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  1. A plague on both your houses.
  2. I think most people would struggle, the only dream bit is for him being closer to his birthplace, whether that is in his mind I have no idea. Didn't work out for Micky Adams at Blunts did it?
  3. Listening to (or reading) RB reminds me of something my mother said many years ago - we were talking about Rhodesia (as it then was) and I mentioned Ian Smith. 'Oh him' she said. 'If you said black he'd say white'.
  4. Or Bungling Boris has left no. 10..........
  5. Depends what you mean. Nearly half of all candidates for the recent Euro elections were women, but there was a distinct lack of BME or disabled candidates, largely because the criteria that gave them priority were defeated by a white male grouping opposed to any form of ethnic filtering and who threatened to use the law to change the policy. https://www.buzzfeed.com/hannahalothman/lib-dems-diversity-targets-scrapped-white-men Could do better.
  6. Depends how you define 'racism'. By any normal measure it's demonstrable, but maybe RB has a special measure that he uses to prove the opposite. It's called obfuscation.
  7. Interesting. All Government emails required to be kept secure are sent using the Government Secure Internet (GSI) service; I know this from my time in the Prison Service. For the email to have been decoded requires someone with access to GSI which suggests an inside job.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/may/20/racism-on-the-rise-since-brexit-vote-nationwide-study-reveals
  9. It will be of value to Bury I'm sure. Glad we're helping a club who are where we could have been if Smurthwaite had stayed.
  10. When I worked in local government there was a saying: 'say it long enough, loud enough and often enough and eventually people will start to believe you, now matter how untruthful it is'. A lesson that Leave took to heart and practiced.
  11. Given the evidence of the last three years she's not far wrong.
  12. I can just about remember the Roxy - it was on Nelson Place. Fairly nondescript office block took its place.
  13. You're assuming, of course, that the antisemites all voted Remain. From what I can gather the reverse is true and that's why Labour won't commit to a second referendum - the Corbynistas don't want one.
  14. You're not denying there was an element of xenophobia in the Leave vote then?
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