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  1. Many thanks to everyone who helped up raise £120 from the sale of 100 face masks. A great effort from everybody and apologies to all those that were disappointed. Well done Vale fans.
  2. SOLD OUT - Thanks everyone for your support in these difficult time.
  3. Google payal - our ac is - valepark.beano@talk21.com - simply make your order there at £6 per m,ask, postage £1.20. If you haven't a paypal ac you can create one there for free. Cheers
  4. Selling fast, many thanks to those that have ordered. Some other people are asking how to order - our paypal ac is valepark.beano@talk21.com . You can order there. Same day dispatch to anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world. If you've not got a paypal ac, you can open one straight away. UTV
  5. Easy to wear with ear loops, double jersey construction, re-usable, wash at 60c, non surgical 4 way stretch, made in UK , to assist avoiding face touching, most importantly with profits to United Hospitals North Staffordshire. Limited number available, when they're gone, they're gone. Free VPB118 (the unsold end of season issue) with every order. Postage £1.20. Message valepark.beano@talk21.com for payment details.
  6. Very sad news and he was so young. I remember interviewing John in VPB 92 a few years ago. He was a great storyteller who loved his time at VP. He recalled his goal against Arnold and said it was one of the most important goals in his whole careeer, that's how important it was. He had loads of stories, one I remember was when Bill Bell asked 'Are you OK Ally?' John replied 'I'm fine thanks Mr Bell, but I'm not Ally Brown.' Not forgetting his time in the USA, playing alongside Gordon Banks and George Best and what they got up to, in their spare time. RIP mate and thanks
  7. I'll be interviewing the one and only Andy Jones on Thursday, has anyone any memories or questions you'd like me to ask him? Dunno when it'll be published, maybe when Vale are playing Stoke in the same league, at this rate.
  8. Many thanks - All questions have been asked and the interview will feature in our March issue. Meanwhile VPB 117 is on sale today featuring a great interview with Gareth Griffiths, Major Tom, One For The 'D' Road, What happened at a recent meeting at the FA, The Sackrace, the Travellers, the winner of Brighty's book competition, and loads more. Still a quid. UTV
  9. I'll be interviewing Anthony Gardner later today - lucky me! Has anyone any questions you'd like me to ask?
  10. BeeJay Discounts have been advertising in the Vale Park Beano for many, many years. Unfortunately they'll be closing down after Christmas. But fortunately for shoppers they're holding a 25% off sale starting today. Toys, Wool, Plastics, Wellies, Pumps, Haberdashery, Paint all at 25% off. If you're around Kidsgrove why not call in and see them and grab a bargain - and they're Vale fans!
  11. New issue on sale this weekend includes an interview with Gareth Griffiths where he tells some tasty tales of his time at VP. Plus a competition to win Brighty's new book. Plus loads on Popey, Robbie, the witch of Bycars, PVFC 2020 Calendar plus stacks of other stuff. Still a quid.
  12. I'll be interviewing Gareth tomorrow. Lucky me! Has anyone any questions you'd like me to ask?
  13. VPB 115 will be on sale this weekend. A jam packed issue featuring Roy Cross (part 2), a Spanish Vale fan remembers watching Vale v Ajax in 1973, wretched referee decisions, Rico, Smurthwaites Stonehenge Sensation, and loads, loads more - not forgetting a word or more on events down the road. Still a quid.
  14. And I remember a guy from Portugal who called Brits 'beef',most peculiar but amusing in a way.
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