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  1. Only problem with the iFollow coverage is they don't turn it on early enough. I'd like to hear a bit more of the build up, comments on the selection, and so on. Real test for me is when we play Harrogate next week. That's when the non functioning live video link gets tested.
  2. John's a bit more than a figurehead Doha. 😁
  3. And then tell us what to do if it doesn't work.
  4. Depends whether you saw 'watch live' in the first place. All I could get was steam radio.
  5. If He was coming I'd expect miracles.
  6. Somebody put on Facebook that the new Man U away kit is like the dazzle camouflage used on WW1 ships, not to make them inconspicuous but to break up the outline so as to confuse the viewer. Are they hoping for the same effect?
  7. I've got a ST but no way would I be able to go to most away games; Walsall would be about my limit as it's closer to home for me than VP. You can have my place if you like Darren. 🙂
  8. Vale win in League Cup shock. Well done lads - listening to the commentary it sounded like we were under the cosh for a while but we came good. I'll take that all season.
  9. If McKirdy signs and tries his antics in the dressing room eventually he'll end up in a dark alleyway with Tom Pope telling him exactly how it is. That's if John Askey doesn't get to him first.
  10. While this topic might not lift, it does most definitely separate.
  11. It's all right for you lot. You don't have Gavin Williamson as your MP.😪
  12. Odds for the next Bournemouth manager: Jason Tindall 4/7, Lee Johnson 6/1, Chris Hughton 9/1, John Terry 10/1, Danny Cowley 12/1, Paul Cook 12/1, Stephen Purches 14/1, Alex Neil 16/1, Gareth Ainsworth 16/1, Joey Barton 16/1, Karl Robinson, 16/1, Kenny Jackett 16/1, Lee Bowyer 16/1, Nigel Adkins 16/1, Nigel Clough 16/1, Nigel Pearson 16/1, Paul Tisdale 16/1, Ralf Rangnick, 16/1, Scott Parker 16/1, Steven Gerrard 16/1, Tony Pulis 16/1, Dave Artell 20/1. I wouldn't wish some of the names on that list on Stoke, never mind Bournemouth.
  13. I can do it at rugby, why not at football? I suppose there might be a problem with some pre loading before they get to the ground, but efficient stewarding should weed those out.
  14. Fan banter is one thing, running a professional football club is another. I'm sure we'd have heard by now if Stoke weren't interested in signing Smith; I think all they're doing now is haggling over price and (from Smith's point of view) seeing if anyone else comes in with a better offer. Personally I think he'd be mad to go to Stoke; but in the end money talks and Stoke certainly have more of it than Vale.
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