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  1. Anyone else paying for iFollow monthly and has just had an instalment deducted? Diabolical liberty I call it, seeing as there's no football being played at the moment.
  2. Heatwave


    Rashions of bacon? I do hope so.
  3. Something similar happened some years ago involving Stoke and Bolton denying Vale automatic promotion didn't it?
  4. Or it means some teams on a given day have no one to play, hence they wouldn't be able to complete their fixtures. Better I think to have four divisions of 18 rather than three of 24 next season, that's 34 games in a shorter season, then revert to three divisions the following season.
  5. I've just emerged from a Facebook blackout so I could offer help, so here it is - if there's anyone in the South Staffs / Wolverhampton area who needs anything while I'm still mobile just PM me.
  6. I suppose it depends on the fine print in your insurance policy. From what I can gather most don't include effects of widespread illness; they do however have a Force Majeure clause that would cause them to pay out if the Government closed them down - that's why pub owners were complaining that the Government were advising them to stay open while they were equally advising their customers to stay at home.
  7. Heatwave


    I suppose it depends on your sort of weakness. I'm asthmatic but it's very much related to allergic reaction; I had a separate problem for which I needed an anti inflammatory and my GP had no hesitation in specifying ibuprofen as something that could help. When I went to the pharmacy I was asked the routine question and the pharmacist wouldn't give it to me because of my asthma. My wife bought it instead and I took it with no ill effects. For that reason I'm not too concerned about coronavirus but it wouldn't be the same for everyone obviously.
  8. Andy's not going to have a lot to say for the next one. Unless it doesn't come out till December.
  9. Heatwave


    I'm sure that even in the war years the selfish and the avaricious were with us; they were generally dealt with by the law and their activities not publicised to maintain morale. There were many, many more who did think of others and that's what was remembered. Hopefully the same thing will happen in the here and now.
  10. I suppose if Borehamwood came up I could combine an away match with a visit to my sister at Rickmansworth, not far away........
  11. Heatwave


    I think the inference is that you should be deprived of oxygen, not just that of publicity. Not that I agree of course.
  12. If this season doesn't complete perhaps they should use this table to determine promotion.
  13. Heatwave


    It's a bit of a generalisation that all over 70s would be adversely affected by the virus. There are a great many under 70s that are more vulnerable than over 70s in otherwise good health and the decision to isolate or not should be taken on a case by case basis following individual medical advice.
  14. When you headlined it 'Stoke City and the Coronavirus' I thought it was saying that the Lard actually caused it. Typical of them - anything to avoid relegation.
  15. Depends on what you do with the other competitions, FA Cup, League Cup and League Trophy, but I'm sure it could make up the difference if any is needed. As for the lack of promotion and relegation between the divisions, well there's still promotion to the Prem from the top division and I'm guessing the inhabitants of the bottom division would like to avoid relegation to the National League. For the other two divisions, if the league you play in for 21/22 depends on your league placing that would provide sufficient incentive - the top six from the second division go into the Championship in 21/22 while the bottom six of the third go into L2 - a fate they'd want to avoid. It's not perfect by any means but a workable solution.
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