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  1. I do hope so but this is Port Vale!!! Just glad I didn't run into the bookies!!
  2. I can't and won't defend this seasons showing to date, no one should but we move on with hope that finally things will move forward on the pitch. This is going to cost money, it already has. However, signing Taylor permanently, Rodney's improvement and the return of Gibbo are the positives. And lets be honest, if we perform on the pitch the way Clarke and Flitcroft talk the game, enjoy the ride! We deserve it folks.
  3. I agree but I'm not going to defend poor recruitment during which hopes were so high. We could see the frailties and dependence on Brown, Legge, Smith, Joyce, Worrall and Pope. Muddling through was not at the forefront of my mind and I'm sure not the owners. Wins against Grimsby and Southend have given us some space and yes we are 'muddling' through which is a big disappointment to many and may well reflect in ST's and gates next season. I go and have gone for what will be my 46th season next season but many won't and will need to be sold 'the dream' again
  4. We can only hope things will change, I'm sure they will. otherwise there will soon be a lot of very disappointed people, starting with the Shanahan's.
  5. left back will be one of the first positions addressed in the summer.
  6. I'm with you Tyler. We have recruited mediocre dross on the whole for years. We are 19th in league 2 for a reason. Recruitment on the whole with a few exceptions has been poor.
  7. It seems like some have lost perspective of the game. You score goals to win games, if you don't score goals it puts pressure on the defensive side of the game. Not since Tom Pope was firing could we say we have a goalscorer. Look at Vaughan at Tranmere for example. We need to address this
  8. I for one am not content and I'm pretty sure the new management 'dream team' won't be.
  9. I may as well say it: " The poor sods playing on it haven't been much better in recent times tbh"!
  10. The interviews and in particular David Flitcroft were very impressive. But I'm a Vale fan and talk is cheap. For me Man utd have been crying out for years for a DOF and a manager for that matter. I'm a little sceptical, it may be me or I'm wondering how it will all work and at what cost. carol is thinking 'big' and there's nothing wrong in that. Time wil tell. I would have preferred Flitcroft in a manager then perhaps morph into the role once he guided us through this season.
  11. There have been many stories around Sinclair. A couple I do believe as i've heard them from people connected with the club. Personally I was suprised he rocked up at Vale and also suprised even with positive thinking did we have the money for his salary during Covid. Things have gone on but from many areas, many guises, does it matter, not really apart from we have been one of the poorest teams in League football since October - that matters. My only hope is that the correct decisions are made for the right reasons. Being blunt we are garbage at the moment, why? There are many reason
  12. I would doubt it as he appeared to 'pi** us about' in the summer?
  13. Pretty decent shout this tbf
  14. I was impressed with Tranmere when they won 'easily' at Vale. I predicted a top 3 position for them then. keith Hill is a superb manager at League 1/ 2. You get out what you put in in the majority of things in life.
  15. Vaughan is superb, he's probably on £3-4K a week. Our recruitment has been pi** poor for years, the last being one of the worst. Get rid of the deadwood, those not good enough, those continually injured and players like Vaughan begin to look affordable. It's a bit like trying to run a sports car on sunflower oil. It coughs, splutters and then comes to a standstill until you clean the engine out and put the correct high octane fuel in! Appalling at Vale, not good enough and more need to say it. I'm all for the owners and sentiment but not at the expense of my money and my love of Vale ove
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