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    I think the difference between 18th and, say, 13th is a bit of extra resilience, the ability to nick goals at important times against the run of play, and to be able to nip a poor run in the bud by grinding out a win before things snowball. League Two is all about individual battles so if you can improve a few per cent here and there, start edging battles all over the pitch instead of being edged out of them, it can all add up. You never know, we might even have some wriggle room in the January window.
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    This is a very tough opener and all I can hope is that Vale fans don't go into meltdown if we come away defeated and still come out in numbers to welcome in a new era at Vale Park the following week when we entertain another good side in Northampton. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that we lose all three of our opening matches, or at least we may have to wait a while for our first win. I hope (in that worst case scenario) that we all stick together and don;t write off the whole thing on the back of a few tricky fixtures. Anyway, Col U 0 - 2 Port Vale (Amoo, Cullen)
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    Long time reader, first time poster. Ridiculous overreaction to a pre-season match on here. We have to give players a chance to show what they can do in a match that matters. Evans wasn’t great but he’s not played any football since May for goodness sake. I was impressed by Amoo, looks very direct and just what we were missing last season.
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    Car manufacturers need free access to the EU market and 500 million consumers. That's why 1000 Japanese companies came here and why the Japanese PM has pleaded with May twice to negotiate a sensible deal or cancel Brexit. No overseas car manufacturer will stay here without cheap access to 500 million customers. I'm sure RB think they can sell these cars to the Faroe Islands and Singapore instead because reality alludes him. And as TT says, sterling has dropped like a stone today. It's at its lowest for about 3 years and going south. Or maybe I'm making it up and its fake news. And yet this catastrophic damage to our economy can be avoided. It's all self inflicted. It's sheer madness and stupidity, the like of which I've never seen a UK government do before. The world thinks we've lost our marbles and we have.
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    Regal, You usually don't have evidence and on the odd occasion you do the evidence you produce is wishy washy. Point in case is the article you post which even the author says "It looks in this case as though one side or the other, or possibly both, has been too conservative". Also it is unclear in that article if/how many service companies are included as 80% of the UK economy is service based and the UK is the 2nd largest (2nd to the USA) exporter of services to the world. As for the quote in the post above, "95% of UK businesses do zero trade with the EU but are subject to the strict and substantial EU regulations", apart from the the 95% being incorrect the "Strict and substantial EU regulations" are almost always sensible and in the best interests of the British people and when/if the UK does leave many if not all will be adopted by the UK. Also other non-EU countries will have standards and regulations that must be met so there's no getting away from this by just leaving the EU.
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    Same sizing as the previous Errea stuff. If you take your normal size, expect it to be a bit tight but about wearable. Got both shirts on Saturday and they're (as expected) excellent quality. Club shop was really busy, plenty queuing to get their names and numbers. As others have said, the away shirt is a lot golder than it looked on the photoshoots. Home shirt is my favourite of the two, only two core colours of clack and white... as it should be.
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    Yeah, it's Errea's sizes that are the reason that you've gone up to an XXL. I think Levis have done the same with my jeans.
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    I would imagine he knows more about higher education, science,and innovation in the UK, research and development, students' opportunities to study abroad, and a whole host of other sensible and relevant reasons why we should remain in the UK, than you or I. I think his opinion is worth taking seriously. I'd say that intelligence is about taking the best advice, weighing up the evidence and not choosing a path that is very costly and a complete leap in the dark when we already have marvellous benefits and an economy that is the envy of the world by belonging to the biggest and best market there is anywhere on god's earth. Intelligence is not putting all this success and prosperity at risk by wasting untold billions on a wanton act of self harm.
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    A very sensible post... I fear it will be for nothing if things don’t go our way on sat. They don’t half love a moan on here!!
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    The Racing Post pre-season pull out came out this morning and they also have us 18th. They make the point that we were the lowest scorers in the entire league last season and Bennett and Cullen won't suddenly turn 39 into 69. They miss the point about having a new manager who might actually encourage the players to shoot prior to 60 minutes of a match and the fact we've signed some wingers but hard to argue with an 'outsiders' view that we'll be solid enough to not get dragged into a scrap at the bottom but not good enough to trouble the teams at the top.
