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    It’s frustrating being a Vale fan, what with the impatience of some fans. Where do these fans expect us to be? There’s no given in this league. Everyone’s fighting for something & every point is hard to get. Last year we lost 13 games at home! We’re unbeaten in 8 so far. That for me is big progress. If we give Askey more than 5 minutes, he might actually be able to build something.
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    I remember Crewe fans slating Artell last season for being negative, with some saying they should of sacked him and gone for Askey. However despite all that the club stuck with Artell and now look where they are on a smaller budget than us. How many fans wanted Rudge sacked before that Finney goal v Macc and the rest is history. For gods sake, the club needs stability not another 15 ruddy managers and clear outs every Season. Give the bloke time for gods sake.
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    Cheaper squad, better results, more hope. I am very happy with JA as I feel we are moving in the right direction.
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    Has taken us from a 3rd bottom team to 5 points off the playoffs.
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    Good manager. Best since Adams. Needs more time.
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    Doing a steady job. If we’re patient and give him time I think he will get us challenging in this league similar to what Artell has done at Crewe.
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    This one always comes up and it makes no difference whatsoever to the performance levels. Brown used to rant and rave/show passion/argue with officials. Rudgey often used to sit in the little Lorne Street stand until well into the 2nd half. who’s style to you think was most effective? Every individual is different - there is no right and wrong. Re: Askey, I am generally happy With the progress we have made. Last year if we had lost Manny so early in the season we would have been down by Christmas. This year we are steadily picking up points, have a game plan, create more chances and more players who can score. Squad overall is better and he has only had 1 transfer window. Given time I am sure we will prosper - it was never an overnight fix.
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    We are a tough side to beat,especially at home.Always a good platform for better things to come.
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    JA knows me about football than me - in fact, almost everyone on onevalefan will probably know more about football than me - but personally it makes a refreshing change from the previous 3-4 seasons not to be fretting we may drop into relegation. C&K and JA have an enormous task to hand. Time is the key. In the meantime I'm enjoying post match days again. Long may it continue.
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    What on earth does Stoke have to do with it?
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    Is this a thread designed to be inflammatory? I think we’re doing ok and he isn’t doing a bad job. Of course he has a tendency to make subs arguably too late in a game sometimes, but to be comfortably mid table and look to be a better team and squad than we were last season is what I wanted to see. We have a pattern of play and he’s getting a tune out of the majority of the players and they look like they want to play for him. Give him time I say. We aren’t going to become a top 3 side over night.
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    Yesterday wasn’t brilliant but it was far better than watching Oldham put four past us last Christmas.
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    I’ve enjoying arguing with myself too. Might have to put myself on the block list.
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    This too wound me up quite a bit. Proper exposed how basic some people's grasp of football is. "If the ball isn't going forward, it is bad" There were a couple of occassions where we tried to overplay it a bit on the edge of the 18 but the booing was absolutely ludicrous. Boo a bad performance lacking effort by all means; don't boo a Vale player recycling possession. Weirdos.
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    Askey needs be given long term and hasn't done anything to suggest he could go. I hope he remains long term. If we end up in another relegation battle by the end of the season then it needs be considered. However I feel a mid table top ten finish is at hand.
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    Nope. As stated in the post prior I think he's doing decently. Just 6 of the next 7 games (Crewe, MK Dons in the Cup, and then the 4 sides below 17th) will most likely dictate how this season is viewed. I probably wouldn't move to sack Askey at all until the season is over. I would like a manage to last a full season for the first time in 3-4 years. I was making the point that certain elements of our fanbase will undoubtedly turn on him should Novemeber and December not go to plan - we have people in this thread calling for him to be sacked immediately after 4 points from 2 games, unbeaten at home in 8, no goals from open play conceded in 3, and sitting 11th and a favourable turn of results away from being right in the playoff picture, on a lower budget than last season and our most talented player for all but 3 games.
