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  1. I can do it at rugby, why not at football? I suppose there might be a problem with some pre loading before they get to the ground, but efficient stewarding should weed those out.
  2. Fan banter is one thing, running a professional football club is another. I'm sure we'd have heard by now if Stoke weren't interested in signing Smith; I think all they're doing now is haggling over price and (from Smith's point of view) seeing if anyone else comes in with a better offer. Personally I think he'd be mad to go to Stoke; but in the end money talks and Stoke certainly have more of it than Vale.
  3. Might get more of a response if you put a title in the thread.
  4. Don't think so as galleries and museums are the sort of places that Colston and Cecil Rhodes will end up in. To do otherwise would be to ignore history, and to do that would be the easiest way to repeat it.
  5. Remember the game well. Unfortunately I also remember the replay at VP.
  6. May he rest in peace. Loved reading his contributions on here.
  7. Heatwave


    After a phone call from Nicola Sturgeon. I think she was offered the pearl handled revolver, metaphorically speaking.
  8. Bump....am I the only one?
  9. Anyone else paying for iFollow monthly and has just had an instalment deducted? Diabolical liberty I call it, seeing as there's no football being played at the moment.
  10. Heatwave


    Rashions of bacon? I do hope so.
  11. Something similar happened some years ago involving Stoke and Bolton denying Vale automatic promotion didn't it?
  12. Or it means some teams on a given day have no one to play, hence they wouldn't be able to complete their fixtures. Better I think to have four divisions of 18 rather than three of 24 next season, that's 34 games in a shorter season, then revert to three divisions the following season.
  13. I've just emerged from a Facebook blackout so I could offer help, so here it is - if there's anyone in the South Staffs / Wolverhampton area who needs anything while I'm still mobile just PM me.
  14. I suppose it depends on the fine print in your insurance policy. From what I can gather most don't include effects of widespread illness; they do however have a Force Majeure clause that would cause them to pay out if the Government closed them down - that's why pub owners were complaining that the Government were advising them to stay open while they were equally advising their customers to stay at home.
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