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  1. And the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. And not before time. I wonder how the Glazers and FSG are feeling now?🙂
  2. And that's the point - we can, even though the disparity in incomes between Championship and Premier League clubs is all too apparent and is often insurmountable for the Sheffield Uniteds of this world. But this proposal is for a closed shop with no possibility of accepting new blood on merit.
  3. No one wants Vale not to play at the highest level - all people want is a level playing field, where those clubs with the deepest pockets don't necessarily win the honours. Even in the Premier League era Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City have won the title. For these six, chosen for their bank balance rather than their performance on the field, to enter an elite competition with no relegation is barmy and completely alien to the game I love.
  4. Why should anyone be surprised? Ever since the formation of the Premier League money has ruled our game. I was one of those who opposed it then, organising a petition to the FA. Vale supported it; I had a meeting with Billy Bell and John Rudge, but the only other club who did the same (I contacted all 70 below Division One) was Chesterfield. Those at our level saw it as too remote from their day to day existence; the majority nearer the top wanted to be part of it and weren't going to support any effort to prevent it. Now we see the fruits of that decision.
  5. If it was Lucy Bronze I'd drive her to VP myself. Reality is she's far too good for Vale.
  6. Although I'm now a Catholic I didn't have the benefit (?) of a Catholic education in those days. Suffice it to say it's a lot different now.
  7. All the best to the lad. To find out that your chosen career is over almost as soon as it started must be heartbreaking.
  8. Just because we've never done it doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. Carol isn't Sheikh Mohammed and neither does she have his money to spend, but she's obviously convinced of the need for this and is prepared to stump up for the right location - at the right price. We don't know yet what the policy will be on player acquisition as the transfer window hasn't opened yet, but on this evidence I'd think that Carol is serious about building the side.
  9. To put a young lad into this side at the moment would completely destroy any confidence he might have. In the event he is eventually played he needs protection from an experienced and capable defence, not left to the opposition's mercy.
  10. The Walsall that are so strapped for cash that they sold their best players from under the manager's nose. That's why Darrell Clarke jumped at the chance of coming here.
  11. I just asked them why we'd had to endure the Tranmere commentators instead of enduring Radio Stoke's. OK I didn't put it quite like that but you get the idea. I still haven't had a reply either.
  12. The rearranged date gives us three home games on the bounce - Oldham, Bolton and now Newport. Could do with at least six points from those.
  13. I'm sure that Flitcroft would have made damn sure he could work with Clarke before appointing him. Welcome to VP Darrell and may your partnership be long and productive. I don't suppose you could get Elijah Adebayo back from wherever he's gone could you?
  14. No reply yet from iFollow about the Tranmere commentary by the way.
  15. The only time I ever saw an opposition substitute cheered on by a Vale crowd was when it was Jamo coming on for Chester, so high in esteem was he held. May he rest in peace.
  16. The problem is not Danny Pugh. The problem is the lack of strength in depth of the side left us by John Askey, who probably thought his first choice team would see out most of the season rather than spend more than half of it injured. Carol clearly sees something in Pugh and as I'm not involved with the club day in, day out I'm not privy to anything that has been said or implied. David Flitcroft must be thinking the same way or Pugh would be out on his ear by now. I'm not a football professional but I was a man manager for a long time and if the possibility existed that I could have established a good and productive working relationship, even with someone relatively inexperienced, then I would have taken it. I'm guessing Carol and Flitcroft are of the same mind on this. We won't go down so why not do it and see how it goes?
  17. Notice Walsall have sold Elijah Adebayo. Pity they couldn't have done it a few weeks ago.
  18. Why no RS commentary again? iFollow taking Humberside commentary.
  19. Who wants it at the salary we can afford?
  20. I must congratulate EFL Digital on the improvement to iFollow. No problems getting in, right commentary and only a couple of buffering events lasting a few seconds each. Long may it continue.
  21. John's a bit more than a figurehead Doha. 😁
  22. I've got a ST but no way would I be able to go to most away games; Walsall would be about my limit as it's closer to home for me than VP. You can have my place if you like Darren. 🙂
  23. Odds for the next Bournemouth manager: Jason Tindall 4/7, Lee Johnson 6/1, Chris Hughton 9/1, John Terry 10/1, Danny Cowley 12/1, Paul Cook 12/1, Stephen Purches 14/1, Alex Neil 16/1, Gareth Ainsworth 16/1, Joey Barton 16/1, Karl Robinson, 16/1, Kenny Jackett 16/1, Lee Bowyer 16/1, Nigel Adkins 16/1, Nigel Clough 16/1, Nigel Pearson 16/1, Paul Tisdale 16/1, Ralf Rangnick, 16/1, Scott Parker 16/1, Steven Gerrard 16/1, Tony Pulis 16/1, Dave Artell 20/1. I wouldn't wish some of the names on that list on Stoke, never mind Bournemouth.
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