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  1. I remember Terry Bailey pulling off a brilliant save at Lincoln. Trouble was, he wasn't the goalkeeper and after he was sent off Lincoln scored the penalty.
  2. I get the feeling we'll see plenty of new faces come 1st July - those who are out of contract and walk on a Bosman.
  3. What do you mean, tomorrow? I'm on this thread several times a day as it is. There must be a cure.
  4. Anyone know when the EFL fixtures are out? The Prem fixtures came out this morning.
  5. Remember that one well. Tommy McLaren's Boots and me were waiting for the team to emerge after the match so we could tell Dennis Butler (manager) to resign. We apologised to him a couple of weeks later but he was OK about it; really nice guy, too nice to be a football manager.
  6. Not the one who tw@tted Doug Loft surely, the one who celebrated madly for scoring at VP - for Bradford?
  7. Just watched the documentary on BBC1 about the Super League debacle. Am I to understand that the PL are actually negotiating with the Greedy 6 as to what their punishment should be? I'll tell you what it should be - compulsory relegation to the Championship for all six, the top six in the Championship taking their place. Given then that only three can go up at the end of the season following means that it would take at least two years for some of them to come back up. Will it happen? Not a chance. Money talks and the PL would stand to lose big time if six of their biggest clubs were
  8. Don't forget the jogging round the penalty area with his arms in the air. Occasionally he did it even when play was up the other end.
  9. What a side we had then. I missed most of it as I was living out of the area from 1993 to 2004. 😒
  10. You've got the Mark Chamberlain bit right; I was at that Stoke v Arsenal game as well and there wasn't a force on earth that could have stopped Mark that day, let alone Kenny Sansom.
  11. Player contracts don't expire till the end of June don't they?
  12. According to what I've read on here Peter Coates hates Vale and wouldn't contemplate letting any of his players come this way, even on loan. Of course, that may be entirely false, but who was the last ex Stoke player to arrive here without going to an intermediate club?
  13. Wasn't it the first time we'd beaten Stoke in a competitive fixture?
  14. One for the people I used to live and work with. Foxes Never Quit.
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