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  1. We have not signed anybody since Friday, are we approaching multi-signing days? 11 players in the new kit on Friday? Buy One Get One Free ?
  2. With Jones, Wilson and Walker our signings have a Dads Army ring to them.
  3. I really hate the long throw tactic - personally wouldn't mind if it was banned. Teams getting throw ins anywhere in the opponents half launching throws into the area - not eactly football or good to watch
  4. I also emailed them and got this reply : Thank you for your email. The Manager of the Month is shortlisted by experts in the industry and a judging panel will then decide on the eventual winner. The panel take into account various different things - though results play a strong part, there needs to be consideration of the wider context of performance and other factors taken into account, otherwise there would be no need for a panel or a shortlist and it would just be given straight to the manager of the team with the highest number of accrued points. We trust this provides a little more clarity regarding the Manager of the Month award. Thank you for contacting the EFL.
  5. Just shaking it all about
  6. Judging by the Vales retained list it will be a 5 a’ side league [emoji3]
  7. Until replacements are in and playing I’ll hold judgement on whether this is a good move or not Could go either way - new team and winning ( hopefully) or new team and Bruno repeat
  8. As long as the ones coming in are better than the ones going out then it will be ok
  9. Embarrassing performance today Taxis ready for some tonight
  10. If the results stay as they are, they won’t [emoji4]
  11. Looks like he’s just having a kick about Wish he’d tuck his shirt in, roll his socks up and at least look like a footballer
  12. McKirdy is useless Spent most of the half throwing himself on to the floor- why ??
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