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  1. He even managed to make Bycars Lane look nice. Sooner have our ground than theirs any day though.
  2. Quite a surprise seeing Lucas Covolan on Football Focus. The bigger surprise is Carol didn't put in an appearance. 🙂
  3. As far as I know Rob, they're not asking for it and I don't think it's a problem with the view as much as with the commentators - they do have a tendency to drift off into flights of fancy when (in their view) there's not much going on.
  4. I wouldn't have said that as I sit two rows in front. I don't have a problem with seeing the action and don't know why they should. As far as I know they're not complaining?
  5. I really hope this lad doesn't read this site. Anyway, just in case you do, welcome to the Vale George. I hope your stay will be both happy and productive - both for you and the club.
  6. I just received my ST through the post as I live out of the area. I got a leaflet with it that informed me that by way of compensation for keeping my ST money in the club last season I would be given two additional games on my ST - the PJT home games against Rochdale (Oct 10th) and Liverpool U21 (Nov 11th). Delirious with delight, I went to enter both dates in my diary, only to find Oct 10th was a Sunday - the day after we play Sutton United in the League. I checked the Liverpool date and that was wrong as well - according to the official fixture list they're on October 5th and November 9th respectively. One mistake is a typo; two are a cockup. Perhaps they're using an old calendar?
  7. One thing's for sure, we'll be seeing the other lad in goal next Saturday (can't remember his name) and if he plays well he should keep the shirt.
  8. Possible; all club contracts expired yesterday so there are going to be any number of players wanting to stay in the game looking for another club. If they're any good I hope we'd at least take a look.
  9. We'll be a team of coathangers next season. Makes a change from playing against them and losing.
  10. Contracts don't expire for a few days yet so I anticipate that's when we'll see a few more faces.
  11. I remember Terry Bailey pulling off a brilliant save at Lincoln. Trouble was, he wasn't the goalkeeper and after he was sent off Lincoln scored the penalty.
  12. I get the feeling we'll see plenty of new faces come 1st July - those who are out of contract and walk on a Bosman.
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