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  1. Have I missed something here? I thought the club said it would refund all those who contacted the club? I haven't asked but respect those who do/ have in what are difficult times.
  2. Difficult one. Perhaps something has shown on all the physical tests the new fitness guys have run? Talented lad, no brainer when fit to stay, problem is he hasn't been fit for long enough.
  3. Awful news, had to check it was 'our Lee Collins'. heart goes out to family and friends - 32 - no words.. Lee to me was quality, a leader, very much in the mold of others like George Pilkington. I always felt he was "too good" for us tbh and deserved to play at a higher level. Gutted to see him leave. So sad this. RIP Lee
  4. I hope so too, however I imagine he's one of the top earners. Unless he's willing to take a hit in the wage department, at his age it might not make economic sense to offer him anything. I'd certainly offer Tom a deal, albeit on reduced terms, it's then up to him, he may have offers elsewhere. Tom Pope needs to be at Vale imo. There'll always be a goal in him at this level.
  5. Callum Guy was great at Vale, thought he was destined for bigger things?
  6. Agree. both decent when on the pitch with their 'head-on'
  7. To me the retained list (or those with a future shall I say) is this: Smith Gibbons Conlon Taylor Rodney Worrall Pope (12 months + Coaching role) Brown (12 months) Legge (12 months) Burgess (what's gone wrong?) All effort must be made to replace Legge, sign a Left Back and most importantly a top quality Striker
  8. In a dismal season Devante Rodney has exceeded expectations. He is my POY. Didn't watch yesterday but was confident of a result, that in itself is a sign we will survive.
  9. I do hope you are right Sunny. Massive win. Onwards and upwards. UTV
  10. We look spent, quite worrying that in itself. No outlet balls, no possession kept now.
  11. Shape has gone, nothing up top. Robinson off, Oyeleke off,soon
  12. I was impressed with Thursday that made me feel even worse witnessing Saturdays demise. He just seemed a 'little bored' and was often looking around. More noticeable on camera. I like him and wish he was manager. Clarke is saying all the right things maybe to the detriment of the players. We'll see, a couple of wins will change the horizon. I'm just so disappointed, expecting better now as I was at the beginning of the season.tbh
  13. Yes, I've come across many <ovf censored> in my time sadly. Can spot em a mile off these days. DOF body language didn't look great on thet fans forum the other night. Looked a little subdued, perhaps 0 wins in 7 from his new recruit had an influence. He should have been the manager, even till end of season - no brainer. Mad house at Vale, nothing changes. I think Clarke is in the next series of Peaky Blinders, interviewed as Liaison and Customer Satisfaction Officer 'by order of the Peaky Blinders' Watch 42 year old Ellison sort us tomorrow
  14. High on his DOF list: 1) Sell ice to the eskimos 2) Talk the hind legs off a donkey 3) Try and kid the "kidder" 4) Sell Robinson
  15. It is quite worrying to say the least
  16. Not sure about Clarke, not met him! His bark might be worse than his bite! Just hope the results don't mirror Sinnotts and they seem to be....
  17. Bit of nostalgia. Me and my mate had a conversation with Sinnott at an AGM just after he took over. He told us that we would get 64points from the remaining 32 games (2 pts a game) ensuring promotion. He was a nice genuine guy and me being me believed him or wanted to belive him. We got about 17 and were relegated! I have the same feelings again, hope this time Clarke delivers.
  18. I think it's me, being a Vale fan fearing the worst but always finding any glimmer of hope from some media. This time it was attending the virtual meeting - 230 of us on, thousands more now get the vibe (or shall I say got). Tuning in again yesterday to an attrocious iFollow stream, most of the first half buffered, It was so poor I nodded off and missed their goal, then to watch the rest in disbelief, struggling to link the <ovf censored> on the pitch to all the talk in the meeting. Was this Port Vale in disguise, was this the team and club so gloriously talked about by Carol, Flitcroft and Clarke? Was it hell as like. So in summary, I'm confused. Are Flitcroft (who incidentally didn't show the same exhuberance and mannerisms on Thursday as he did in his 'wonderful' youtube initial interview) and Clarke the 'real deal' or chancers as some would say? Is Carol with all the best intentions in the world being ripped off. She's much more astute and intelligent for that but as I have witnessed first hand, there are many chancers, crooks and <ovf censored> in football, many false promises are made, look at Man Utd for example, the problem is, that because of Covid, we cannot support her and the club in the way we would have normally. And at the end of the day 4,000 fans won't all be wrong in their assessment. For me, yesterday was such an anti-climax and let down to the point of anger, tears and the realisation that a team lacking so much in desire and cutting edge is heading only one way - something that the oaf Mr Smurthwaite was never achieved despite all his best efforts. I do hope that Carol, the board and the 'dream team' read this but probably not and if Smurthwaite does and he gloats - well, man - you should hang your money grabbing fat head in shame,
  19. Yes on the pitch - certainly not off it. We were garbage then and are now but for entirely different reasons.
  20. Having watched and asked questions in Thursdays meeting, i have gone from being hopeful and 'buying-in' to the plans of carol/ Flitcroft and Clarke, witnessing todays performance has told me that not many, if any of the playing staff are on the same page. It leaves me subdued and feeling cheated that we have players who do not share a modicum of passion I hold for the game and in particular Port Vale. The jury is out on Clarke - how bad is that statement by me in itself? It happens, sometimes people just don't fit and rub people up the wrong way, deservedly or not. It is not happening, it does not look like happening. We look worse now than at any time in the 'fat controllers' regime. I feel for Carol, who feels for the many thousands of us apart from her and Kevin? No one.
  21. That is how it's ending, there is nothing apart from Tom Pope returning that offers a glimmer of hope.
  22. I can think of a few thousand folk who would like to be 'knocking' on Mr Clarke's door tbh.
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