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  1. I agree to an extent, but in terms of 'expert' punditry as opposed to commentators. For instance, in regards to cricket, the women pundits will not have faced fast bowling of 90mph, or spin bowling at the quality of Warne or Muralitharan. Similarly, surely most women pundits won't have experienced playing football at a comparable tempo/pace/level, or in front of capacity crowds ranging from 40,000 to 100,000, as some of the top men pundits will have done (although many of the male pundits probably haven't either........Lee Hendrie at Stoke!)
  2. I suspect that those 13 people have misunderstood the question! 🤔 😆
  3. Don't they sell a copycat version of it in the club shop?
  4. Surely he'll be one of those released in 10 days time?
  5. In which case, you would think that he will get some time on the pitch in the final game v Mansfield, as a farewell gesture.
  6. Andy Jones went in goal once, in the 86/87 season - think it was Grew that had gone off (seem to remember that he got sent off?) I don't think that Jones let a goal in. (not certain, but it may have been v Stafford Rangers in the FA Cup?)
  7. WIll be 2 tough teams next season that you would think will be up there challenging. Personal history for Clarke with the Rovers games.
  8. Clarke is surely nailed on to win League 2 April Manager Of The Month.......which means we'll inevitably lose the very next game at Grimsby! 😆
  9. He anticipated that the club would communicate any refund (or renewal transfer) policy for those that could not access the 2020/21 games, when they announced the new 2021/22 season-tickets. Is that so surprising?
  10. Ticket office in the first instance. And then a hand-written letter to Mrs Shanahan. Approached them after the recent announcement of the new 2021/22 season-tickets, and the lack of any mention within that for people that have not benefited from this year's season-ticket. (why are you asking when he approached the club? - at what point should he have approached them? Lockdown 1? Lockdown 2? Lockdown 3? Has anything been publicised that people should contact the club by a certain date? What was the deadline for approaching them?)
  11. Yep. Even if the season-ticket holder is a senior citizen (and supporter for 60 years) that does not have internet access, and therefore has been unable to watch any games (and has been in a Covid bubble with 1 other person that also does not have internet access). Refused a refund or transferring the unused season-ticket into a renewal for next season.
  12. Didn't he sign a 3 year deal when he joined?
  13. He was signed in 1985. Promoted 85/86 season.
  14. Really? Homophobic comments are what you're resorting to? Is that even allowed on this forum? Wasn't meant to be homophobic as in saying there's anything wrong with that. Just that your utterly bizarre incessant anti-Pope campaign puts me in mind of some sort of jilted Fatal Attraction bunny-boiler! (meaning that, your posts come across that you absolutely hate him, rather than just don't rate him)
  15. He's held a grudge ever since Pope told him "sorry mate, I'm not that way inclined." 😆
  16. I was going to reply 'bit harsh that' as I mis-read & thought you were quoting about Aguar's daughter's engagement!
  17. No, you can't. (even those season-ticket holders that have been unable to see any games this season as they don't have internet access........yes, there are some!)
  18. That's Clarke's image behind the logo........he's still not managed to book in at the barbers!
  19. Joyce had that last season and chose to activate it. I'd be amazed if it applied again Once bitten........!
  20. Why, has the tea lady (/person!) been released too?!
  21. I'm looking forward to us playing them twice next season. As well as the usual traditional rivalry with them, the Clarke factor will give an added spice to those games! Fancy us doing the double!
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