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  1. Just a heads up for those travelling to Swindon. Not sure which way you will be coming in but there are major roadworks at the White Hart junction of the A419 / A420 /A4312 on the east of Swindon sometimes takes a good while to get through worth googling to check on any road closures in that area
  2. And losing to us the following year 😄
  3. Yes seems to be the case - even if you live close to the away venue
  4. We did get kicked out of the league in 1967
  5. Last minute score to go up we can dream
  6. I’ve criticised Smith but only in the position he is playing at the moment, it doesn’t work. As a proper centre back he is excellent at this level as a stopper but not when he is asked to be creative
  7. Ok calmed down a bit now I get the idea that we shouldn’t criticise too much, it’s been a difficult season with injuries and the DC situation etc The club is finally being well run with owners that care But with needing 2 wins from 4 games, in a great run of form at the time - just for once Vale in all the years I have supported you - could you just not cock it up as you usually do ? doesn’t seem to matter who plays for us, which season it is - always make it difficult oh well- let’s see what next Saturday brings
  8. Good job the toilet roll shortage has been sorted
  9. Smiths an excellent defender as a stopper at this level but he isn’t a creative passer. Best he plays centre half. Clears the ball or plays a simple pass.
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