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  1. Not great today but a win is a win. Generally we moved the ball around too slowly. When we upped the tempo in the 2nd half we got our rewards. For me, Bennett made a massive difference. His movement off the ball was very good and it created space for others. Great pressing and hassling from him directly led to the 3rd goal. If you include the Macc game in the EFL trophy that is now 3 successive games where we have scored 3 goals. I can't think of the last time that happened?
  2. Im hoping Worrall gets a goal on Saturday. Think he's been great this season in terms of overall endeavour but his goal output for a player largely used as an attacker is very very poor. Come on Wozza - get yourself a goal and turn on the floodgates!
  3. I see the marketing department are pulling out all the stops again... Sent from my SM-G357FZ using the onevalefan mobile app
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