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  1. Or the cretins get off his back everytime he fails to take on 3 players and deliver a pinpoint cross...
  2. Oh dear. Lost a match have we?! The one thing I agree with is the title of the thread. We are a 'bang average' side which is considerable progress from he last 2 seasons of being a very poor side. Therefore keep up he good work JA - the vast majority of fans appreciate the steady progress and are fully behind you.
  3. Was it really ever going to be anything other than a transitional season? Macclesfield are a decent side and are only down there due to the lack of games played.
  4. I agree with the vast majority of the opening post. A very balanced assessment. For me, the most delicate part of our development is how we recruit suitable long term replacements for Legge, Joyce and Pope who are such a solid spine for us but also will be 35, 33 and 34 by the start of next season (with Pope turning 35 by end of Aug).
  5. My initial comments were not a criticism of Pope but rather that it was abundantly clear early on that it was not working be that our approach, how poor the ref was or any other factor. My issue was we didn't realise this or try to change it.
  6. The biggest dissapointment for me was that it was clear quite early on that Pope was getting little change out of their centre-backs in the air but the more success they had in defending that approach the more we did it. We rarely tried anything different which simply played into their hands.
  7. With respect - you were challenging the stats of the game and the BBC are hardly going to count it as a shot on target if the game restarted with a goal-kick. Furthermore, none of our players challenged the decision - usually a pretty good indicator.
  8. Keeper didn't touch it and game re-started with a goal-kick. Was our best effort of the match however.
  9. It may also factor in selling extra merchandise in the club shop etc
  10. Not every ticket was £10. Higher tier ones were £15/£20.
  11. Vs Rotherham at the same stage last year it was £10 a ticket. Increased away allocation from 4.5k to 6k and overall attendance was 52,000.
  12. With respect - it couldn't have been a we really want to keep you offer if we managed to offer better terms!
  13. I'm not sure what the opening poster was expecting from a player released by Cambridge who was often sub for them. He's a typical league 2 winger. On his day - brilliant. On others - anonymous. Sometimes both within the same game! He's chipped in with a few goals and assists and already has more than many of last season's midfielders/ wingers. He's quite a big frame for a winger so getting up and down the pitch and being ready to attack with 100% intensity at every opportunity is not going to happen and I do think we have been spoilt winger wise in the past with the likes of Guppy, McCarthy and Ainsworth who set the bar of our expectations so high. Let's just say I think we are often a better attacking force with him in the team then when he is not.
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