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  1. Exeter the best team in L2 by a country mile and the most impressive defensive unit performance at VP they be hard break down but anything can happen in football [emoji460]️ [emoji854]
  2. The tannoy system has been like this for years so what's changed we've been allocated H&S certificates with how poor it is in previous seasons it doesn't make sense [emoji460]️[emoji854]
  3. That might explain DC dig about the pitch if the clubs willing invest 250k on the tannoy system and not the pitch you can understand the frustration [emoji460]️
  4. Agreed but my point is we need a stand which is fit for purpose a proper family stand it's pointless attracting young fans and families when we don't have the right facilities it doesn't make sense.
  5. The completion of the LS would be a perfect opportunity for a new family stand and the demand is there. What happened to the SC fund for the LS ?
  6. Attracting the next generation of fans and generating more money through a family stand would be high on a owner of a football club [emoji460]️
  7. No worries but this does prove a point of confusion between hardcore fans where and what is the designated family zone within the stadium. If the Bycars is the temporary family zone I would hardly say its fit for purpose and I've had 1st hand experience taking my young daughter with the lack of facilities and facilities made for make do for example the Disabled toilet is a changing room. To your question I'm happy the club is running sustainably and playing budgets is a different entity however more families coming through the gate could drive bigger budgets. However and im not being funny but I find it strange a community club does not have a dedicated family stand. Hopefully the Lorne Street fund can gain momentum again and help fulfil this pipeline dream. The club has made fantastic steps over a short period of time including the fanzone which was very engaging. The staff and stewards have brought into the cultural factors driven by Carol and are kind helpful and happy. However I do feel its a missed opportunity to have a match day experience for young families in a family stand where my journey began all those years ago [emoji460]️
  8. This article was from 2013 under different ownership I've heard no new comms regarding a family zone within the stadium if so enlighten me [emoji108]
  9. This article was from 2013 under different ownership I've heard no new comms regarding a family zone within the stadium if so enlighten me [emoji108]
  10. A dedicated family stand is a must and is criminal how money hasn't been invested for this to happen. The Club is fashioned on the community but cannot cater for young families to attend matches and produce the next generation of fans [emoji460]️
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