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  1. osprey

    The run in

    Simple way to look at it is - win all 3 games = happy days ( 2 maybe enough)
  2. Can't see how we solve the defensive midfield situation if Pett and Walker are out still. Would be good to get some of the injured back in to give us a boost. going to be a tough 3 games 🤞
  3. Better team won today typical Vale, same as always it seems - big crowd = under par performance
  4. 6 tickets bought in the Paddock family day out 😃
  5. he'll be on the bench though. Wonder if he takes a Paperback or Kindle along to pass the time 🙂
  6. Not a bad point never really looked like scoring
  7. I have never seen a game with so many throw ins
  8. So many throw ins think we need a bigger pitch
  9. Smith can defend but he can’t pass
  10. Playing ok think we need to quicken it up though
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