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    That’s a sensible and fair summary [emoji122]
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    I'm sorry if you didn't understand what he was saying. Put your head back in the sand.
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    With regard to how much has had to be done this close season off the pitch, Carol said at the SC meeting on Thursday that the ground licence expires on 31st July and they have had a tremendous amount of work to do to make it compliant with regulations - work that was totally neglected by our former owner. As fans we just look at on pitch matters, signings and the like but the owners have had a load to take on board in addition to that. They have appointed Stadium Manager - Steve Brown - who has a to do list as long as your arm. They have also brought in lots of new equipment for Steve Speed I'm told, to make his job of looking after the pitch a bit easier. The issues over the kit have driven them mad and it's only down to folk like Andy in the shop that we have kept Errea on board and got the delivery before the season that it was able to go on sale this week. None of this sort of stuff makes headline news but it is vital to the smooth running of the club and we now have folk who realise its importance rather than just ignoring such things. Yes a few mistakes will be made and the club will learn from them. I'm prepared to forgive not having all shirt sizes on sale though if that's all that goes wrong. Contrast that with the mistakes that have been made over the previous three years and thank our lucky stars.
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    I think he'll play Pope, Cullen and Amoo up front. Use Cullen as an inside left or right and have Amoo on the other side (probably left). He'll get width on the right from Worral and Gibbons on the overlap. He's not signed Cullen not to play him and Pope will play if fit.
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    Its a game based on hope, Hope the weather picks up Hope the pub stop is favourable to the weary traveller (hic) Hope the Mighty get a positive result Hope me tea inner in the dog by the time said traveller zig zags all the way womUTV/SVA
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    Keeping Manny and Brown was definitely our best bit of business. Everyone is 100% behind the Shanahans, appreciate what they have done saving the club from the previous knob, and the mess they have inherited. Surely. Everyone is 100% behimd Arthur and the lads and hoping for the best. But football fans like to talk about players, tactics and stuff and have different opinions, are pessimistic/optimistic. It is part of the "fun". Role on Sat.
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    So polls are inaccurate?....... polls that suggest remain is in front are inaccurate?...... or is it that polls that agree with your view are fact others are crap? I think all polls are crap..... just suggested indication of what might be.
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    The problem we have had with recruitment is the fact that we didn't start in time. Ask any manager/CEO and they will tell you that preliminary investigations about players and their availability starts in January. Askey wasn't in post then. We had an owner who had no interest in the club and a group of players, some of whom were behaving very unprofessionally. We've started on the back foot and have been playing catch up.
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    The point is that people have started basing this doom and gloom on one game... ONE. all I’m trying to point out is that it might be sensible to not dramatise a FRIENDLY result as the end of the season already when last week people were full of praise of the team in the same circumstance against far better opposition. as you say, if people can be good one week that can be crap the next... that works both ways but as downtrodden vale fans we seem to have this fascination of focusing on the negative. Im advocating a bit of balance.. you correct me if you don’t think that’s sensible!
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    Furthering the kit metaphor, I suspect that our player supply chain is not in good shape, so Askey has had to go for what is available to him. Hopefully, as the club's reputation recovers, this will improve. Smurthwaite's legacy, sadly, still hangs over the club.
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    With next to no service it wouldn't have made much of a difference had we played Diego Costa up front on his own. Nobody can judge Bennett on today's performance as for 45 minutes he barely even had scraps to work with.
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    Makes my blood boil. Decent players who need to be playing men's football get snapped up, paid a fortune and are prepared for the scrapheap in many cases. Criminal waste of talent.
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    Whereas on the Liebour side we have?
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    Who do you dislike more Ernie, Corbyn or Ryan Lloyd?
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    I remeber him in the way end at Burton trying to get my brother and myself to buy shares into V2001 whilsts slurping from his hip flask.

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