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    Dissapointing and ultimately frustrating. Positives - Monty looks fine at left back. I think its probably his best position. He's actually very decent at tackling wingers one on one, and his distribution and ability to progress the ball is very helpful. Defensively we look pretty sound; no open play goals conceded in 3 games. Smith and Legge seem to have a very good partnership. There does now seem to be options in the squad; Atkinson, Pope, and Cullen are 3 players with probably over 1000 league games between them, and they came off the bench. Brisley, Evans, and Archer can hold their own at this level and didn't see the pitch. We're no longer throwing on gambles/inadequate players as soon as a suspension/injury hits. Negatives - Without Conlon the pressing game isn't up to scratch. I think we miss him more than fans realise. Bennett is bang out of form. No striker seems to be able to stake a claim. Askey won't waver from 433 so it might be time to gamble with Archer for a game or two, or find a midfield pairing that will keep the middle solid and allow us to go 442/4231 with Bennett/Cullen behind the front man. Amoo is frustrating. Brilliant at making the full back panic, a superb outlet on the break, but his final ball lets him down. Classic League 2 winger. Browne didn't take his opportunity. Inability to create good quality chances after Taylor and Smith's misses early doors. We are heavily reliant on Worrall, in terms of energy, crossing, passing, and set-pieces. Our most important player by a considerable distance. All in all, a week that sums up where we are; a decent side that is very difficult to beat but lacks the quality that teams like Swindon and Crewe have to fashion good chances for good forwards. We seem to play better against good teams who will concede space for our wingers on the counter, and struggle against teams who sit back and invite us to break them down. Without a proper creative midfielder like Manny, we struggle to get through on goal. Crewe will be fun. Worrall back in and Atkinson in for Burgess to tighten up the middle. Up front, I'd be tempted by Popey as it'll be a game of few chances for us and a lot of crossing. Otherwise, get Archer on.
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    The turn around has been fantastic and given time I am sure Askey can take us to better things. I am pleased with this progress so far. The nightmare of possible non league seems atlast dead. He needs time and I honestly think he will bring great things to PVFC yes we are inconsistent, welcome to League 2.
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    Agree, we are in a position now, that to do worse at home than last season, we would have to lose ALL our remaining home games. Granted we won’t win them all, but no way will we lose them all. That to me is progress.
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    He hasnt set the world on fire but i didnt expect him to. What I hoped he would do was stop the rot that set in a couple of seasons ago and get us into a position where we could hold our own. I realise it's not just a football problem the club faced, although that's the public face, its a whole club problem that has to be solved.... finance, match day experience etc, the whole 9 yards as they say.... which isn't his sole responsibility. Expectations have risen, hope has risen, excitement has risen, frustration has risen especially when not getting a result after playing well..... Mark those last 2 words..... playing well..... something fans were short of previously.. Given the starting point, the expectation of failure last season, the restrictions, the size of the task both on and off the field..... I think he is managing to fulfil my expectations so far with a little to spare. Stableise this season....... consolidate and build next season..... make a push the season after if all goes well.
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    Fans booing because a player has decided to keep the ball and go backwards is disgraceful IMO. Some of our fans are terrible. Its not just today either.
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    In the round he is doing well. He is trying to make the team more accomplished but sometimes like today it doesn't come off
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    Better than Aspin, Brown and Ribiaro.
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    Askey is a solid operator. The turn around last season was an incredible achievement. I genuinely felt we were going out of the football league under Aspin. I would say Askey is a good manager and doing well enough with what he has. Our squad isn’t full of players who are proven in league football. Only Worrall and Pope have played at a sustained period in League 1 convincingly in their careers.
