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  1. Think his image would look better on the shorts. On the backside as that’s what he talked out of or on the front because he’s just a massive c**k
  2. Initially I was unsure about the shirt. However having had it and seen it in the flesh I love it. As others have said, it’ll be a classic. Just the latest instalment of the incredible job everyone at the club is doing. Thanks to all.
  3. For me the clear winner is Paterson. He was almost completely immobile, massively unfit and had the killer instinct of a sloth at nap time. Add in the fact he’s a stokie <ovf censored> and he’s miles ahead.
  4. Hats off to Carol, Kevin and the rest of the team. Absolutely superb work. The rate at which the club is progressing, on and off the field is amazing. Obviously I want us to win every game but the football is just a part of why I’m so proud to be a Vale fan now. Thank you for giving us our club back.
  5. I can’t even remember the situation but the time something was posted from his phone. He denied it and said it was hacked whilst he was on a stag do in Benidorm or some other god forsaken place. Still makes me smile. The fact there are so many illustrates the guy needs either a rehab clinic or a mental hospital or as quite likely, both.
  6. I’ve only seen vale keepers since late 80’s so can only pass judgement since then. For me it’s a toss up between Fasan and Mehmet. I’d probably go for Mehmet. He was absolutely awful. It’s often said that fans can do better than players but that is definitely true of Mehmet and Fasan. My 2 year old daughter could literally do no worse as I don’t recall them making a save. Even ones straight at them. My vote would be Mehmet.
  7. As an aside, good to see Stockport challenging for the play offs (just outside on GD). Need more proper clubs like Stockport County, Hartlepool and Notts County in league and less of the likes of Salford and Stevenage.
  8. Thought his record of 7 goals in 20 + 10 apps was pretty decent. Unfortunately some fans think everyone who’s 6 ft + is going to play like Popey. Benno is a different kind of forward but an effective player in the right way. Obviously with us only playing 1 up, makes sense to move him on if there is interest now and he wanted to go. Always came across as a good bloke and good presence in dressing room. Thank you Benno for your efforts.
  9. Mitch Clark said on twitter that one of their lads had stamped on him. Whatever it was we can do without another FA charge.
  10. I like Artell in the way I find him entertaining and he speaks his mind but he is a cry baby. I assume as Crewe are so high and mighty, were they in a similar situation they would let the player run through on goal?
  11. Exactly what I’ve been thinking this morning. An engraved plaque or tile would be great.
  12. Brown Gibbo Smudge Leggey Monty Joyce Conlon Burgess Amoo Worrall Popey Harsh maybe to drop Culllen & Browne but now is the time to play our best/most consistent players ie Amoo & Popey
  13. I totally agree with the supporters club on this. Not so much because I think the stand needs to be finished but more what it represents. Finishing the stand will build on the momentum we have under Carol & Kevin and demonstrates that not only are Vale on the up on the pitch, but we’re on the up off the pitch too. Makes the club more attractive to sponsors too.
  14. Last night was a perfect example of the idiocy of clamouring for substitutions all the time. Manny and Atkinson are good players but the balance of the side was completely lost when Conlon and Burgess went off last night. I can understand Manny needing some game time and I would have brought him on for Conlon and left Burgess on. Really gets my goat when people get so angry that we’re not making subs when games like last night show why you have to be careful.
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