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  1. Fantastic seeing the club evole this board will help build a strategy vision culture and philosophy to build a brighter future again well done Vale [emoji122]
  2. That was Raywalkers40yarder lol [emoji23][emoji28]
  3. Fantastic post love seeing intelligent responses thanx [emoji106]
  4. Geniue question does anyone who is our chief or Head scout apart from Rudgie.. Can anyone shed any light what our current set up is [emoji362]
  5. Lol [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85]
  6. We were in a much more state when we were in admin and we got promoted that's a fantastic blueprint [emoji122]
  7. Lol we made them look very average the other week they've lost 1 less than us and to ur question I went Man City the other week sadly not for me no home atmosphere [emoji85][emoji115][emoji102]
  8. Yes I am for real when I say disappointed it's shows how far we have come... Swindon had lost 2 key players and after beating them a couple of weeks ago I felt confident going into the game but losing key players ourselves shows the lack of depth and quality we have... Swindon are top but they are nothing special [emoji115]
  9. Let's hope in the summer the club have got a good transfer policy and strategy and tie down our best players to enable us to get in some real quality for a promotion push using some of the windfall from the Man City game [emoji102][emoji460]
  10. Very True let's hope we don't fade away and we get it right in the summer let's hope everyone forgets about the windfall in the summer [emoji848] a massive missed opportunity to build on currently... lets hope the club have gave chosen the right strategy to climb the football pyramid [emoji85]
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