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  1. osprey


    Just noted that iFollow is still taking monthly payments which is good of them as there is no football. If you cancel the payments can you rejoin if / when football recommences ?
  2. osprey


    After MERS took out all the camels a few years ago I suspect they're pretty wary of infectious disease. 20% of them are diabetic, 40% are massive and most smoke so w.r.t morbidity factors they've got reason to be worried. I read this completely wrong at first - thought you were talking about the camels having the health issues [emoji1]
  3. osprey


    Jeremy Hunt keeps harping on about how the government did things too late or are doing things wrong Turns out that about 4 years ago there was a massive review on effect of a pandemic and showed that we were totally unprepared- the report was withheld because it was felt it would be too scary for the public Health Secretary at the time - Jeremy Hunt !
  4. I'm hoping to be on holiday on April 4th
  5. Strange timing for this I think [emoji848]
  6. osprey


    No they haven banned going to events ( yet )
  7. Think that we should keep Clark at LB Better balance to side and proper defender although Monty has done ok there
  8. would have taken that before the start
  9. plenty of games left yet will be twists turns to come
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