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  1. It’s not negatively- it’s realism
  2. It doesn’t seem to matter which manager, which players, which season - Vale always seem to bugger it up
  3. Looks like a 9th place finish really can’t see better than that
  4. We won’t go up this year don’t create enough and always have a mistake in us
  5. Got to keep an eye on the ball over the top - can’t see them scoring any other way
  6. Hussey takes a corner - we score is it me ?????
  7. Why isn’t Hussey taking the corners?
  8. Great number of supporters there today But did some of our ‘fans’ really need to break seats and throw them on the field after we scored??? hate to see that
  9. it never seems to break for us in the area scrambles
  10. we never get anything when Sproson is commentating
  11. Vale had a chance in the 1st couple of minutes in a bit of a goal mouth scramble If we could have scored then would have been a completely different game
  12. Could be a really tough game. Northampton keep clean sheets for fun and according to them have the best goalie in the league. tight game either way I expect
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