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  1. Thought they weren’t on general sale until the 22nd ?
  2. Not complaining about how far we’ve come with the new owners Just hoping that all those that have had to put up with the rubbish prior to this have the opportunity to support Vale on what should be a great occasion on our way to better things No ideal way of allocating tickets but a Pity if the regulars miss out
  3. Yes I get that And tickets should ideally go to the fans that follow Vale through thick and thin Just hope I can get tickets for myself and family when they go on general sale Would be galling to miss out after 50 years support to someone going to the match as a one off whose never been to Vale before- but I do understand that’s what could happen
  4. True - but only allowing 2 per person doesn’t make it very family friendly
  5. Plus if seats are allocated - how do you ensure you can sit together as a family if you have to buy in two sets of 2 ?
  6. Just a note on my previous message - for England test matches you can usually buy up to 6 tickets - so only 2 per person seems a bit strange and difficult
  7. Got this reply for phone tickets when on general release : HI YES YOU CAN BOOK BY PHONE WHEN ON GENERAL RELEASE WE WILL BE ALLOWING 2 PER PURCHASE SO A.N.OTHER WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE THE OTHER 2 Janet Ellis Ticket Office Manager Disabled Liaison Officer Port Vale Football Club Limited Makes it a bit awkward to get a family tickets 4 tickets - suppose I will have to pass the phone to the wife and make 2 payments on same credit card [emoji10]
  8. I don’t think 4 tickets for a family is an unreasonable amount
  9. Thanks Rob - also how many can be bought at once - probably want 4 Only in Stoke for Boxing Day and they are shut then so if it cant be done over the phone will have to find another way Having said that, tried phoning ticket office to ask and went straight to cut off after a few rings and message that you cant leave messages - think its going to be hard to get through on the phone at all unless they put more lines in
  10. Its not clear on the website but will fans living outside the area and not able to get to Vale Park before the Man City game be able to buy tickets over the phone ? Website only mentions season ticket holders buying by phone
  11. Think we’ll be lucky to hold onto Taylor
  12. Joyce back next game and hopefully Browne back from sickness
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