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  1. If Garrity is back , Vale will be a different side to the one on Saturday , especially in the first half. He brings a huge amount of energy , vision and no little skill to the team. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him score on Tuesday , in a fixture that has me losing sleep already . Vale need to get stuck in right away , and we can win this. 2-1 Vale .
  2. We all know that it could come down to goal difference for automatic/ playoffs. Vale have the 2nd best in the division after Forest Green. Very impressive indeed , considering how things have gone since January, on and off the pitch. Right then, I’m off to look at the table once again, and again. Sleep well Valiants. A long way to go yet , but a really nice feeling to be in the automatic places for now. UTV
  3. “ I need a Valium”! Brilliant from Bowers. 🤣
  4. Great post. If we had those players , that game would have been sown up at H-T. Tuesday is huge. UTV
  5. Well done Vale !! Team, staff and fans. Super Vale Away !!! Whew! I need a lie down.
  6. I like Lee Blakeman. Good commentator.
  7. Nice post. If he should read it, then it will lift him up.
  8. Well said. That sums it all up right there.
  9. Not exactly a new ground. We played Barrow last season,with Conlon scoring the goal of the season for all 4 divisions, imo.
  10. A poachers goal from Wilson and a sublime finish from Proctor. The team worked their socks off today. Benning MoM for me. Mansfield have 2 games in hand , but they have to win them first , starting with an away trip to Hartlepool on Tuesday. It’s tight at the top , but Vale are the form team now, and that’s huge. Barrow won’t easy , and I’d take a scrappy 1-0 win. Fans were fantastic today . Good attendance. Lovely interview with Carol Shanahan too. Happy as Larry tonight . UTV
  11. Rest as much as you can , and enjoy the match. Hopefully by 5 pm you’ll be feeling better. UTV
  12. I’d say that you’re a lucky man. I think Vale will win this 3-1 against a big physical side. Hopefully the team is well rested for Saturday. Best wishes for a successful operation. UTV
  13. I live a long way from Vale Park , but I would rather attend than watch online.
  14. We almost had one Saturday, had Songo’o left it a second later on Wilson. Maybe tonight then. Vale 2-1 ,with 5,356 in attendance. UTV
  15. I always like your posts . Sensible stuff. UTV
  16. If Song’o hadn’t timed that excellent tackle on Wilson , we would have had our 1st penalty in a long time. It was a good , physical game today. Refreshing to see.
  17. If we win on Saturday, then Vale are really in the hunt, with games in hand. However, I’d gladly take a point from this. Just please don’t lose . UTV
  18. That doesn’t lie alright. Good source. Big changes there.
  19. No doubt about it. If Gibbo and Conlon were in tonight , it would have an even better night, if that’s possible. Very happy though. After Harratt’s first goal , I did a fist pumping lap around the house, and another for the second. UTV!!
  20. Yes, we played very well that night. Lots of twists and turns left in the season, but 3 points tonight and Vale will be well set up for the playoffs or higher.
  21. It’s the New York Times, so I’d take that with a pinch of salt. Vegas has always been “ abnormally” hot. It’s in the middle of a desert.
  22. I agree, all cup finals now, as they say. We can’t start like we did on Saturday against this lot. Nervous already. UTV
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