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  1. What does anyone expect with the number of first choice players we have out at the moment? I'm not surprised we struggled. Hopefully one or more back Saturday.
  2. I just hope the usual suspects on here show a bit of restraint if we lose.
  3. I was surprised how little Plymouth offered. Someone else on here said that in this league anyone can beat anyone else on their day - Cambridge's win at Crewe being a case in point. Didn't Crawley beat Exeter as well?
  4. This could potentially be very serious for Boris Johnson - only potentially at the moment as the Government will appeal to the Supreme Court - but if they uphold the decision he will not only have misled Parliament he will have misled the Queen as well. Both issues requiring a resignation.
  5. Heatwave

    Hate crime.

    See the Equality Act 2010 for what is a hate crime. Discriminating against someone because of their race, gender, religion or other protected characteristic qualifies. Discriminating against someone because they're crap at their job isn't if that is the real reason.
  6. One word - smuggling. No border is a green light to smuggle goods in either direction and effectively bypass border control in or out of the EU.
  7. How about 'if we vote leave they'll be falling over each other to give us a deal'?
  8. The public were lied to by the Leave side so the public deserves the right to be consulted again.
  9. How? Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act he needs a two thirds majority in Parliament. He isn't going to get it and the Opposition will call one at a time to suit themselves. Tick tock Boris.
  10. "Sadly, Mr Anderson has used his position as a secured creditor to hamper and frustrate any deal that did not benefit him or suit his purposes," he added. "Thankfully, with the assistance of the Trust and others, we were able to overcome this obstacle." Sound familiar?
  11. The remaining one nation Tories should immediately resign the whip and be free to vote with their consciences. Then there would be an election and we'd see what the Nasty Party did then.
  12. One nation Toryism is dead. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-49543430
  13. And why not? Don't quote 'democratic decision' yet again as we all know that opinion has changed since 2016 - all the recent opinion polls say so. The only ones that still want Brexit are the dyed in the wool Leavers and the extreme right wing. On second thoughts they're one and the same.
  14. I used to get them from Gavin Williamson until I emailed him back telling him I was going to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Funny that.
  15. Heatwave


    An expulsion is just that. If it was only for one season, or a compulsory relegation like happened to Peterborough all those years ago (when Vale had to apply for re-election) I'm sure they would have said so.
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