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  1. Totally agree that both Burgess and Taylor were superb last term, a real bonus. What on earth has happened to the pair of them?The amount of quality work (and running) they did was epitomised at the Etihad, I do hope Clarke has a keeper in mind? brown in my opinion would have done a job, perhaps bring in a younger guy to share the workload?
  2. They used to say that Pele used to turn up even for the "openining of an envelope" same can be said of Jonny Wilkes! However the boy could play....
  3. Some served us well particularly Brown and Joyce. Monty can play but has fitness issues. Pope a Vale legend. I wish them well. I have a soft spot for Adam Crookes, the lad has ability.
  4. sad as it is, I do hope so
  5. I never doubted that. pope has managed local sides, is involved in the media, he may have decided to do his coaching badges, he may just want to leave the game behind altogether. I personally don't think he will and know he is "Vale" and always will be, so am I. People seem quick to dismiss people like Tom, he may be finished as a player, he may not, truth is we don't know and don't see the goings on within the club. He did have issues with Askey, and... Whatever the future holds for Tom, I wish him well.
  6. I know, I'm a sentimental fool but in all honesty blokes like Tom will be "Vale" long after "Dazzler" has gone. I'd love a one year deal for him, reduced terms but get him on the staff. Another league 2 or national League team will offer him something for sure though. Here's to the future - I said that last year!!! Like I keep saying:- It's VALE - expect the unexpected!! UTV
  7. Well said, agree. Lost a lot of fitness and sharpness, could put the grat in for another "Go" maybe one season. He will know himself. Love to see him back at Vale. Remember he has been there much longer and witnessed many more highs and lows than our new gaffer and stood the test of time. deserves reward and recognition for his efforts big-time. "Feed the Pope and he WILL score""!!!
  8. If he achieves a fifth of John Rudge he will have been a success. Micky Adams also left a legacy. I hope he does become the best ever Vale manager!!! He certainly talks a good game in that respect!! UTV
  9. We'd have been in non league 5 years ago without Tom!!
  10. Regardless, have people got short memories with Tom? Been head and shoulders our best player for 9 years. Clarke should treat him with the respect he deserves even if letting him go. Tom will tell him anyway. Great interview from 'dazzler' perhaps his anger got the better of him as some things could and should stay behind closed doors. Remember in football "You are only as good as your last game" Time will tell.....It's VALE - expect the unexpected!!
  11. Have I missed something here? I thought the club said it would refund all those who contacted the club? I haven't asked but respect those who do/ have in what are difficult times.
  12. Difficult one. Perhaps something has shown on all the physical tests the new fitness guys have run? Talented lad, no brainer when fit to stay, problem is he hasn't been fit for long enough.
  13. Awful news, had to check it was 'our Lee Collins'. heart goes out to family and friends - 32 - no words.. Lee to me was quality, a leader, very much in the mold of others like George Pilkington. I always felt he was "too good" for us tbh and deserved to play at a higher level. Gutted to see him leave. So sad this. RIP Lee
  14. I hope so too, however I imagine he's one of the top earners. Unless he's willing to take a hit in the wage department, at his age it might not make economic sense to offer him anything. I'd certainly offer Tom a deal, albeit on reduced terms, it's then up to him, he may have offers elsewhere. Tom Pope needs to be at Vale imo. There'll always be a goal in him at this level.
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