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  1. Fully agree with this must be for money can’t be for a charismatic manager or way of playing
  2. Just showing the article from BBC news site - thought it might be of interest
  3. After the apparent on pitch battles at Exeter Exeter football violence: Pictures released of suspects WWW.BBC.CO.UK
  4. Going to have to have bigger dugouts
  5. Quality report from the BBC 😬 National League - Scores & Fixtures - Football - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK
  6. Sad news great player and great memories
  7. They are no worse than the ones I print for Vale home games and they always scan easily 😬
  8. It is a tremendous stadium I work for a paint company and we were lucky enough to win the project and supply the paint coating for the structural steelwork when the stadium was built. so spent quite a bit of time down there during the project inspecting the application of the paint. Including walking all around the roof and inspecting the arch from a crane basket- quite a view from there tempted to put Saturdays visit down as an update inspection and get it through expenses from work 😄
  9. Mine just arrived 😄⚽️⚽️
  10. Was McKirdy trying to help by spitting all the time?
  11. Should have stayed at the Vale. No - he’s just shown he isn’t able to play well at Vale
  12. Wembley of the North to Wembley of the South
  13. Just a heads up for those travelling to Swindon. Not sure which way you will be coming in but there are major roadworks at the White Hart junction of the A419 / A420 /A4312 on the east of Swindon sometimes takes a good while to get through worth googling to check on any road closures in that area
  14. And losing to us the following year 😄
  15. Yes seems to be the case - even if you live close to the away venue
  16. We did get kicked out of the league in 1967
  17. Last minute score to go up we can dream
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