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  1. Clarke himself does not know the answer to that question
  2. I think it's easy to blame Askey now, he made mistakes but many factors have contributed to where we are now. Many have not been addressed by the new boys in charge imo.
  3. He was not the only one. It will take more than Mr Flitcrofts sports science to sort this sh*t out. I'd like to hear Askey's response to the fitness claims. to me when he came in, that was what I noticed about the Vale side. They were fitter and at em. We have some wasters at the club, even if fit won't look any different.
  4. Me neither Darren, following Thursdays meeting and me as usual 'buying-in' to everything, to witness that has totally deflated and upset me, which is a shame for me and every other Vale fan out there. Today, I saw a relegated side, offering nothing. Clarke for me came from nowhere, he speaks well, that is not enough. Sick of it and it will break my heart if we lose league status.
  5. Following Thursday, the last thing I expected was a display so lethargic, I expected blood and thunder at the very least. I fell asleep in all honessty and missed the goal. This hurts and it's worse that we can't vent our feelings. This display was as abject as any we have witnessed since the end of October
  6. It's torture, we need fans in there, we need to try and help in some way. So sad.
  7. The Colchester and Barrow games are the ones that will save us or send us down. All the positivity from Thursdays meeting and we witness that. I will save the negativity but as the saying goes "You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time" So sad, bitterly disappointing, cruel to have to witness this at home.
  8. All sorts of stuff was mentioned. Who trains, who doesn't, they don't or didn't know for sure. What players did, did they spend too much time running on roads. Injuries were due to this along with training on different pitches, not being monitored or set targets, etc - A mess!
  9. He asked 3 of the 4 I put forward and to be honest i was not expecting that. Many questions were combined on a 'like type' theme. Lets see what the next 12 games bring starting Saturday.
  10. Agree, this could turn out to be a good thing, there WILL and already is a process to bring 'root and branch' change. if we don't get wins in the next 12 games then the players themselves will take the majority of responsibility imo. They are being worked hard, have been told a few truths and I expect them to deliver, particularly when Amoo, Worrall and Tom Pope are playing. I hope I'm right, more confident than I was for sure.
  11. On tonights meeting - 230 attended. I have to say that behind my initial scepticism of David Flitcroft and Darrell Clarke, I feel the need to report that tonight has convinced me somewhat of their real desire and passion to succeed. I think it's natural that we as Vale supporters are a bit wary having witnessed the goings on of the last 20 years or more and in particular with Smurthwaite. This club WILL be professionally run from top to bottom, I thank Carol and Kevin for the vision to try and achieve that and all you guys who have supported the club in difficult times and will continue to do so. So many things are going on, all with a passion, all with us in mind, all with a responsiblity to achieve success for us all. I'm sure we'll survive and if and when we do lets see what happens. I'll be there whatever happens but tonight has reassured me that at least we have the beginnings of a structure that will surpass the dross we have witnessed now for far too long. Talk is cheap, as I have said before but I really do wish these two fellas all the best in their mission, one that if successful will bring so much joy to our lives. "We go again" as they say far too frequently, this time with purpose. Fantastic effort by all at Port Vale to recognise the loss of valued and loved supporters with so much heart and compassion. 3 points Saturday....
  12. Fantastic man depicted well by the fabulous Paine Proffitt
  13. I'm OK with that, these people are getting paid good money in a profession many fans can only dream of. Needs addressing. get the Pope on.
  14. That's what worries me. These are games we have the opportunity to win and need to.
  15. Radio Stoke commentary is outof time with iFollow pictures?
  16. Pretty much says it all
  17. Harry Kewell just been sacked as Oldham manager.
  18. I remember Mckirdy goading Vale fans at Crewe, he's lucky no one went on after him. I think he has talent but does not apply or use it sadly. Needs a lick up the Jacksy. Rudgie now retired then!
  19. I must admit I was over the moon when Nathan committed with us. he has looked as poor as anyone, what on earth has gone on within the club? i thought Askey was strict, fitness orientated, etc. It appears not if you listen to Clarke
  20. You are far too sensible Biddulph, what worries me more is that fans not being around give these clowns a free pass. They don't deserve one. My initial thoughts were that on current form and assuming we don't beat Oldham that Barrow will catch us within the next 5 games (for them) and Southend by gameweek 39/40. I am struggling to find any positives, Rodney and Hurst I suppose, nothing else. Brown will be the next dropped, possibly Tuesday, legge and Joyce have been scapegoats and I believe they reacted to goings on in October. Tom pope didn't look right when he was playing, he won't play again this season and even if he does what can we expect? we must be the laughing stock in the league. The positive air around the place has long gone sadly.
  21. But I'm sure some will. Dead right
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