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  1. I would imagine that all the jobs at Openreach, Virgin etc. would be transferred to the new undertaker under the present day TUPE arrangements - assuming that we don't tear up the TUPE Directive if we leave the EU. As for a reduction in business start ups I fail to understand what in Labour's plans would cause this to happen. Bill, why do you choose to call Labour 'Marxist'? I'm not aware that Corbyn is advocating the central control of all economic activity; as I understand it he's just saying that certain functions would be better off undertaken by the government. Or are you so ignorant of what such terms actually mean that you just choose to throw them in as insults?
  2. Rubbish. This has been discussed at length on this thread already; the first Labour government was hampered by post war debt, the two since by international recessions. I'm sure both Thatcher and Cameron were grateful it didn't happen on their watch. But don't let that stand in the way of a 'reasoned' argument eh?
  3. The country is in a different place to then. There's a shortage of skilled labour now and employers are far more likely to listen to their employees' grievances. What would take us back to the bad old days would be if they stopped listening.
  4. It might be news to you but trades unions are made up of ordinary people who elect people to represent them in trade disputes. They only came to the fore in the 1970s because of runaway inflation caused by the oil crisis and the reluctance of employers to meet their justifiable demands that their wages keep pace with it. It suited the Conservative cause to portray them as revolutionaries and the label appears to have stuck, despite low inflation keeping wage demands down and strike days the lowest in a generation.
  5. Exactly - and as I understand it that's what Jeremy Corbyn is offering - a mixed economy along the lines of that we had until Thatcher took us on a free market walk into private sector anarchy.
  6. Heatwave

    Prince Andrew

    Let's do a deal with the Americans - we get the woman who killed the motorcyclist and they get Prince Andrew.
  7. Attlee had his detractors too, mostly those who had most to lose from his reforms (see my post above) but ultimately he lost the 1951 election because wartime rationing had not been ended. And given the terms on which Marshall Aid was given by the Americans it's not surprising - we only paid off the debt in 2005. Like I said, it's those with most to lose from economic reforms that oppose them.
  8. It would be nice to see where socialism has been tried. Soviet Russia, Cuba and Venezuela were not in my opinion socialist states as they used oppression rather than the winning of hearts and minds to further their cause. Still less China, which in addition to the above had its backward policies on population while suppressing any form of public expression such as religion. Invariably where socialist policies have been implemented they have been opposed by those who wish to retain the status quo, usually but not exclusively those that lost their exalted position within society which they achieved through money and 'knowing the right people'. Add to that economic crises caused almost exclusively by the lack of checks and balances on capitalist activities - the crashes of 1929 and 2008 are prime examples - and it's been difficult in the extreme to maintain any drive to economic reform. Don't get me wrong - there is a place for private enterprise in any economy that employs mixed private and public enterprises and may even be desirable. In all the years I spent as a public servant I could not have functioned without some input from the private sector. But it should not be the be all and end all of economic life.
  9. I've never thought the term 'socialist' a term of abuse Phil; when did it become so outside of the pages of the Daily Mail? If wanting to help those in need is socialism, if making taxation fairer and related to the ability to pay is socialism, if public ownership of the facilities like water and power we need for modern life is socialism, then I'm happy to describe myself as a socialist.
  10. Maddison? He'll have to get Scott Brown out first.
  11. If there was any evidence Corbyn was a risk to national security I'm sure the Tories would be shouting it from the rooftops. They're not. In the meantime you're just spouting the drivel conjured up by the more fevered imaginations of the Daily Mail leader writers. Give it a rest.
  12. Don't agree. One of the biggest constraints on rail freight is the lack of pathways taken up by passenger services. Moving these onto HS2 would improve our transport performance as well as benefiting the environment by taking lorries off the road.
  13. He's not 'my beloved Jeremy' as I think Labour would have a much better chance at winning if, say John McDonnell was in the hot seat. But if you criticise Corbyn for talking to terrorists you have to criticise every Prime Minister of at least the last 50 years, including Thatcher.
  14. Facebook saying Doreen is ill. She posts/has posted on here has she not?
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