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  1. I think the plan was to keep it tight possibly similar to Exeter. McKirdy's movement is superb and he is well up for it. DC knows that but we did not pay him the attention he deserves, like him or not. I didn't go to Exeter, but if I'm honest since we won at hartlepool, we do not look the same side. We do not create much, don't get round the back, etc. We are dependent on brilliant pieces of skill from Wilson/ Proctor. We do miss Brad Walker, a fit Dave Worrall would help. Hope I'm wrong and the lads can find some form and win the next two games - give em a shout on Thursday. UTV
  2. Liked him at United
  3. Thank you. Superb side Exeter, hope to see you next season
  4. Lets just hope we don't let McKirdy run-riot through the middle. I'm confident we'll sort it and Swindon respectively. UTV
  5. My daughter logged on to Ticketmaster this morning, aquired x4 tickets for Lorne St but Ticketmaster account would not accept payment with my credit card which is secure and valid. We have lost the tickets. To make it worse it is a Port Vale MBNA card that I have had for 20 years!!
  6. On behalf of all Port Vale supporters I wish Darrell well. Tomorrow is massive for this football club and all involved. Lets go to Exeter and get the result the season deserves. Stay positive, fight hard, be confident and I'm sure we'll be just fine. UTV "don't mention the 'P'word"!!!!
  7. I think it is time for change, thats not a bad shout. Exeter are a good side and may play straight through us. We need an early goal and be positive. Hope we turn up otherwise you may not be the only one in need of rescue sir! keep the faith UTV (he says...)
  8. Are vale capable of that. We need Hall back for sure.
  9. Having witnessed the wins at Hartlepool, Barrow and Salford, prior to the Bristol game I was convinced we were on for automatic promotion. It was obvious that for creativity and any direct passing we became dependent on Brad Walker. He has gone unnoticed in various positions this season. With this in mind, I was a little cautious when he did his hamstring. I was not expecting even with him, Conlon and Jones out what I saw at Walsall and again yesterday. We were so poor and bereft of any positivity, pace or creative ideas. We are so predictable but even so I am at a loss as to how we have captulated. You just don't see sides 'nailed' on for promotion performing in this way and go on to lose 3/4 games consecutively? I am so disappointed but not sure what the reasoning is? There are too many things that appear wrong and now 8/9 players are underperforming - why? Can we win at Exeter - yes, but not a cat in hells chance if we perform as we have of late. Confused tbh, does not make sense to chuck it in now?
  10. Something is not right within the infrastructure, perhaps the club knows the issues. Finances must be tight but I do believe we have missed out on quite a bit of revenue imo of late. it's hard to be critical because I know the depths to which we plunged in recent times.
  11. He ran off with the pies, wads of cash from hospitality and catering, a punch in the face and his trousers round his fat ankles - or so I was told🐽
  12. Would be great as I have no ticket
  13. They won't change it now but yep that's the answer.
  14. Gibbo is a must, hope Pett is fitter. All or nothing v Newport. Focus on this first and foremost. Two wins and we are promoted.
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