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    I'm trying to Look at it from the new owners point of view : We are new to this and need a steady manager who isn't going to rock the boat or try and spend money we simply don't have. He knows the lower leagues, he's a local man who knows the club and what the fans expexctations are. He kept us up and has only had limited time and money to bring in the sort of player he wants.....add to that the way the club was possibly percieved in football circles and the fact we were pretty much nailed on for another relegation dogfight and you can see why players are not queing up at the doors. Slow and steady on and off the field, that's the way to progress and that's whats happening. From my point of view he's doing a good job, the eleven on the pitch look like a 'team', opposition teams are coming here with a plan to not lose and that's testament to how we are now being viewed. Askey needs to find a way to unlock stubborn teams but 8 games at home undefeated is excellent in my opinion. No need to get on his back, give him and the team time.
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    So we lose one player to suspension and cannot beat poor teams like Oldham. It was poor tactics from set pieces and lack of effort that nearly cost us the game. I don’t expect our team to press at all times but just more effort to push forward and support our forward(s). It is two steps forward one step back after a good win at Bradford.
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    It’s difficult to say what will happen in January. We have some excellent young players, Wintle, Pickering, Ng, Lowery, Kirk, Dale. If we can keep them, we have a chance of a memorable season. We also have some very good old heads, Nolan, Green and Porter who can let the youngsters play. Next Saturday will be interesting, just wish I could be there, but due to commitments my next game will be Northampton away on 16 Nov which is only a 45 min drive for me.
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    Saturday’s game was a strange affair. I said to my brother that neither side look as though they will score. Vale struggle to deal with sides who park the bus. We don’t have that ingenuity. The two wingers, Amoo and Browne literally did not deliver yesterday. Defensively we are sound. Monty looks comfortable at left back. I like Burgess and Taylor, although the latter often runs out of steam mid way through the second half. Joyce was my man of the match yesterday. He hit some great passes and rarely gives up possession. Bennett is more mobile than Pope but can’t head and spends quite a lot of time out of the box. However he was the only one pressing whilst the wingers watched their navels. I would play Archer next week. It will be great to have Worrall back next week. Star player this season.
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    No excuse whatsoever for fans booing because we haven’t elected to cross it, hoof it or try and force something when instead the players have elected to keep the ball, go backwards or sideways and start again. It shows a total lack of understanding IMO.
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    The "certain elements" will be disappointed then,Askey should and will be given the time,there is far too much knee jerk reactions to football managers,anyone appointed in his place will have failed somewhere else or will be a gamble. Fortunately our club is run by people who will keep a steady hand on the tiller and anyone suggesting he should go after December needs to give their head a wobble.
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    He's doing fine. Not pulling up any trees but we are undoubtedly in a better position than last season. As people have mentioned, we currently sit 11th. In Adams' first full season (I concede Askey has had longer due to his spell last season but that was largely spent fire-fighting in an effort to keep us up rather than long-term planning), we finished 10th, with him being commended on the Wiki page for that season as "He took a squad of players that had previously been near the bottom of the division and made them difficult to beat, taking them to a tenth-place finish, just outside the play-offs." I see a similar trend this year; harder to beat, much more competitive. Adams also inherited Marc Richards, who bagged 23 that season (not for one minute suggesting Askey is as good as Adams, just that even with great managers it can take a season to arrest a long-term decline and re-energise a club). That's what I'm seeing here. We've drawn the most in the division but we aren't losing many. We're beating some big teams; Bradford and Plymouth spring to mind, as well as 4th place Forest Green, who we outplayed. These ar largely due to good tactical decision making. There are undoubted flaws; he struggles away from home, he is cautious in his subs, his desire to protect the middle of the park leaves us with one up top which inevitably leads to struggles up front, we can't seem to break down poor teams, especially at home. He's by no means a perfect manager, and in fact I'd say he's no more than a steady manager. Signings; some massive balls up - Lloyd, Crooks, Kennedy seem to be obvious mistakes but wouldn't have cost much. Cullen has been hampered by injuries but thats been the story of his career for the last few seasons, so due dilligence maybe wasn't done there. On the other hand, Taylor, Amoo, Burgess, Bennett, and Archer all seem to have added something to the squad. The scouting and recruitment at the club simply has to get more efficient and effective this coming summer; we can't rely on Askey signing players he knows. We need to be more intelligent if we're going to compete with the top 7 in the next season. People calling for him to be sacked, however, after 8 games unbeaten at home, no goals conceded from open play in 3 games, and within touching distance of the playoffs as the season really gets going, are being silly. We are missing our first choice midfielders, and currently have a lad with about 15 games in professional football and a lad playing his first senior football ever on loan replacing them, and we're not losing games. Reading this back there are positives and negatives to every aspect of his management; tactics, signings, team selection. He's a League 2 manager managing a League 2 squad, after two years of being managed by non-league managers managing non-league squads + Tom Pope, with ownership from a Sunday League chairman. He's fine. Let him continue. Re-evaluate post season. Anything lower than 14th, questions need to be asked. Anything higher than 10th, hats off. Anything in between, its as expected, and IMHO that's exactly where we're going to end up. A cup run, either FA or Leasing, is crucial; that extra £100,000 could be the difference in getting a good striker in and having to make do as we are.
