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  1. Just to be aware, For anyone going in the executive boxes this Season or Sponsoring a match / ball, be aware it seems the Club have introduced a new smarter dress code.
  2. I actually agree with Karl mate, I don't think Pope will be first choice and will need to earn his place. Which tbf I haven't got a prob with as it would show we finally have options upfront
  3. I notice Salford are rumoured to have bid £500k for Andy Cook from Walsall and also rumoured to be offering £8k a week wages. Can Carol find some rich Billonaires to invest lol
  4. Only 1 prob with that, there isn't any games watch now until the window nearly closes lol
  5. Carol answered that in a roundabout way on Signal radio Sat mate. She said she loves Vale park, and when fans say the ground is too big, they shouldn't look at it like that, but the fact the League we are in is too small. A far more positive attitude.
  6. That's the thing though mate, how do you know its rubbish. Considering he's being completely dropped would suggest something is not right.
  7. To busy watching the excellent clips of big Reg on YouTube lol
  8. Just incase anyone travels from Longport: Update on Newcastle Street, Middleport: We were called out to Newcastle Street by the fire service on Monday due to concerns over an unsafe structure. A subsequent examination of the property, which is in private ownership, has left us with no choice but to react to the situation given its location and condition. We have responded quickly and have informed the property owner of our decision to demolish the building with community safety in mind. The demolition is proposed to start this Thursday and will require some large machinery to be brought in, including a crane which will have to be positioned on Newcastle Street due to its size and weight. This means the current road closure will have to remain in place while the work is carried out, which could take up to five weeks but we hope to finish it sooner. Traffic will continue to be diverted on Westport Road and we ask motorists, residents and nearby businesses for their patience and understanding while this essential work is carried out. We will do everything we can to keep any disruption to a minimum.
  9. Think about it, the bloke is all about ego rather than common sense. County were recently valued around £6mil I heard, so not far off price hes getting for Vale. It's also virtually on his doorstep. Then think of his ego if his side do better than Carol's. Then he'll be all over Twitter saying "look Vale fans I've given County a massive budget compared to yours.
  10. I notice quite a few on Twitter are getting worried due to Smurthwaite turning up to the game today. Fears he might still be around next Season. I seriously don't trust the bloke
  11. Considering the financial issues they face and no takeover still complete, plus the fact they could be non league and the fact we MIGHT have new owners I wouldn't take that as a given yet.
  12. I read it to mean, it hasn't been sold yet mate, but is being sold shortly. So if Smurthwaite owns it, then that is surely a good sign
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