more decent man than Artell. I'd say he's an above average, steady manager and that given time he'll keep us progressing up through the leagues at a slow and steady pace. Certainly isn't a tactical genius and his substitutions and inspirational speeches leave a lot to be desired but he knows what he's doing and I'm happy with him so far.
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    Love it when the doom Sayers come back. Easier to add to the ignore list! Sounded like a poor game. We could have scored early and might have been different. But 4 points better off than last week, unbeaten at home in the league with it all to play for next week! UTV
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    Overall I felt we just didn’t have the movement up front to trouble them too much. How many times did the full backs look up and have no movement in front, so they go back to keep the ball and get booed! Unbelievable. Mind you it’s just like the over reaction from some one here. But not just the forwards movement it’s the midfielders breaking the lines too, we need more from them. I did think we got some good crosses in but with no movement from the forwards trying to get across their man or the keeper then it makes it look a bad ball. I’m still convinced that Bennett looks like he doesn’t want to put himself in there. Obviously it’s a different game if Taylor finishes that chance in the first half, can’t believe he missed it. Atkinson had a good opportunity second half too but seemed to be caught on his heels. Monty went from the sublime to the ridiculous, but overall he did alright defensively as yet again we saw another team try and bombard that left hand side. Browne was out of the game for long periods and whilst Amoo got a lot of the ball he didn’t really create much that was clear cut. I thought either Joyce or Gibbo for MOTM myself, both looked like they were up for it and used the ball well in the main. Set pieces were poor overall, especially the corners. Yet again I felt we waited too long to make some changes and take Bennett and Burgess off, we should be looking to give the subs more chance to make an impact.
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    Askey is a solid operator. The turn around last season was an incredible achievement. I genuinely felt we were going out of the football league under Aspin. I would say Askey is a good manager and doing well enough with what he has. Our squad isn’t full of players who are proven in league football. Only Worrall and Pope have played at a sustained period in League 1 convincingly in their careers.
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    We are such an incredibly frustrating team. That 2nd half was tough watching. But yet again I find myself questioning the use of subs. It was pretty obvious within 5 mins of the restart what sort of game it was turning into yet he waited until nearly 80 mins to introduce Pope. And when we did, the crosses into the dried up! And a word on the corners..... shocking. Worst I have ever seen. Finally, Monty.... sublime to the ridiculous (the through ball to Atkinson has to be seen to be believed).
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    He seems to have got his subs spot on at Bradford.
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    Well we got sjoke grumble and more grumble to listen to now. How they need Agent Jones to go. Bryn will be looking for his team and sobbing no doubt.
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    A game so devoid of skill and class. How on earth will games like that attract fans for 22 quid?
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    Was that the same team I watched beat Bradford City, by any chance? I've seen better performances on Trubshaw Cross! Both teams were incredibly poor and some of the misplaced passes and tackles were actually cringeworthy,,,,,,,suppose 1 is better than none but Jesus wept it was dire.
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    Why is our movement always so atrocious? Why are we always so static? Throw in, quick free kick, in open play trying to find a pass, it doesn’t matter, we’re always all stood frigging still. It drives me mental.
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    Idiotic again looking for a short corner instead of whipping it in and the ref blows for half time before we take it. We are so frustrating at times it is unreal. We are the better side by far, they are so weak down their left.
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    Wonder if Agent Jones is worried yet? Pitch looks in good nick after all the rain. Hats off to Speedy and co for their hard work.
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    You’d have got some great odds on Leicester outscoring the All Blacks this weekend..
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    Cant help you there, I left before the end to catch the Hanley tram.
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    Fighting on isnt the same as overriding democracy. Nothing material has changed. No polls suggest anything other than a result which would be close to the first referendum. There is no need for a second referendum whatsoever.
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    Absolutely awesome stuff from us. So, so unlucky it wasn't a bigger margin. Itoje absolutely collossal. The start was absolutely incredible but I loved the way we strangled them out in the closing minutes.
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    <ovf censored> hell. It's a bit of rain not a Tsunami. Wind your <ovf censored> necks in and get yourself over to the ground instead of fear mongering. More chance of an alien spaceship hovering over Burslem this afternoon than the game getting called off.
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    If it’s off Worrall misses Crewe. Get it on Speedy!!
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    The club have just put a tweet out saying it’s on at this moment in time. Were they due to play on your back garden today?
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    A Visit to Valley Parade or whatever it is now, always a challenge, and currently in 2nd place, what a time for an away win? It will need a return to a high tempo pressing game, maybe a shuffle of players, Archer given a start? We are in a group of 9 teams spanning 3 points, thus there is a need to carve out a rise and prevent a slide with 2 difficult away games coming up, a hard task and a couple of draws would be welcome.
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    Because unfortunately 17.4m voters said we should leave and that was more than said we shouldn't leave--it's called democracy however imperfect the system may be. And sadly, that's why we are where we are currently!
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    Cheers Barry.. Thanks for the heads up
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    I just wanted to say, as a guest on here, I am a Crewe supporter of 50 years, and I feel that the club have not handled this whole business well at all. And I'm not the only one who thinks this way. I'm certain that Dario didn't abuse any boy, but everyone knew the rumours about BB, and the club should have acted at the time. I live down South now and coach football myself, so I can't get to many games but was there on Saturday for the Swindon match. It's been an unpleasant business and awful for the boys involved, and the whole affair pushed my support for the club to breaking point. But I have two sons who love to watch the Alex, and I don't want to deny them the opportunity to see them in action. I don't come here to criticise Vale fans, only to agree with many of the opinions stated here. I won't be at the derby match because the team I coach have a game that day, but I just hope it passes off peacefully because there are more important things in life than football. I hope it is OK to come on here and give my thoughts.
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    Brilliant stuff from the Canadian team.
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    Admittedly he’s past his sell by date now, but he’s still high up the list of all time record goal scorers for Port Vale. some people need to remember that.
  47. 0 points
    Rubbish by Askey today. Easiest 3 ever thrown away
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