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  1. Off the same posters who said James Wilson was signing from Man U. A joke is one thing, but theirs get boring now lol
  2. If you think Pope is a legend, you haven't been going very long. Yes good player, however not in same League as the like of Foyle, Naylor, Slaven, who did it at an higher level.
  3. Palmer is 27 mate and a 1 in 3 striker.
  4. Did you get a good offer on the funny fags mate
  5. Seen this for Sheff U fans visiting Man City so guess it will be the same for Vale fans. I thing I note is it says no Bags are allowed. Guess with it sadly being an high value Terrorist target they cover all angles. https://www.sufc.co.uk/news/2019/december/mancity-supporter-information/
  6. Seems like quite a few buying tickets for the Home ends, so surely it would make more sense for City to move a few hundred of their fans and give Vale fans Tier 1, rather than risk trouble
  7. Haha I think Charlie would have an heart attack if he had to organise that many. 5 from the Crown mate lol
  8. Yes you can buy tickets for Tier 1 off the Man City site mate. So that is def for their fans.
  9. I remember Crewe fans slating Artell last season for being negative, with some saying they should of sacked him and gone for Askey. However despite all that the club stuck with Artell and now look where they are on a smaller budget than us. How many fans wanted Rudge sacked before that Finney goal v Macc and the rest is history. For gods sake, the club needs stability not another 15 ruddy managers and clear outs every Season. Give the bloke time for gods sake.
  10. Carol and Kevin are fully behind Charlie and Paul running coaches from the Crown, as they put loads of money into the club, through raffles and functions they organise. They have also funded a Christmas tree for the Community. Personally I would never go on an official coach run from the Club as your far too restricted and its straight to the game and back again. Whereas with the coaches Charlie and Paul run from the Crown they organise a pub stop, with contact made with the pub beforehand. All well organised with full support from the Police.
  11. Just to be aware, For anyone going in the executive boxes this Season or Sponsoring a match / ball, be aware it seems the Club have introduced a new smarter dress code.
  12. I actually agree with Karl mate, I don't think Pope will be first choice and will need to earn his place. Which tbf I haven't got a prob with as it would show we finally have options upfront
  13. I notice Salford are rumoured to have bid £500k for Andy Cook from Walsall and also rumoured to be offering £8k a week wages. Can Carol find some rich Billonaires to invest lol
  14. Only 1 prob with that, there isn't any games watch now until the window nearly closes lol
  15. Carol answered that in a roundabout way on Signal radio Sat mate. She said she loves Vale park, and when fans say the ground is too big, they shouldn't look at it like that, but the fact the League we are in is too small. A far more positive attitude.
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