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  1. Fantastic seeing the club evole this board will help build a strategy vision culture and philosophy to build a brighter future again well done Vale [emoji122]
  2. That was Raywalkers40yarder lol [emoji23][emoji28]
  3. Fantastic post love seeing intelligent responses thanx [emoji106]
  4. Geniue question does anyone who is our chief or Head scout apart from Rudgie.. Can anyone shed any light what our current set up is [emoji362]
  5. Lol [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85]
  6. We were in a much more state when we were in admin and we got promoted that's a fantastic blueprint [emoji122]
  7. Lol we made them look very average the other week they've lost 1 less than us and to ur question I went Man City the other week sadly not for me no home atmosphere [emoji85][emoji115][emoji102]
  8. Yes I am for real when I say disappointed it's shows how far we have come... Swindon had lost 2 key players and after beating them a couple of weeks ago I felt confident going into the game but losing key players ourselves shows the lack of depth and quality we have... Swindon are top but they are nothing special [emoji115]
  9. Let's hope in the summer the club have got a good transfer policy and strategy and tie down our best players to enable us to get in some real quality for a promotion push using some of the windfall from the Man City game [emoji102][emoji460]
  10. Very True let's hope we don't fade away and we get it right in the summer let's hope everyone forgets about the windfall in the summer [emoji848] a massive missed opportunity to build on currently... lets hope the club have gave chosen the right strategy to climb the football pyramid [emoji85]
  11. However when your in a position to build on more have we shown a lack of ambition yes we are happy with the progress but who's saying we be 10th next season sometimes you gotta to gamble within reason a missed opportunity maybe UTV [emoji115]
  12. Wow how far have we come feeling disappointed losing top of the table however IMO the club have shown a lack of ambition in the Jan window to push for the play offs and signing key players on longer contracts are we happy to consolidate and push on next season or is it a missed opportunity [emoji848][emoji102][emoji848][emoji102]
  13. IMO we have shown a lack of ambition in the Jan window for a play off push its feels like the club is happy to consolidate for the season then have a go next season however we might not be in this position nxt season with the lack of key players signing new contracts it's feels like a missed opportunity [emoji85]
  14. Don't get me wrong we have come a long way under Carol however have we shown a lack of ambition in this window to push for the play offs feeling disappointed losing at Swindon shows how far we come [emoji102][emoji460][emoji102][emoji460]
  15. Now Monty looks the better option at LB what is the word on Adam Crookes [emoji460][emoji102]
  16. It was in the club shop I sure they have sorted out a supplier after we spoke about 3 weeks ago so I'm sure they progressed with Carol and Kevin pushing things forward [emoji460][emoji33][emoji460][emoji33]
  17. Spoke 2 the lad in the shop they are trying to get errea back but looks unlikely BLK have got bust in the UK as they were a 3rd party company let's hope its admiral something different [emoji460]
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