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  1. Interesting that 7 Towns and Cities in the North East are now going into Lockdown with a 10pm Curfew on Pubs ect and restrictions on travel. How will this affect the Boro test event if no fans are allowed on Public Transport.
  2. TBF mate, are you any good at presenting and commentating on a Game of football with potentially thousands listening to you. Easy to criticise, but I wouldn't dream of criticising you at your job, as I'd prob be crap at it.
  3. No I meant. Lol. Clearly the signings listed proves he signs players that haven't played for Crewe or Macc. If your going criticise the manager at least get the facts right before doing so, or you just end up looking like a wum
  4. Yes, Zak Mills, Jake Taylor, Theo Robinson, David Amoo, Mark Cullen Devante Rodney
  5. Yes but I'm not telling you [emoji16][emoji16][emoji1787]
  6. Sorry mate, the old badge looked like something a 2 year old had designed. The new one is so much more professional. IMHO
  7. Their fans are in meltdown because they couldn't afford to sign him mate
  8. I know we have offered Maynard a good deal, but could we really afford someone like Pitman.
  9. I want the club to be ambitious and no one can knock what Carol and Kev are doing at the club, however I don't want the club to break the Bank for him. If we are going splash out on a proven striker go for a younger less injury prone one.
  10. What the hell have Bradford got against Vale. First they try pinch Rudge, then Mills goes, then Marshall then Alex Jones, now bloody Maynard and Clarke. [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959]
  11. That's Shrews plan. Cambridge are allowing 1000 in, so no chance of away supporters mate. Personally think it will be ST holders only. https://www.shrewsburytown.com/news/2020/august/update-regrading-the-safe-return-of-supporters/
  12. Maybe Uche wanted to move away for personal reasons.
  13. But I thought people on here were saying the sales would show how bad the shirt was [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
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