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    Summed up neatly. Last season we'd have been 6 on Tuesday, 4.5 yesterday. Both games would have been lost. So that's progress. Very notable and we have the relative luxury of being disappointed with an average performance.
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    At the end of the day we were the better team, but didn't do enough to deserve the win. And they could have nicked it. Their bloke second half missed a bigger sitter than Taylor. We were just too slow and over complicating things. Back and sideways is okay at times, but too much of that today. Have to mix it up a bit more. City score goals from a hoof from the keeper now and again. Bennett was never in the game. Disappointing but 4 points from the last two games, take it. And stuff Crow next weekend with Wozza back. Actually nobody played that bad. It was more we were all 6.5 today and 8.0 Tues. Happens. It's a tight league, when we're on it we can match anyone (bar Exeter so far). If not, we are much of a muchness. Like today. Monty deserved MOTM for me.
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    He can spot a player, we are playing more football than for many a year and not just cluelessly lumping it forward, he understands tactics but.....he is too slow to change things when it’s clearly not working. This is the main criticism. I have previously questioned the level of progress because I believe we’ve the best squad we’ve had for many a year, but I certainly am not calling for him to be sacked!!! Jeeeez!!!!
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    Steady, level-headed. A bit frustrating with how late he leaves his substitutions. Overall I'm fairly happy with him and it's a marked improvement on last season. I like the style of football he's trying to implement. A long contract, patience and time will hopefully be rewarded with a promotion to L1 by 2022.
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    I think some are in danger of underestimating the size of the task required to turn us around on the pitch. My thoughts are he was as good an appointment as we could have made at the time, given the state we were in. I honestly thought the turnaround to get us safe last year was pretty miraculous. I was absolutely convinced we were down at the time. The performances are a world away from what they were last season. The fact that i go to games thinking it's even a possibility we'll win is a sign of progress. I have been disappointed with the last two home performances and the macc game thats for sure. There's a bit of quality lacking and for me we take too long on the ball at the moment to play the style we're trying to implement. I think it will come though. Hopefully we'll inprove each window with a couple of good additions. I'd sum it up by saying whilst not blown away by it all i'm happy with the progress and I'm not concerned about John Askey at all. I think we're turning it round but time is needed. Fancy us to finish about 12th. Last season i was checking where places like braintree were.
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    And just while I'm listening to it, I don't like his radio interviews after a poor performance. Carbon copy on the radio today as it was against Macc. Never any liability on his part.
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    He seems to have got his subs spot on at Bradford.
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    You’d have got some great odds on Leicester outscoring the All Blacks this weekend..
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    I don't think there has been a "straight up" politician since guy fawkes or Guido fakes or John johnson.... (maybe related).... failed.
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    Rudgie is 75 today. It’s also Trafalgar Day. Whilst it is true that Lord Nelson did great things for England there is no doubt that Rudgie did far more for Burslem!
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