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  1. Ben Robinson Burton Owner was on 5live tonight. Vale voted along with the other 23 clubs to pay for the testing of all L2 players that are involved in the play offs out of their EFL share. Then he went on to discuss a First Team budget salary cap that will be around £1.25mil for L2 and around £2.25 - £2.5mil for L1. Clubs are debating proposals and if they do agree it will prob be in force for Season 21/22.
  2. Can someone please explain why the EFL have said it would be unfair to relegate Stevenage as there is 9 games left, but it's fair to just promote Teams. You cannot have 1 law for the top and a totally different law for the bottom. Disgusting attitude towards the National League. As for Vale, I love Carols attitude, however what hurts is the fact the play offs are still being played. I along with quite a few other fans could accept the top 4 going up as it is, but to continue with the play offs, seems a kick in the balls. And why is it ok for L1 to think about extending there play offs down to 8th position instead of the normal 6th in L1
  3. I notice the Posh chairman has spit his dummy out and also slagged virtually every club in L1 and L2 off at the same time. Arrogant knob
  4. They are saying this could take till the end of the year, does anyone really think any football will be played this Summer.
  5. All Horse Racing has now been suspended. Only thing Denise Coates is earning money off now, is betting on how many bloody bog rolls you've got lol
  6. Hasn't all Rugby now been cancelled. The Goverment have now said no Emergency services will be provided to any mass gathering. So even stuff behind closed doors is at risk. For example say Football went behind closed doors after April 3rd, and a player got injured and needed an ambulance. So not sure. Horse Racing can get around it behind closed doors as they have their own Private Ambulances according to the Racing correspondent on Fivelive yesterday.
  7. https://www.itv.com/news/2020-03-14/elderly-to-be-quarantined-for-four-months-in-wartime-style-mobilisation-to-combat-coronavirus/
  8. For anyone who thinks this is a joke. Just look at other Countries. Virtually everywhere is locked down, including pubs, clubs, ect. Israel have tonight banned people from having gatherings of more than just 10 people. Yes just 10 people. Weddings, Funerals all Banned. And then if you dont think that is real, listen to the NHS doctor on Fivelive. The full interview is being repeated after 10.30 tonight. Remember this is not some rumor, it's a full time NHS doctor. Basically saying the UK currently has around 6000 beds in ICU. They are expecting to need 1.5Million.
  9. Horse Racing will be Banned next week I guess, when the Goverment ban mass Gatherings.
  10. Anyone who thinks the Season will restart in April is living in Cloud Cuckoo land
  11. But what then happens, if say I go the game and I'm infected but not aware I've got it. I then pass it onto someone else and again that person is unaware. That person then goes and visits say his parents who have medical issues. The Goverment have already said upto 10thousand people in the UK may be infected. The WHO have also said it can be passed onto to people without knowing you have got it. Do you really want a death on your hands over a game of Football.
  12. Yeah considering the Goverment have said it will be 3 to 4 months before we get the peak.
  13. Might change what happens
  14. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/games-to-be-played-behind-closed-doors-as-part-of-coronavirus-crisis-plan-h8bcxm2bj
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