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  1. Same starting XI Alex Hurst on the bench again- will he ever play ?
  2. Wilson was limping after the game on Saturday - hope he is fit for tomorrow
  3. osprey

    The run in

    Would be great but surprising if don't lose again this season. few twists to come I think
  4. Stevenage sack their manager and appoint Steve Evans - ugh
  5. Did Charsley get booked at the same time as Pett ?
  6. Looking at other scores so far tonight we could really do with winning this
  7. Decent Half would be nice to see Hussy pass to a vale player though
  8. Only one way to find out blow that whistle ref 😄
  9. Yes up until yesterday only Vale and Northampton had not conceded in the first 15 mins of a game in the whole EFL
  10. Can we play Crawley every week ? they have certainly helped our goal difference this season
  11. Excellent result good performance ( after the 1st 10 mins ) good to see midfielders putting some tackles in
  12. Is it me but do you think we over analyse the opposition ? why don't we just go out and play
  13. AC says ''we didnt come here to draw 0-0 '' Achieved that then 😃
  14. To be honest its not down just to AC. If the players cannot pass to each other or make movement to receive the ball - they are footballers apparently, they shouldn't have to be told what the basics are.
  15. its the soggy pitches at this time of year - doesn't bounce back enough
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