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  1. Got 25. Could not remember reserve keeper Johnson along with Taylor, Owen and Murphy. Thanks for putting this up.
  2. Strange and risky timing. A Cullen injury and a Pope Twitter ban and we are left with Archer who couldn't get into the Stockport team that Bennett has now joined.
  3. Frustrating result in the end. I thought after the first 5 mins we played some really good stuff and deservedly took the lead and probably deserved a 2nd goal with Conlon spraying passes and Amoo + Worrall both having the beating of their respective full backs. After Cullen got injured it changed. Cullen stopped working so Conlon and Burgess were doing more and more of his work when pressing and as a result Scunthorpe got more and more space in midfield and it allowed them to get a foothold in the game. As a result they finished the half strongly and continued this into the second half. I'm a
  4. Very happy with a point as we did not play well. Rarely got the ball down and played like we can. Thought only player that did try to play good football was Burgess - more impressive with every match. Shame as both of their goals easily avoidable. Bad mistakes by Brown and Montano but it happens. 10 points from last 4 games will do for me.
  5. Definately should be changed after that. Brisley poss injured anyway so put Smith back in centre and bring Gibbons back in. Browne not interested today - in comes Amoo. Poss Manny or Taylor for Conlon.
  6. Enjoyed today as much as any match ive enjoyed this season. Numerous first team players missing, horrendous conditions, played as a team and every single player at least an 8 out of 10 and a great atmosphere to boot. Roll on Walsall.
  7. Apart from missing a blatant kicking out off the ball from their player but booked Burgess for his reaction to the same thing...He looked like he was staring straight at it but somehow missed a straightforward red card.
  8. Montano whooooah, Montano whooooah, He came to play on the wing, But now he's our left-back king, Montano whooooah, Montano whooooah.
  9. A decent performance without really hitting 5th gear. I thought we had the better of first half but struggled to create a clear cut chance and they had the better of the 2nd half when we stopped winning 2nd balls and Burgess and Conlon faded after 60 mins. Legge was excellent as was the returning Clark. Clark did everything well and at a high tempo which made him stand out above the rest for me. Another good and hard working performance from Amoo. Brisley was struggling with a knock for most of the 2nd half so it will be interesting to see what that was and whether he can recover for next week
  10. Or the cretins get off his back everytime he fails to take on 3 players and deliver a pinpoint cross...
  11. Oh dear. Lost a match have we?! The one thing I agree with is the title of the thread. We are a 'bang average' side which is considerable progress from he last 2 seasons of being a very poor side. Therefore keep up he good work JA - the vast majority of fans appreciate the steady progress and are fully behind you.
  12. Not great today but a win is a win. Generally we moved the ball around too slowly. When we upped the tempo in the 2nd half we got our rewards. For me, Bennett made a massive difference. His movement off the ball was very good and it created space for others. Great pressing and hassling from him directly led to the 3rd goal. If you include the Macc game in the EFL trophy that is now 3 successive games where we have scored 3 goals. I can't think of the last time that happened?
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