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  1. It has to be Colin Miles if only for his performance in the 4-0 FA Cup defeat to Hereford just before Tin Foyle was sacked. A 4 hr trip to witness one of the most abjectVale displays ever! Miles was the worst he was lumbering around like he had 'madcow' disease, got mullered. I think he did have a decent pedigree but for this game alone and one that lives long in my memory it's him
  2. Me too IC and the following Bratt and his cronies had at the end. We can only hope the darkest days of Port Vale are and will become an even more distant memory. I will never forget - nor should we. I will also never forget the many who demonstrated and fought for the club they love. Be proud that because of your efforts we are fortunate to have the club now in the hands of genuine people and adored by many fans both old and new. Stay positive and look to a better future for the Port Vale family.
  3. Can't see Oyeleke having any impact sadly, he looks way off the pace. He has the quality we need but thare is not enough time to bring him up to speed. The other Midfield guys are running their bo..ocks off in all fairness!
  4. No doubt we are solid and would be 2nd in the form league for the last 10 games and 5th for the last 6. Couldn't go yesterday just seen the highlights. Shocking pen decision and tbh I'm sure Pope would have scored Cullen's chances and should perhaps have scored his diving header? 2 pts gone, 2 last week - too many examples of this, however, we are still in there. We are a unit and if Cullen and Pope start firing I think we may just squeeze in the play offs. If not that is where we will fall down this term. Must wins v Crawley and Bradford but how many times have we been here and shot ourselves in the foot. Get down to VP and shout the boys home!
  5. The pitch has held up well for a few years now. It is credit to Speedy and his team. I have also noted that this season Vale exploit the width of the pitch and we eventually overun teams down the flanks and through the middle with Burgess and Conlon with Joyce sitting in. It's working well
  6. Good shout that. A very enjoyable game from 2 decent sides. Cheltenham played well and I would like to see their No16 Alex Addai alongside the Pope, he is just what we need on that showing. Vale deserved the win imo. Much better than the Walsall game. UTV
  7. They will know who they have sold the tickets to on the system and also on ticket stubs. If it were an issue they could check, they won't as it will take time. I was merely pointing out it could and should have been done. I have purchased tickets in the past (or people have bought for me) for games at Wigan/ Old Trafford, etc and they are very strict on who has tickets. The name they are bought in are responsible for any issues arising regardless if they use the tickets personally. I was trying to help, failing that buy a season ticket and queue for 3 hours like I did.
  8. They won't be there on Saturday squire!
  9. Surely there was only one check list electronically shared avoiding ST duplication. If not they must be able to run checks afterwards and deal with multiple purchases on the same ST? I was suprised at the amount of time taken when purchasing my tickets - checking names/ our address/ season ticket details/ seat allocation/ finally writing on ticket stubs the cost and ID prior to payment. I thought that the Synectics people would have been all over efficiency and streamlining particularly security wise? The writing was on the wall when I queued for 2.5 hours for Salford tickets. It was a 3 hour queue for Man City tickets. I genuinely feel sorry for those that 'do go' who haven't got a ticket but who thought 8K would have gone in a week and a half. The old Rudge days was 1 ticket per ST or Travel Club member but this was also abused as people purchased multiple tickets as the club just wanted to sell (You know what Mr Bell was like with his biscuit tin!) I do hope people get sorted somehow, I thought that ST holders would have bought for friends and family who were non ST's? I would gladly help the club but honestly thought they may have learned from the Salford ticket sale, then again Crewe? I'm sure in future it will be better
  10. Thought we were desperately poor yesterday. The Walsall defence had it's easiest game of the season. Only Smith and Legge to a point were on it. The squad is thin and lacks quality. Service to Pope was again non existent and crossing quality was dire. Monty and Amoo were both way off, full backs neither defended or supported. Midfield was slow and disorganised running around like headless chickens resulting probably in Conlons frustration? Pope was taken out of the game, leaving no threat at all. Bad day at the office, we move on but Askey surely knows the limitations he has at hand. We are not a million miles away in this average league, those 3 points would have been massive to us. The Xmas period will define our season. Let's not be too down but we have and will need to be better than this showing sadly. UTV
  11. It's a difficult one for me. My wife and I are season ticket holders so it's easy for me to say it's fair. My daughters often attend games, so do friends who are not season ticket holders, therefore we buy them a ticket on our concession. This is not denying a genuine fan a ticket in all honesty, just saving them having to queue and guaranteeing them a seat with us. From the clubs perspective, they are shifting tickets quicker, know who is buying them and ensuring control and security to a point. I do sympathise with those who do not have a ST and deserve the opportunity to get a ticket. Not sure what the answer is tbh. I guess it's all based around statistics in terms of season ticket numbers versus walk-up ultimately maximising sales from the clubs perspective?
  12. Big wake up call. Forgetting the fact that we are now stable and a 'happy' club and I'm extremely grateful for that. We are desperately short to even consider threatening this league. We need someone to boss the midfield, Loft/ Cummins/ Brammer for example. I think midfield is the issue but saying that we shipped 5 and I never expected that.
  13. Really disappointed to throw away the win so late, this is maybe clouding my feelings re the side. It's no use keeping on saying we should have won/ we didn't and that's quite worrying particularly as we have had the chances to kill games. Do we have enough attacking quality, I'm not sure. I am a bit confused as to why we sign 11 and start 1 (Amoo) with the exception of Crookes who was here last term? We need a decent win lets hope its Tuesday. Legge was immense at Salford
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