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  1. RIP Big Ernie. Happy memories of him and Bob newton firing Vale to promotion.
  2. Super article. I wish them well and will look out for results. Two shining light owners with sentiment in a world of greed and selfishness.
  3. Enoch Ando was a brilliant little player. You could see that someone was going to hurt him, he needed protection from the referee's. I believe a move to Spurs was on the horizon. Just shows how cruel the game can be.
  4. Difficult one. Perhaps something has shown on all the physical tests the new fitness guys have run? Talented lad, no brainer when fit to stay, problem is he hasn't been fit for long enough.
  5. Awful news, had to check it was 'our Lee Collins'. heart goes out to family and friends - 32 - no words.. Lee to me was quality, a leader, very much in the mold of others like George Pilkington. I always felt he was "too good" for us tbh and deserved to play at a higher level. Gutted to see him leave. So sad this. RIP Lee
  6. Callum Guy was great at Vale, thought he was destined for bigger things?
  7. I am deeply saddened and shocked by this news, like everyone else my thoughts were with Mike during his illness. My heartfelt condolencies go to his family and close friends. Like so many other Vale fans, I was not a close friend of Mike but through his radio, OVF, speaking out during the V2001 fiasco and latterly Smurthwaite's "an evening with" meetings, I feel I know him as well as anyone in regard to our devoted love of Port Vale FC. I listened to his every word, heartfelt, passionate, genuine and right on the button. I attended every demo, every march, every meeting and always looked to Mike as a leader. I remember well the march and protest outside the main entrance of the Crawley game, where many ignorant Vale fans turned on us and even tried to attack his son outside. During these times many so called Vale 'rally' leaders sought personal media attention but when push came to shove there was only around 8-10 of us who stayed outside for the whole duration of the Crawley game. I was proud to know Mike in my own way, he represented my love for the Vale and all his family along with ALL Vale fans should be proud of this man, I know I am. RIP sir.
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