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  1. But you classed Karl as an happy clapper, just because he defended Carol from an idiotic wum who said she's not invested money. Best owner we've had in years. Its not Carol's fault Maynard took the piss, or Carol's fault Askey went for Robinson.
  2. Sadly there will always be idiotic wums mate. Best to ignore him
  3. Tbf why would Police be needed if no away fans l
  4. Tbf why not, it like Jean says , saves on floodlights
  5. No you can't mate. Yes you can make 5, but you only get 3 sub time outs. So for example you can make a 2, a 2 and a final 1. But you can't have 5 different ones at different times. Its to stop too many time outs as such
  6. Is it a case where you can only have 3 sub times though. So in other words you can't bring on 5 at different times, but you can bring on say, 2 at one point, 2 at another point, and 1 at another point, thus only 3 breaks in play as per the current time allowed. Thats how it originally worked in the Prem.
  7. Why is it stupid. Surely the fact the owners are investing in the future of the club is a good thing. Unless you want go back to previous owners.
  8. To be fair that was in L1 where only top 2 go up Automatically lol
  9. Majority of EFL club owners that have been spoken to on Five live were lapping up the deal with open arms. Not sure on how Carol feels. The Monday night club on 5 live tonight is worth listening to on catch up. It was on between 8.20 and 10.
  10. Copied from an Earlier text Jean. Sounds like it will be on till about 10ish on 5live, the Orient owner still on. He's basically saying he knows how the Liverpool owner runs his NFL club as he lives near Boston. He goes on to say how Henry and the NFL love the community and want strong competition, in other words, if say Newcastle had a bidder, just because they might be a threat, Liverpool would vote to allow that owner, rather than veto because they might have more money. The only time they would veto is if owners like Smurf tried take over clubs. Worth a listen on catch up if you get chan
  11. Could it be the lad from Castle Town IF true.
  12. Are Vale actually losing that much from Match day revenue though. Yeah obviously down, but luckily we've still sold approx 4000 STs. So technically say we have lost around 1000 pay of the day, but then the club now receives the money from Ifollow. Now ok that is only around half the price of a match day ticket. However Vale do now get money from away games, providing more than 500 pay for the Ifollow, whereas before away teams got nothing. So basically in short the club needs as many fans as possible to pay for the Ifollow especially the away games as at least that will help in some respects.
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