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  1. A couple of other posters have mentioned it as well but I really don’t like our time wasting tactics. I think it’s unnecessary and the type of thing that in the past we have criticised certain other sides for. ok when under pressure take a few seconds to take the he heat down a bit but the time we take over throw ins an goal kicks sometimes is ridiculous. i know it’s supposedly the ‘professional’ way but personally I find it embarrassing if that’s the way we have to be to win or draw a game. refs get wise to it and just add on additional time at the end so you end up playing 6 minutes more when you are most tired.
  2. I agree, apart from the sublime free kick Conlon didn’t do much
  3. And breathe need a good start to the 2nd half
  4. Not a line up anyone would have predicted - hope it goes well
  5. I may have missed it but did they announce how many extra minutes were due to be played in the 2nd half? was quite surprised when the final whistle went
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