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  1. So did Bury a few years ago. Remind me how that ended?
  2. Looked to me from the Lorne Street that it was six of one and half a dozen of the other. Goalkeepers usually get the benefit of the doubt in such situations; this one didn't.
  3. Can you imagine the Sentinel writing as many articles about one of our players who is out on loan as the Bolton press have written about Politic. We barely get a story about the first team. There's only one football club in Bolton. Then again, we might say there's only one in Stoke on Trent. 🙂 I used to live near Leicester and the local paper, the Leicester Mercury, had plenty of coverage of Leicester City, but you would expect that as they were the only League club in the area - although they had to share the back page coverage with Leicester Tigers rugby club, they had a free run as far as football was concerned. Here it's different, and while historically the Lardies have had more support the paper will always slant its football coverage towards them. What we have to do is roar the Vale on to best Stoke, attract the greater support and the coverage will follow.
  4. Anybody got any transfer rumours? 🤐🙄
  5. Alias Graham Wood. Regular poster and will be missed.
  6. Pleased with that. I wonder who the 3 or 4 others are? 🙂
  7. Now where did he put the biscuit tin? 🙂
  8. So, Stoke were at home to a side two divisions below. Fair enough. But, if Vale had been at home in the third round to a side from National North or South (Kidderminster were still in the tournament), could you honestly say Vale would have a gate the same or lower? I know who has the more loyal fans and it isn't Stoke.
  9. Abiding memory for me? Watching a Premier League defence being hassled by the Vale attack and not even leaving anyone forward, and Brentford having to bring on their first team subs to take the game to Vale and avoid being overwhelmed. That and young Harratt's goal. Welcome to VP young man, and for as long you're here let's build a promotion platform.
  10. 'No sign of any transfer activity '? We're TWO DAYS into January and Monday is a bank holiday. I don't anticipate hearing anything until the middle of the month. Yes, we're all anticipating something happening given the statements made by Clarke and Garlick. But let's not act like kids waiting for Christmas to come.
  11. You're assuming, of course, that Vale and/or Brentford don't have Covid cases before next Saturday. Oh well. UTV anyway.
  12. And if we don't, every game is going to be like Newport away - we hoof it out of defence, it doesn't stick and comes straight back at us. I'd sooner wait until we can give the opposition a game.
  13. January is a difficult time to do any deals unless you are prepared either to pay megabucks or take other sides' cast offs. Any players worth their salt are under contract till July.
  14. Not an own goal, but the next best thing. Vale played Lincoln at Sincil Bank when Graham Taylor was Lincoln manager. They were top of the table and all over us from the start, and one of their forwards rounded the keeper (Alan Boswell?) and shot for goal. Terry Bailey launched himself across the goal and pulled off a magnificent diving save. After he was sent off for denying a goalscoring opportunity Lincoln scored the resulting penalty. 😁
  15. I was trying to remember who it was and you're right. Definitely Rotherham, at Millmoor, and it came off his knee and screamed into the roof of the net.
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