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  1. Not read all this thread however someone mentioned on FB that Carol had been warned the Club will lose their safety Certificate if fans carry on standing and that she was really worried about it, hence the actions of stewards now. No idea if true.
  2. Tbf Chris, you did say Bradford were a better club. Bigger maybe on the condition they get more fans as their Season tickets are about £100, however if you love the Vale, no club is better, at least in L2 anyway. I think fans are just getting the impression you hate Clarke mate, however if you saw tonight's performance you cannot say he hasn't brought in far better players than Askey. Look at Garrity, Jones and Proctor, most on here weren't impressed however so far they have looked fantastic additions. So Clarke deserves credit for that tbf.
  3. Tbf Stockport were poorly supported through the 90's and were always classed as a small club. Wrexham I agree have got potential to get decent gates. Infact haven't they sold around 5600 ST'S.
  4. No I know mate, it was from Thurs or Fri. Just noticed it on YouTube. The bloke who runs them is an agent for Jamaican players. Think one has signed for Villa last week.
  5. Wait till we sign 11 Jamaicans this Friday 🤣🤣
  6. Sadly that will be coming from people who thought Pope was bigger than the Club.
  7. Hope you don't mind mate but I've copied your post and sent it to Carol. I know they can't do much about the BBC but perhaps a way they can help.
  8. But still got over 19000 v Reading. If only we could get that many. 😁. Must admit it does make me cringe when Vale fans laugh about Stokes gates. Until we get similar we can't really comment.
  9. Tbf am I the only one disappointed with them figures. Yeah considering we are L2 fair enough, but does any other Vale fan dream that one day we could average over 10k plus. I just get peed off being called a tin pot club compared to them lot down the road who can pull 15k to 20k every week. Wouldn't it be nice to be the biggest club in the area for a change.
  10. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/port-vale-chesterfield-lucas-covolan-5726823
  11. The problem is somehow I don't think the majority of fans will except midtable. Whilst I agree it's great the club is now on the up, owner and infrastructure wise, we obviously need to get out of this League ASAP. Having said all that, I'm like you, in questioning whether we have enough up top. Only time will tell
  12. I mentioned that to Carol, just purely in a good spirit, partic as obviously she wants new fans to be impressed if we are to increase potential fan base. She replied that she would pass onto the facilities team, and then within 30 mins she wrote back that a new drain was being installed as she typed. She must of had her Weetabix today 🤣🤣
  13. No doubting what Tom did for the Club during our promotion season, however after he left and went to Bury, sadly some fans like the Allen's came across as though Pope was bigger than the Club, even wanting him to score for Bury against us. Sorry but that all left a sour taste towards after that, as I did get the impression at times as though he felt he was bigger than the Club and could potentially be disruptive behind the scenes. Obviously just my own personally opinion. Again, yes he brought us some excellent memories, however sorry Tom your not bigger than PVFC
  14. If only. I could even take a day off if I earnt anywhere near that with no Business overheads lol
  15. Nice apart from one thing, the bloody tarts collar. I want a football shirt with a proper round neck, no collar on it, not a ruddy tarts outfit. Lol
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