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  1. How dare you suggest changing the formation !!
  2. P&G is going to be fun with the Stoke, Vale & Crewe results 😄
  3. the games in hand are disappearing ( with us getting no nearer the play offs )
  4. absolutely dreadful result this can't be excused Just cannot see Vale going anywhere this year apart from Mid team mediocrity
  5. If the fans can see it - why can't the management ????? Starting to doubt big time they know what they are doing
  6. surely we are getting to the stage this season where we really have to go for it - draws are not enough better winning 5 and losing 5
  7. we play like we are trying to avoid relegation rather than trying for promotion
  8. We keep saying 3pts are not ‘essential’ but with tougher games ( at least on paper) coming up this has to be a game to win to a team that are struggling. I think we really need to win this one and get some upward momentum rather than drawing and hovering outside the playoffs
  9. We don’t score enough and don’t look like scoring enough
  10. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family
  11. Swindon won 5-0 tonight when was the last time we looked like doing that ??
  12. I watched on ifollow we were poor they were worse we don’t create enough and have a mistake in us - been the same for weeks not just tonight. 0-0,1-1, isn’t going to get us promoted
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