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  1. Amoo is putting a good challenge in with Manny for the sick note title.
  2. What would really benefit us in the long run would be that we find the winning form again without having to change managers. But even if we did that I suspect you would still be grouching about something
  3. The last few pages are like deja vu Just insert any of Glover / Aspin / Brown / Bruno etc or even at times Adam’s for Askey Same old arguments Some things never change as a Vale fan
  4. It may turn around, it may not But I don’t see this incredibly difficult time being right to sack a manager unless Carol and Co have their own funds to do it. The club has no income at the moment- other clubs are close to going to the wall, we are ( I hope) at least not in that position My view is that as fans we have to take it on the chin at the moment and pray we can turn the results around- putting pressure on Carol in the present situation I don’t think is fair
  5. I thought Oyeleke didn’t move the ball quickly enough
  6. Easy home fixture Saturday- don’t think so, Orient are above us
  7. Who knows ? Is players the correct description?
  8. At least Joyce is back Saturday He will be asking for a pay increase because we always lose without him
  9. He would fit in a lads and dads team on his showing so far
  10. Well that first half was crap At least the second must be better Or will it ????
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