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  1. I was worried about you when it was mentioned on the radio , but very glad to hear that you had recovered. Get those tests done at all costs . We don’t want to lose you. Take care and God bless.
  2. I watched the Semi Final between Liverpool and Man City yesterday, and despite the 5 goals, this was a match that was far removed from this great competition, with a bunch of fancy dans tip tapping their way through 90 mins . No passion , just sanitized football . Awful to watch . Any of the 1st Round games in the competition were better than that crap.
  3. Roll up roll up indeed. A point wouldn’t be bad , but a 1-0 win would surely cement Vale’s promotion. It’s unlikely , but at this rate , even silverware can’t be ruled out just yet. Some difficult games for FGR and Exeter coming up. I expect we could see around 12,000 on Monday. What a great time to be a Vale fan. Being champions/promoted is earned , and not promised , but God knows we deserve our day in the sun, especially with all the club has been through in the last 10 years. Now , with a well run club from top to bottom, and not unlike Brentford, we can dream a little . The season is not decided yet of course, but I wouldn’t want to be any side facing the Vale right now. Monday could turn out to be a very emotional day should DC make an appearance. If he doesn’t , that’s perfectly understandable, but if he does , then there won’t be a dry eye in any corner of Vale Park , regardless of the result. How fitting , and somewhat healing, that could be for him. UTV
  4. What a lovely moment. Brought a tear here for sure.
  5. Midnight in Houston , and it’s going to be hard to sleep. Haven’t felt this good about Vale in 9 years . Safe journey Super Vale Away fans , and please bring home the bacon. UTV
  6. Unless he throws the fire stick onto the pitch . Then he’s not a fan. 🙄🤣
  7. How to watch Sky TV in Holland | Sky TV in Holland WWW.SKYCARDS.EU
  8. I’m going to dig into this and try to figure out a way you can watch it. You can’t get the ESPN + app in Europe , which makes no sense as we can get the iFollow app here , as Paul explained. There used to be stream links that Vale fans would put on here . Anyway , we’ll sort you out one way or another.
  9. If Vale get into them early like Saturday, we could be one or two up before Hartlepool know it. I have a lot of confidence in this Vale team. They’re afraid of no one. I think Hartlepool are in for a tough afternoon. A win on Friday , and Easter Monday will see the biggest crowd in years at Vale Park. I can hardly wait for this weekend. UTV
  10. Best American President ever.
  11. Hartlepool W Bristol Rovers D Walsall W Newport W Exeter L That may be enough for automatic promotion. UTV
  12. Slightly off topic , but Bristol Rovers will be the biggest gate of the season , if we beat Hartlepool. I can see a gate of 12,000 for it .
  13. Horrible team Salford, but fair play to Bowyer for that.
  14. He was brilliant tonight , as they all were. Honestly,Salford deserved nothing . Horrible side , kick and rush.
  15. If Garrity is back , Vale will be a different side to the one on Saturday , especially in the first half. He brings a huge amount of energy , vision and no little skill to the team. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him score on Tuesday , in a fixture that has me losing sleep already . Vale need to get stuck in right away , and we can win this. 2-1 Vale .
  16. We all know that it could come down to goal difference for automatic/ playoffs. Vale have the 2nd best in the division after Forest Green. Very impressive indeed , considering how things have gone since January, on and off the pitch. Right then, I’m off to look at the table once again, and again. Sleep well Valiants. A long way to go yet , but a really nice feeling to be in the automatic places for now. UTV
  17. “ I need a Valium”! Brilliant from Bowers. 🤣
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