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  1. Disappointing it wasn't in 8k UHD [emoji85][emoji16][emoji85][emoji16]
  2. Can we close this thread down it's pathetic [emoji85]
  3. Haha he's got backed in even more in the space of 30 minutes
  4. TBF the fact no 1 has heard of him suggests he knows who's out there and is different it's no coincidence that Crewe are flying high and is a highly qualified coach [emoji460]
  5. Flitcrofts contacts maybe [emoji106]
  6. Not a chance doesn't fit the remit Carol has stated lacks experience no promotions only was successful due to being under 23 coach and having the ability to blood them through whilst being 1st team manager [emoji460]
  7. Flitcroft it is then big market mover and rumours.... personally I take him knows the league good CV promotions [emoji460]
  8. Alot of postives 2day I was very dubious however Pugh proved he can [emoji460] Set a team up [emoji460] Motivate players [emoji460] Tactically aware to change a system through a forced injury and have a plan b [emoji460] Make subs at the correct time [emoji460] Although Grimsby were poor so were Mansfield last week not winning at home for a long time [emoji460] I was impressed with the formation 442 which for me the buzz words from pre match comments were Compact and this was done brilliantly with Hurst tucking in [emoji460] A motivated Pope does make a difference and worked well with Rodn
  9. No it doesn't this probably be the cheap option if we can't get Alexander [emoji106][emoji460]
  10. Frank Sinclair to be appointed guaranteed [emoji460]
  11. We need a proper manager who wants to galvanise the club in the same fashion as M Adams did [emoji460] To show ambition it would be the Cowley brothers or Paul Cook which IMO are way off Grayson or Parkinson no nonsense wanting to prove them selves again would be a good fit both have good CVs and know the EFL well Graham Alexander would be a achievable appointment and a good fit with a excellent win ratio
  12. Proven with a good CV with promotions [emoji460]
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