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  1. I have been attending Vale games since 1975, season ticket holder for 15 years. Whole family attend, former V2001 shareholder, had various memberships, etc. Am I loyal or is the guy who has been every away game this season? Personally it's hard to satisfy everyone. There are always 'Glory Hunters', 'Part-Time' supporters, that's life. How many went away in Smurthwaite's era. I remember a fantastic 0-0 at Notts County, if we lost we could well have been relegated out of the league. How many helped bail the club out financially, how many organised or marched on demo's. How many 'Glory Hunters' would have been bothered if we had gone out of business - Not Many is my guess Positives are that there is more money coming into the club, Carol and Kevin need the help, the atmosphere is great, the team , staff and supporters are as one. It annoys me when people say or may say 'were you at Exeter'. No I couldn't get a ticket, were you there when we faced administration and expulsion from the league? would be a response. It's how it is, probably the same everywhere. Take the positives and hope we get promoted before Exeter!
  2. Non league side. "All fur coat no knickers"
  3. Agree totally. The football, movement and slick passsing was another level. I was sceptical originally with Mal Benning but he was a major signing and in the last month he has been fantastic. Both Proctor and Wilson are a higher level, posess intelligence and ability to operate much higher in the pyramid I was very impressed. Special mention to the x3 centre backs. Possibly Martin and Smith's finest games. Fantastic....UTV
  4. I really don't think we can truly appreciate just what a fantastic job this gentleman has done. Deserves special recognition from us all. "Ooh Andy Crosby, Ooh Andy Crosby"
  5. Good post, feared the worst when I heard no Garrity or Pett. Let's hope we get Ben back for Tuesday. 7 games to go, 5 wins will see us promoted automatically, 3 wins the play-offs. "Up the footbal League we go!"
  6. Four points would be great, three at worst. We have momentum which I hope will carry us home. UTV.
  7. I would also like to offer a sincere vote of thanks to Andy Crosby. To manage in such difficult circumstances is testament to the gentlemans ability, desire, passion and aptitude. I have been impressed with everything he has done, right down to substitutions and the timing of them. Well done sir.
  8. Thought Exeter were superb defensively, stifled our key attacking players and 'spoiled' the game whenever possible. Could not fault effort and we possibly shaded it, although Exeter became strong late on. We miss either Cass or Gibbo and RWB and Jones at LWB imo. Conlon would have added quality and a long range threat is needed in such games or from free kicks. A little disappointed but a win on Saturday will surely elevate us into the top 7 - A position once achieved we won't give up lightly. Would like to give a shout out to Mal Benning, I personally would have given him MOM, however Hall was a 'rock'. UTV
  9. Good post this, realistic. We have had opportunities, squandered leads and not performed in certain games. We looked nailed on to "HMS pi** this tin pot league" as many said prior to December. Injuries, Covid, DC and who knows ahat's gone on with the keeper merry-go-round? The opportunity is still there for the play-offs. We are missing that 'little someting' that teams have when chasing promotion, could be Conlon or a demanding skipper imo? Could be massive change again next year which again is detrimental to consistency. You never know though - THIS IS PORT VALE FOLKS! - NOTHING IS STRAIGHTFORWARD!! UTV
  10. Absolute 'must win' game as are many more that remain. We watch and we wait in anticipation, the opportunity is there, will we take it? Impressed with Stone yesterday, not sure why he lost his place anyway. Garrity is my player of the season. UTV
  11. Had tears in my eyes in the Bycars with this promotion. i never thought I'd see Vale in the second tier of English football. Got the original framed and signed Robbie Earle photo of him sitting in the tunnel afterwards.
  12. It certainly isn't. I would also take a bet that if you were to look at all of the results of promoted teams within the football league over the last 20 years more of them will have had a similar run at some point in their promotion season than not. Possibly but having seen many promotion sides (Vale), there is something missing from this one. We could still make the top 7 and I sincerely hope we do. Howver, it's not so long ago sayings such as "HMS P*ss this tin-pot' league were abound? Just being realistic sadly, not negative.
  13. This one hasn't and doesn't look like doing so.
  15. Thanks. Everything has gone flat at Vale again. I think we as supporters expected promotion this year - and why not. I'm so disappointed, performances have not been good and not of a standard of a promotion side. There will be fall out from this probably running into early next season.
  16. What's wrong with him? He was 'dropped' though wasm't he. I thought he was one of the better signings tbh.
  17. I was surprised Flitcroft was not named manager but can see the logic of his DOF appointment. We can assume the club has 'stabilised' to a degree now so he shouldsstep-in and manage the team pushing towards the top 7. My thoughts are still the same. We looked certs until Proctor and Conlon went lame. We do not have enough goals nor direct attacking creativity to warrant promotion, not by a long way. Why have we got 3 keepers? Both the other two are better than Holy and what did Stone do wrong? I'm sure Carol is as disappointed as us. I'm gutted for us all and her in particular. We should be better, this is a 'poor' league on the whole. A lot has gone against us unfortunately, does this warrant the poor displays since December, maybe? Really disappointed as you could see massive improvement which has inevitably disappered. What is it with Vale after Christmas? Where the f*ck is Dan Jones - he walks into this side.
  18. Agree with this well structured post. From what was a 'superb' start performance, looking like a promotion side, all the reasons given have contibuted to the now 10th position. For a while, I have felt we lack the 'goals' enabling us to control the outcome of games. Garrity has been superb to take up the slack in Proctors absence. Wilson a super technical player, however you need around 71-75 points for a play off spot and probably 79+ for automatic. We need to be close to x2 goals/ game. We do not have this (or appear not to?) Anticipation was rightly 'up there' and now the moderate fall is over criticised in relation to this. That said, we should be thankful for where we are. Port Vale is and willcontinue to be a forward thinking positive club with the Shanahans and current staff in situ. 3 wins in 7 is where we are. Well organised, difficult to beat. A great team spirit and fantastic support. Lets just get behind the lads. I do think that if we do get into the top 7 we will stay there. no one will want to play us. UTV
  19. Hussey was much better in the second half yesterday. A steady quality pro, you need that. We do have limitations up top without Proctor and it shows. Amoo and Wilson doesn't work, the young lads run and raw. Harratt looks the pick and is aggressive. he made some great early runs yesterday, nobody was on his wavelength and he faded. Let's see what the next two games bring. DC says it's game by game but these are crucial imo.
  20. It doesn't sound like we're OK but that's just me and Vale after nearly 47 years! I got carried away early doors thinking we were "HMS p*ss this Tin Pot League" as many said. In reality, we have faded due to mass injuries and Covid, etc. We're probably OK!! fella. I hope so. Just seen it so many times before.
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