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  1. It's a difficult one for me. My wife and I are season ticket holders so it's easy for me to say it's fair. My daughters often attend games, so do friends who are not season ticket holders, therefore we buy them a ticket on our concession. This is not denying a genuine fan a ticket in all honesty, just saving them having to queue and guaranteeing them a seat with us. From the clubs perspective, they are shifting tickets quicker, know who is buying them and ensuring control and security to a point. I do sympathise with those who do not have a ST and deserve the opportunity to get a ticket. Not sure what the answer is tbh. I guess it's all based around statistics in terms of season ticket numbers versus walk-up ultimately maximising sales from the clubs perspective?
  2. Big wake up call. Forgetting the fact that we are now stable and a 'happy' club and I'm extremely grateful for that. We are desperately short to even consider threatening this league. We need someone to boss the midfield, Loft/ Cummins/ Brammer for example. I think midfield is the issue but saying that we shipped 5 and I never expected that.
  3. Really disappointed to throw away the win so late, this is maybe clouding my feelings re the side. It's no use keeping on saying we should have won/ we didn't and that's quite worrying particularly as we have had the chances to kill games. Do we have enough attacking quality, I'm not sure. I am a bit confused as to why we sign 11 and start 1 (Amoo) with the exception of Crookes who was here last term? We need a decent win lets hope its Tuesday. Legge was immense at Salford
  4. Agree. Bit concerned having made 11 signings that only Amoo (and Crookes) are in the starting 11? We play patches of decent possession football, good on the eye football. Sady there appears no end result, however, saying that we should have beaten Northampton. I think Askey may be looking to introduce change and introducing new players gradually. Remember the first 4 games of his tenure - defeats, then suddenly away at Notts County there was a massive change in system and dynamics! He surely has focussed on strikers and attack minded players, lets see. On first impressions it looks difficult to create goal threat, Oyeleke seems to have fitness issues at league level for some reason? Positive response required at Salford. Club is in a much better place now the fat controller has gone, it may take some time to turn the club around after he and a string of catastrophic decisions on the field have reduced us to near extinction. I trust the Shanahans and John Askey to take us on to much better things. Keep the faith.
  5. There wil still be sceptical people out there waiting for failure. Personally I'd fail a million times with people like the Shanahans at the helm. Anyway it won't happen. Onwards and upwards. The future and Port Vale are one in hand.
  6. Club shop mate. They wouldn't say who the suppliers were because of launch. I did say I didn't like the quality and fit of the errea kits.
  7. Target now is the end of June
  8. Quite like the away kit tbh, better than errea. Always loved the Admiral England, Man Utd and Leeds kits as a kid.
  9. The other alternative option is that the new owners are evaluating everything at the club, this may include the position of manager? Unlikely there will be a problem imo but how many times do you see clubs change ownership then the manager is the first change - only saying... John deserves the chance, think back to January, we were 'gone'.
  10. Not moaning but it does seem strange. With all the euphoria of the last week or so I thought the management position was the icing on the cake in respect of the new future. my thoughts are that John was on a pretty basic salary in a bid to 'prove' himself to some. He is probably negotiating a better deal based on the fact there has been and may still be interest from other parties for him. I think he is a Vale man but has he had his head turned? That's life folks.
  11. You may be right but he did look good in league 1. Seemed a decent lad also, chased the money, gone wrong for him. It's really about his injuries. We need change I guess. Sam Foley, however, I would like back.
  12. Smurthwaite has made millions out of Vale, out of the pockets of genuine Stoke people. He has no shame, he knows no better. Cash is his ego, his king No doubt he'll move on to another club, he's never wrong, always makes money (his words) Good luck Norman. I have no money in comparison. I have my pride and love for football and Port Vale in particular. Up the Vale - onwards and upwards Valiants "Black & Gold - We've been sold" !!
  13. So would I tyler if he's not crocked. He was great when at Vale.
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