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  1. Seems to be alot more hamstring injuries in the game these days at all levels.
  2. Let's hope so. Bit worrying these hamstring injuries tbh
  3. It's a win, we don't look like a promotion or play offs side at the moment but I guess that's hardly suprising given all the change and the covid break. We go again as they say. We look short up top imo.
  4. Need a right back and a striker for any further advancement.
  5. A decent side would have murdered us today. Too pedestrian, lacked any serious threat. First half slow and stale, improved and dominated second half and deserved the 1-0. Wilson never looks fit to me, Amoo does not do enough and needs licence on the right to run at people - which won't happen if Worrall is in and nor should it. Worried with the x3 at the back as I think a decent side will be in and around them. Keeper looks OK. We need to improve for sure.
  6. Grant gave away a lot of ball today, looked out of touch at times. Mind you so did Vale!
  7. I just think we have become predictable and it shows. Hussey really does need to step up, hope he does starting today. Seems a lack of cutting edge up top, again Garrity has plugged the shortfalls but can't sustain this.
  8. Apart from we are dependant on Worrall for most of the creativity in the side? Cass and Gibbo will be massive misses.
  9. Dan Jones, or has he gone as well??? No recognised right back, how many changes today? Not firing up front. That said we should beat Scunthorpe. Gone from nailed on promotion favourites to also rans. Bit worried if I'm honest, only seen form in 'fits and starts' since November.
  10. Home form is no where near enough. Strikers are often isolated. lots of possession but dependent on Worrall and Garrity for any direct threat. Goals have dried up since te end of Novemeber. Still not sure why Politic was never a regular starter, must be fitness issues or clauses in the loan. Regardless since Proctor, we have relatively loooked toothless. Garrity's goals have papered over the cracks. The decline is startling and the pressure is on DC. Need 4 points at least from the next two home games.
  11. I was looking at more in Lorne St, slightly more Bycars, 1,126 Brentford and 6K Railway. Would have been around 9,500 minimum. Could well have topped the 10,000 protocol rules. Tranmere was understated and there were considerably more Saturday. Reminded me of the old Bill Bell crowd days.
  12. Wouldn't worry too much about Toney if his performances in my fantasy league team are anything to go by!!!
  13. There's a winners mentality at Vale for sure. A strong League 2 side and more than capable of competing in League 1. Politic is class, should be playing at higher levels, I'd love him to come to Vale even for the interim. We need an experienced goalscorer to guide us through the next couple of months, similar to what Lee Hughes did. All positive and fantastic turnaround yesterday. Thank you lads and particularly Dennis Politic. UTV
  14. We should have enough quality defensively, Legge will come back in. Dealing with crosses is a coaching issue whoever plays. midfield is strong. Up top we need and experienced striker to push us over the line. trust the process. I don't normally but will this time. Investment in time, recruitment and scouting is apparent and looks pretty spot on.
  15. Serious problems up top without Wilson and Proctor. Amoo should be out wide, Rodney through the middle. What is wrong with Devante, something is? Hope he works through things. Where was Politic? Well short tbh and deserately in need of a 'proven' striker on loan. Today Gibbons, Pett and garrity were great
  16. Just a quick random reply to the fella who was with me in the queue from 8.30am this morning (from Macc). We discussed many stories of our Vale (and other football) memories. I forgot the name of a particular player, knew his name was John and he was a scouser for sure. Tried to get me to buy him bottles of water from the kiosk at Shrewsbury - said he'd pay me back after! It was 'John DURNIN' matey. He'll know what I mean if he's on here. He told me he had played in a corporate five a side comp with an ageing George Best!! My claim to fame was playing in the same side as Dave Harris, being coached by Frank Sharp and attempting to mark - Mark Bright!
  17. He's right. I was in the queue at 8.30am, about 80 or so in front of me. Came out of the office around 9.45. Was given a nice brew and had a great chat with a fella about old times. A lot turned up around 9.15-9.30am and queue was big then. Will sell out if not by end of business today, for sure tomorrow. We may have more fans than Burton! Super Vale away....(I do hope so)
  18. Reasonable assumption, however, something always seems to go wrong with Bradford. A solid outfit with decent manager. Pett was my MOM today. The Bradford lad No 19 Angol changed the game. Smith got battered. We need Legge back but not at the cost of him being pushed back too early. Rodney looks off the pace for some reason, I am concerned if we lose both Proctor and Wilson.
  19. Cass, Jones and Proctor are massive leg-ups to this Vale side. All superb today.
  20. Agree Conrad. The lad did not put a foot out of place nor pass. Was still running on late into the game. One of the best performances I've seen by a young man in a Vale shirt. Get him signed asap.
  21. We looked solid today. Sign Cass he's class, cultured and assured performance from him. Jones too was immense. Need to perhaps be alittle more dynamic in attack, we do lack pace also but I'm sure Clarke will eventually play Amoo and/ or Politic to supplement Wozza's industry and desire. Keep it quiet but we may just be getting there.
  22. I guess the jury is out on Clarke and the new team. I've only seen 2 games Tranmere and Rochdale. In both we had spells and looked great but seemed to lack ideas and yesterday in particular basic defending and closing down players. Could and should have been 2 up, which is worrying in itself. Stand out players from my first game were Legge, Worrall, Smith and Jones. Yesterday proctor, Worrall and Conlon. We lack a playmaker and are too dependent on Conlon. Proctor was great yesterday. Wilson has a lot to do imo. Football is a relatively simple game, it is players that win games aided by tactics. over complicating things and trying to be 'clever' rarely works at this level. Why no Amoo, Politic, we had no left sided threat virtually all game? The bottom line is that there has been major change and investment in both the playing and backroom staff. Expectations are high and should be. It is time to step up I'm afraid. I'll reserve judgement.....for now.
  23. Didn't need to count them individually you get a 'feel' for attendences after 40 years. However, there were parts of the game where I couldhave done chief!
  24. Thought it was an awful situation, something that could have been managed a hell off a lot better given the climate or at any time tbh. Clowns on Radio Stoke saying stop moaning! Ridiculous situation that should have been managed from 2.15pm onwards. No or little stewarding of crowd, no tannoy announcement or anyone addressing the crowd. If people don't flag up this kind of situation how can things improve and be acted upon. I have actually seen £21 K in Vale park, although the gate was listed at £14K! Not moaning merely giving out facts as I'm sure are well and truly documented for action for the future.
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