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  1. I’ve criticised Smith but only in the position he is playing at the moment, it doesn’t work. As a proper centre back he is excellent at this level as a stopper but not when he is asked to be creative
  2. Ok calmed down a bit now I get the idea that we shouldn’t criticise too much, it’s been a difficult season with injuries and the DC situation etc The club is finally being well run with owners that care But with needing 2 wins from 4 games, in a great run of form at the time - just for once Vale in all the years I have supported you - could you just not cock it up as you usually do ? doesn’t seem to matter who plays for us, which season it is - always make it difficult oh well- let’s see what next Saturday brings
  3. Good job the toilet roll shortage has been sorted
  4. Smiths an excellent defender as a stopper at this level but he isn’t a creative passer. Best he plays centre half. Clears the ball or plays a simple pass.
  5. Certainly were They drove forward with purpose, moved the ball quickly. Vale didn’t
  6. You are assuming Smith actually manages to get it to Worrall- it’s a toss up whether he will
  7. A draw would make the playoffs wouldn’t it?
  8. Stone wasn’t at fault for the goals today
  9. Lose next week and we can take the summer off
  10. Best side winning again same as last 3 games
  11. At least if we stay in L2 we will have the pleasure of Salford again
  12. 2 games to go almost sure of the play offs- still a chance of automatic promotion what’s not to like??
  13. osprey

    The run in

    Win our games is all we can do- if we do that I think we will be alright other teams get nervous as well, not everyone will win all their games
  14. Honestly can’t remember my first game but would have been early 70s do remember calling in at the talking Myna Birds in Burslem park on the way to the ground - they used to say ‘ going to the Vale? ‘ also being passed over the turnstiles and getting in for free 😄
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